Made in Italia

Made in Italia - VERA GLITTER - Sandals




Made In Italia

Women's  Vera Glitter Sandals

Made in  Leather 
Adjustable Ankle Strap, glitter with 10 cm heel height

Spring Summer Collection
A cascade of glitter for these sandals characterised by braided straps that envelop the foot with grace. Super chic to be the protagonist of your glamorous date night.


 100% Made In Italy





Designer Backstory

Italy has long been synonymous with shoes, and not just because it is in the shape of a boot. Italian handmade shoes are the gold standard of luxury footwear for two simple reasons, material, and craftsmanship.

We believe the product must tell a story… 

quality must be perceived at a glance!

All our products must be sustainable in terms of the production process using factories that care for the environment. All our suppliers must be following the highest quality and safety standards. Details are important and make a difference for us. 

Stitching’s, finishing, metal accessories are selected to represent the proud of Italian “savoir-faire“.

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