Loewe Agua Eau de Perfume




Unisex Loewe Agua Eau de Perfume

50/100/150 ml

A sensory, timeless fragrance for all occasions.

A unisex eau de toilette without artifice, inspired by the luxurious pleasure of simple shapes. It combines a top note of bergamot with an exotic hint of Japanese yuzu. For the man and woman of simple, natural tastes.

Original Case Included
Made in France
Designer Backstory

Loewe is a Spanish clothing and luxury goods brand based in Madrid. The company was founded in 1846 when a group of leather craftsmen came together to open a shop in the commercial district of Madrid. In 1872, a German leather craftsman with a love of Spanish culture, Enrique Roessberg Loewe, came to Madrid and began working with the Madrid craftsmen to establish the brand. By 1892, Loewe's reputation as the finest leather goods house in Madrid was solidified.

L de Loewe for women was the company's first fragrance, introduced in 1972. Loewe Loewe for men was the first men's scent, launched in 1974

The Asian market is one of Loewe's most lucrative, with Japan's first store opening in 1976. Loewe has more than 35 stores still open in Japan today.

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