Tydløs Couture Now Accepts Bitcoin & Ethereum

Cryptocurrency is the new couture.

Fashion has always been about trendsetting. At Tydløs, we're honouring this notion by starting a new cryptocurrency venture. As a Spain-based curation of luxury apparel and accessories, we're excited to launch our acceptance of Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies!

Here's all you need to know about our new payment endeavour, including the safety of these reputable modes of payment.

A Luxury Fashion Innovation, Cryptocurrency Style

A luxury style shop accepting payment via cryptocurrency? That's a first. But despite the novelty, Tydløs is excited to take this on.

We've never been afraid to try something new, and breaking the mould is our favourite past time. We believe that you should curate the life you want, and if that involves financing your life through unique currencies, so be it. We're not going to stop you from living the way you want to!



The Rundown on Bitcoin & Ethereum

Bitcoin refers to themselves as "a new kind of money," but the fact of the matter is that they've been killing the game for quite some time. They launched in January 2009, making them more than a decade old. Now, you can pay for certain items via Bitcoin and have your transaction go through in just an hour.

Bitcoin Safety

Bitcoin is a totally secure currency, but what's more important is the security of the Tydløs payment platform. We use a reputable e-commerce shopping system, and all of our transactions are locked (see that lock to the left of your search bar? That means we're firm as can be).


Why Pay With Bitcoin

Enjoy discrete purchases with no banking fees and very low transaction fees for international payments. (We may be in Spain, but we have fashionista friends from all over the world!)

Meanwhile, Ethereum is a decentralized blockchain technology. Sure, that's a mouthful...but the moral of the story is that you can use their cryptocurrency Ether to pay for a number of online goods and services.

Ethereum Safety

Ethereum has been around since 2015. It's known as the largest and most reputable open-ended decentralized software platform.


Why Pay With Ethereum

Because Ethereum's cryptocurrency Ether is rooted in blockchain technology, the network is fraud- and corruption-proof. Unlike traditional currency and other cryptocurrencies, you're well protected against any hacking attempts.


Shopping Tydløs, Your Way

There's no shortage of luxury apparel; we get that. So what makes Tydløs different?

Our offerings go beyond luxury apparel and accessories. We're constantly hearing our audience out, tailoring our guides, messages and collections to what you want and need...not just what we want to provide. At the end of the day, you lead your own experience with Tydløs. We're just here to provide.

Now, with Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrencies an option at checkout, our dedication to serving our customers is even more evident. If you're a luxury style vanguard that just so happens to be a cryptocurrency aficionado, we don't blame you—and we're here to deliver, your way. 

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