Trussardi - Sneakers

€35,58 €129



Trussardi Women's Sneakers

Fabric & Rubber Sole




Metal Eyelets & Round Toe

Made In Italy


Designer Backstory 

Trussardi´s story is rather different from other lifestyle brands. It is the story of a family hallmarked by an enviable capability not only of keeping abreast of the latest developments in fashion and society but of staying several steps ahead of the competition. Over the decades, Trussardi has consistently anticipated trends that would later become a constant feature of the industry. 

All in all, the Trussardi story is one of constant, pioneering innovation. One characteristic feature in which Trussardi have remained inextricably linked to the past is delocalization, or rather the lack of it. Trussardi products are 100% made in Italy. And this, in the year 2018, is an amazing achievement.

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