How to Build an Eco-Friendly Capsule Wardrobe While Quarantined


Getting used to "the new normal" isn't easy, but as fashion aficionados, we know how to make the most of an unprecedented trend. If you're an eco-lover who has been waiting for the right moment to tackle that overflowing closet of yours, now is your chance to slim it down to stunning proportions.



We're shedding all the deets on the perfect capsule wardrobe, including how to master it luxuriously. When the time comes for you to head back into open air, you'll know exactly how to get rid of all your spare apparel and best make use of the clothes you're keeping.


What's a Capsule Wardrobe?

At its core, a capsule wardrobe is a collection of essential, high-quality apparel and accessories. It's an ensemble of clothing that you can layer, combine and mix-and-match, ultimately providing you with hundreds of outfits from a smaller amount of pieces. It's as functional as it is fashionable, making it the perfect amalgam of fit and flare.

If you're wondering where the capsule ideology was born, it's time to take a trip back in time. Back in the 1970s (a stellar time in fashion history, might I add), a wardrobe consultant named Susie Faux coined the term capsule wardrobe. She noticed that a lot of clothing was made poorly, resulting in people buying more and more articles in order to keep up with quickly faltering seams. 

Her solution? Keep the quality stuff. Ditch the poorly made clothing. Make a world of wonder from a more soluble array.

But the growth of the capsule wardrobe didn't stop with Faux. In 1985,  designer Donna Karan (who once designed for Anne Klein before embarking on her own) created her own collection of capsule clothing. She crafted "Seven Easy Pieces" in an attempt to help women tackle the world using the perfect set of basics, which she has since rebooted to keep up with the evolving fashion climate.

Donna Karan Capsule Collection 1985

Image Source: Twitter

Years later and the capsule wardrobe is making a total eclipse of the sun. While some of the core ideology remains, a lot of the newfound interest in capsule collections has to do with sustainability. In an era when poorly made fast fashion eats away at our environmental threshold, it's more important now than ever before to promote high-quality clothing that meshes well with your existing luxurious wardrobe.


Why Go Capsule?

Capsule wardrobes have so many benefits that it's almost hard to pin 'em down. But don't worry—the Tydløs team has sat on this pile of laundry long enough that we're ready to share all the reasons why capsule is the way to go.

Travel Capsule Wardrobe Geneva Vanderzeil

Image Source: Geneva Vanderzeil on Flickr


It's Sustainable! Duh, we're promoting eco-friendly fashion. By now, that shouldn't surprise you. When you keep your closet capsuled for an extended period of time, you're actively straying from the constant flow of fast fashion. Prioritizing your high-quality clothing helps to ensure a long life of happy wear. When you do invest in a new article or accessory, you're more likely to choose wisely and squeeze a designer treat into your very valuable closet.


It's Functional! We're all about living your best life. When you have a jumbled mess of a wardrobe, daily life isn't very efficient. Getting dressed can take ages, and you can often feel like you have nothing to wear (everyone knows how that feels…). By opting for a function-forward capsule wardrobe, you're set up for success, regardless of the occasion. 


It's High Quality! In a saturated closet, designer apparel fuses with low-quality goods that are only on trend for a season. Most people end up tossing the low-quality clothing or donating it to someone who will inevitably do the same. If it seems like a waste of money and resources, that's because it is. Capsule wardrobes orient toward apparel and accessories of a higher echelon. They're choosier and more elite, ultimately bringing your style all the way up.


It's Effortlessly Stylish! We're here for easy breezy style, girl! Whatever helps to live life in a simpler and more straightforward fashion, bring it on. Chic looks that leave 'em shook...yes puh-lease.


It's Travel Made Easy! Travel may be out of the picture for the foreseeable future, but the day will come when we're able to move freely and with passion once more. When you have a capsule wardrobe, you'll be ready for take-off in two shakes of a lamb's tail.


The Capsule Misconceptions

By now, you know everything that a capsule wardrobe is, but what about all the things it's not?

People often hold misconceptions about things that sound too good to be true. We don't blame them. Harbouring a healthy dose of scepticism isn't a bad thing, so long as you remain open to the pros as they become illuminated.


Does having a capsule wardrobe mean I won't have a lot of outfits to choose from? 

No. The whole point of a capsule wardrobe is choosing your articles wisely so that you can have an extensive amount of outfits with little to work with! So long as you follow the steps below, you'll have no shortage of new fits suited for the street (though trust us when we say we're bidding adieu to the notion that you can't re-wear a single piece in public, ever). 


Does having a capsule wardrobe mean I have to get rid of all of my favourite pieces? 

Heck no! If you're anything like the folks at Tydløs, your favourite pieces also happen to be your most valuable, long-lasting and chic. These types of items are the likeliest ones to stay put in your capsule wardrobe. What you keep is up to you, so there's no requirement to toss your beloved petticoat or Valentino pump. These things will catch stares for years to come, so hold on to them if you so desire.


Cozy Capsule Outfit


Are capsule wardrobes boring? 

Only if you let them be! If you take the time (which many of us have plenty of during quarantine) to select the most appropriate wardrobe, there's no threat of a boring look. To add to it, there's no firm cap on how many items you can or cannot keep. The goal is just to keep it to a minimum, especially in comparison to what you're starting with.


Does this mean I can't buy new clothes? 

Nope. Obviously, you're going to want to buy new products (clothes, accessories, makeup, whatever). Keeping the capsule mindset means being aware of your purchases rather than making them mindlessly. Ultimately, you're bound to collect more meaningful pieces and curate a thoughtful, stylish and covetable wardrobe! Who doesn't want that?

 Made In Italia Chunky Navy and Black Pumps

Image Source: Tydløs


Are capsule wardrobes only for women? 

Of course not! We're way past that whole gender binary thing anyway. Men, women and any other identity on the spectrum can—and should—take on the capsule wardrobe if they want to. Think of it this way: the coronavirus pays no mind to who it infects. If you're bent on creativity as the solution to mental distress, you should know that the cure knows no bounds, either. Do as you see fit and live how you must, so long as you're not hurting anyone else in the process!


Build a Capsule Wardrobe in 5 Steps

We all love when someone spells things out for us. Fortunately, we've got the lowdown on just how to go about creating your eco-friendly and upscale capsule wardrobe. While we can't be in the room with you (for reasons other than social distancing) to help choose what clothing and accessories stay and which items go, we're here for moral support. Always.


Woman Wearing Tan and Denim Capsule Outfit in Minimalist Setting

Image Source: Tradlands on Flickr

  1. Dump your wardrobe on the floor.

That's right! We mean this literally. Take all of your clothes and accessories and put them out in the open. Remove things from your drawer, closet and vanity so you can get a good look at all you have. You may actually be quite shocked at the wardrobe you've accumulated over the years! While it seems like a silly step, it's utterly crucial.


  1. Rid of what is ratty, doesn't fit or you haven't worn in at least 3 months (keeping season in mind).

This is an easy way to remove the stuff that definitely doesn't work. If it's ratty or beyond repair, time to go. If it doesn't fit you by honouring your shape or personality, don't keep it. If it's the end of summer and you haven't worn that sundress all season, time to go!


  1. From there, select your most versatile basics.

Pretty much every outfit comes equipped with a staple piece. This could mean simple jewellery or black basics. Choose your basics wisely, making sure you have something for every season and in every colour family.


  1. Reserve your most prized outerwear, accessories & makeup.

Select the accessories that speak to you best. Coats and jewellery can hold extra value, especially if they're vintage or designer. Prioritize the ones that have a special place in your heart, but only if you actually wear them.


  1. Assess the versatility & quality of each remaining piece. Keep the ones that hold weight.

Alright. You have your first round of capsule clothing. Now it's time to test it out! Go through each piece and see how many outfits you can include it in. This may take some time, but it's a straightforward way to assess each article's versatility. At the end of the day, that's what a capsule wardrobe is all about. Don't hesitate to actually count how many outfits your ensemble allots for. Cut back where you need to. Invest in high-quality essentials if you need to round out the arena.


This is a very visual, hands-on process. You can't do it right unless you get down and dirty. Take it from us...skip a step and you risk having a half-assed capsule wardrobe!


What To Do with All Those Clothes You're Over?

For all the items that didn't make the cut, you don't have to throw them out (unless they're beyond repair). You can donate to local consignment shops, sell to ThredUP, sling on Depop or give items to your friends. Your options are plentiful; adding more quality clothes to the secondhand market is a great way to boost eco-friendly fashion. 


Creativity That's Good for the Soul (Right When We Need It Most)

Social distancing is tough. Dabbling in creative outlets is key to surviving during this unprecedented era. For fashion lovers, this means heading to the closet, the vanity and the accessories corner. Bags, wallets, perfumes and shoes...shirts, dresses, blazers and trousers...take to your private collection and see what you can create. In times of global distress, looking inward and seeing things simply can make all the difference.


Staying Sane & Stylish While Social Distancing

Our Tydløs fam isn't confined to any one nation. We're dishing up looks across the globe, and that's something we've always been proud of. Naturally, our luxury fashion experts now stay in place where they're at, at least for the time being...but that shouldn't have to mean losing momentum in the sustainable fashion realm. 

By whipping up an eco-friendly capsule wardrobe for the ages, you'll be ready to strut your stuff when the world opens back up again. More importantly, you'll smooth out the edges of an isolation period that's tough for all, bringing light to a dimmed planet that could use the colourful boost.

Travel Capsule Wardrobe from Geneva Vanderzeil

Image Source: Geneva Vanderzeil on Flickr

Good luck with your luxury capsule wardrobe, and don't forget to share your strategically stylish creation with the Tydløs team!


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