Converse - Chuck Taylor All Star Classic - Sneakers

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Chuck Taylor All Star Classic







Designer Backstory

Converse began in 1908 as a rubber shoe company specialising in galoshes (rubber based shoes). The company was called 'Converse Rubber Shoe Company', created by Marquis Mills. Soon after, they adapted and started to use their rubber to make sneakers, which we have all come to know and love. However, their first colourway was a natural brown Converse high top with a black sole, which today, wouldn't be a sell-out at all.

By 1910, Converse was well into daily production, however, it wasn't until 1915 that the athletic shoes we've come to know and love we're in production. The sales of the shoes were pretty slow as back then, trainers were not viewed as leisure wear. The canvas shoe style was picked up by mostly sports players, and it stuck like this for a while.

In 1920, they renamed their canvas Converse basketball shoes the “All-Star". The name stuck and was quickly followed by the endorsement of a basketball player by the name of Charles "Chuck" Taylor. This turned things around for Converse, taking them to a whole new playing field. Keep reading for a little more on how the relationship came about.

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