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Tommy Girl Eau de Cologne EDT


Tommy Hilfiger


Tommy Girl Eau de Cologne EDT for Women

30 ml  
Since launching in 1996, Tommy Girl has become a must for teenagers thanks to its fresh and youthful aroma; but beyond this, over the years it has become a versatile and timeless edt, ideal for any woman looking for a clean scent, with a distinguished touch, suitable for any occasion. Its energetic aroma, ideal for summer days, has a delicate blend of flowers and fruity notes on the three steps of its olfactory pyramid, even in its background something very rare in the world of perfumery. Its high durability on the skin makes Tommy Girl the ideal supplement for the long day.
Original Case Included 
Made in the U.S.A


Designer Backstory

Thomas Jacob Hilfiger is the designer behind the Tommy Hilfiger clothing and fragrance lines. Known for its classic American style, and often featuring the red, white and blue of the American flag, Tommy Hilfiger's sportswear and casual wear for men and women were embraced by a wide audience. A partnership with musician Beyoncé Knowles resulted in the introduction of True Star and True Star Gold fragrances. The True Star Men's fragrance was inspired by and featured advertising with musician Enrique Iglesias.


Hilfiger's fragrances are produced in conjunction with Estee Lauder. The first scent, Tommy for Men, was introduced in 1995. Its female companion, Tommy Girl, was launched in 1996. Both scents are best-sellers and have inspired a long series of flankers. Fragrances continue to be an important component of the Tommy Hilfiger brand, and other fragrances, many of which capitalize on the brand's "preppy" and "Americana" associations, have since been introduced.

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