Manuel Espejo X Ford Kuga: A Hybrid SUV In Casa Decor

There was a time when sustainable transportation and autumotive style were mutually exclusive, but the arrival of the 2020 Ford Kuga plug-in hybrid SUV at Casa Decor has changed this notion with gusto. Now, the two are seamlessly intertwined in eco-friendly wonder.

Manuel Espejo with the Ford Kuga in Casa Decor

Interior designer Manuel Espejo decorated the carriage house for a special Kuga variant, bringing his knack for aesthetic appeal to the innovation table. On March 5, the 55th instalment of Casa Decor unveiled the Kuga in Madrid, Spain to show off a total envelopment of curated grace. Meet the Passage of Carriages, "Approaching Tomorrow."

Ford Kuga in Casa Decor

Image Source: Casa Decor


Espejo's Aesthetic Take On the Kuga SUV

This isn't your average garage. The carriage house in which the Kuga sits was designed by Spain-based stylist Manuel Espejo, bringing chicness into the realm of practicality. 


On the outside, the vehicle oozes prowess by emitting a modern red. On the inside, materials like wood and glass bring the Ford Kuga above and beyond. Premium leather seating with double stitching evokes a strong sense of luxuriousness. All in all, the interior is smooth, comfortable and contemporary—as is the space in which it sits. According to Espejo, he wanted to fuse futurism with classic appeal, and that's just what he's done with this nearly century-old carriage house at Casa Decor.

Ford Kuga in Casa Decor

Designing a conceptual space was a first for Espejo, who's used to concrete arrangements like living rooms and bathrooms. What's not a first, however, is his involvement with Casa Decor. In fact, this is his seventh time participating in the design event.

What's more is Espejo prioritized sustainability, making sure to consciously source and craft every element of the carriage house. When combined with the vehicle's innate low-emission construction, you have a thoughtfully curated conception of sustainability.

The new model was manufactured at the company's plant in Valencia, so Ford is really tying down its Spanish roots for the Kuga. Maybe we're a little biased over here in Madrid, but the Tydløs team agrees that this is killer.

Visitors to the 20th-century regal home of Casa Decor saw the Kuga in all its glory. The unfortunate containment of social gatherings as a result of COVID-19 has halted the event, so you'll have to settle on your grand imagination until you can get your hands on one of these upscale hybrid SUVs.


Beyond the Style: An SUV That's Contemporary in All the Right Places

Drive the new Kuga and you'll relish in zero emissions up to 56 km. If you're going on longer trips, you can rely on a Duratec 2.5-litre petrol-run engine. Recharge the battery at will so you can keep those emissions to a minimum.

The Kuga plug-in hybrid is just one of 14 electrified vehicles that Ford will introduce across Europe throughout the course of 2020.


Sitting Pretty at Casa Decor

The special edition of the 2020 Ford Kuga plug-in hybrid SUV is beyond comparison. So too is the futuristic, glass-and-wood space in which it sits. At Tydløs, we can't help but fawn over these designs as well as the rest of the instalments at Casa Decor. Just look at this space!

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