Why You Should Quality over Quantity in Brands

When it comes to brands and fashion, you might enjoy the quantity you get which affords you the opportunity to include a variety of items in your wardrobe. On the downside of that variety spice in fashion, you might be stocking your closet with an array of items that won’t see the light of next season. The debate between quantity and quality would always see the quality side of winning every day. The reason why quality will always win is what this article will be sharing to you. There are lots of perks associated with quality than quantity, even a peek at some of the perks will be enough to convince you that quality rules and is the ultimate. We’ve taken a stand with quality and in that resolve, we bring to you some of the reasons why you should choose quality over quantity when it comes to brands.

Here You Go:

You Feel Confident with Quality

Whether you are conscious of it or not, there is an aura that being confident in your clothing or accessory exudes. Most of the time you are aware but for the better part, you are just swept away by the confidence without knowing the impact it has on onlookers. Quality brands can only afford you such confidence. Your carriage is as important as the brand you are rolling on. Quantity would only dampen this confidence associated with your fashion style and choice. When it’s all about confidence and quality, there’s no limit to the height of attention you are going to court. Being confident in your outfit or any product you are using reflects on your ambling steps and smile. The world is going to feel the aura and your self-esteem will be heightened.

You Avoid Clutters

Having too many when it comes to fashion can be burdensome at times. This will lead to difficulties in making choices which might translate to a frustrating experience anytime you intend going outdoors. Quality ensures you keep things minimal. Quality is sacrificed on the altar of quantity and so with quality comes very few stuffs and less trouble for you. Most times leaving things simple can be the perfect definition of class. You do not have to own a mini boutique or fashion store in your house. The simpler the better and the easier it is for you to get your style all up on you in a couple of minutes.


This one is a given and common knowledge. When you follow quality brands, you get products that are made for the ages, you get products that you use and get bored of them after the years have gone by. Quantity can give you cold comfort with products that are beautiful and would only last for a couple of months before fading away like daylight giving way for dusk to set in. If you shop once a while, you should be a quality freak because it helps you shop less. You can even shop once every season because you’ve gotten every quality thing you need to last through the seasons. Durability has always been at the forefront when it comes to buying products and quality settles that seamlessly.

You Get to Care More

With quality comes prices that are fortune eaters. The higher the price, the higher the value you place on a thing. If you’ve never had the knack for caring and attending to things, quality will evoke that attitude out of you. When you ponder about the price, losing the item so soon can pose as a mini tragedy for you. If you’ve even had a previous experience with losing such pricey stuffs on recklessness that becomes a better reason why you would even care more about what you’ve got. When you get them in quantity, you obviously have them in their numbers and you are bound to be careless because taking care of them all can be overwhelming. With quality comes fewer items and a more caring attitude.

You can sell them

If you have quality items in your domain, you can always sell them whenever you are no longer interested after having used them for a while. You can’t sell things that are substandard and are falling short in terms of quality. People would even notice and pass. So on the brighter side of doing quality stuffs, when you are going out of cash, your items can save the day. For most quality brands, they will still strike that fresh appeal they came with even after many years. Quality never fades and that’s the major perk of patronizing a quality brand. The reason why there are second-hand clothes in the first place is because people who used quality clothes decided to put them on sale. You can become of those who run sales on second-hand stuffs if you go by quality instead quantity.

You Build a Community of Quality Lovers

Well, you won’t be alone in the field. There are others who love quality and would love to connect with you. It’s actually a huge community of quality lovers. When you opt in, you become part of the team and together you can foster a better society where quality is paramount. A community where minimalistic designs, simplicity and quality are the major cornerstones is what you get to build along with others. It could lead to friendships and some other good networks, all for just loving the quality that the fashion world brings to the table at the wonderful expense of quantity.


If you study the reasons laid up there critically, you would have realized that you get to save yourself some of the troubles and inconveniences that are associated with quantity. You would also realize that life becomes simpler and fun when you are dealing with quality. Although there is no attempt to undermine quantity and trample it on the ground, you would also realize that you’ve been on a wrong lane all these years and what you thought was ideal is now less than ideal. Above all, quality should be your prime concern forthwith after reading this.

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