Why Is the Birkin So Expensive

The world-famous Hermes Birkin bag has dominated the handbag industry for a long time. Appearing in numerous fashion magazine covers, the iconic Birkin is sold for record-breaking prices and can be seen swaying from many celebrities’ arms.

The exclusive brand illuminates decades of world-class craftsmanship, quality, and excellence. Only a few other fashion brands are capable of competing with the Hermes Birkin.

With designs that instantly attract, exotic and rare materials and vivid colors, the Birkin becomes one of the most desirable handbags in the world.

Most people do not even consider carrying or owning a Birkin bag because of the hefty price tag that comes along. But, the question of ‘Why is the Birkin so Expensive?’ still pops up at some point.

Several factors come into play and contribute to the high value of Birkin handbags. Let’s talk about a few of those factors:

Flawless Craftsmanship 

The first and one of the key players in the price of the Birkin is its supreme quality. With painstaking attention to detail on all stages of production, the Birkin is produced free from flaws.

Hermes is exceptionally particular about the quality of the materials used in the making of a Birkin bag and is also fussy about choosing a craftsman that will be responsible for crafting the bag.

The iconic company treats each Birkin bag as a piece of art, and only a few elite craftsmen are handed the responsibility of working with high-grade materials for creating the masterpiece of a bag.

As a matter of fact, a single craftsman is responsible for creating a Birkin from start to finish. There are six main phases in the process of creating a Birkin:

Material cutting and preparation: High-quality leather is carefully selected and inspected for defects. The craftsman then removes all the minor imperfections and cuts the material according to the requirement of the product.

Shaping: In this stage, the leather is clamped onto a piece of wood and is carefully stitched together to form the shape of the bag.

Smoothening of the edges: A hammer is used by the craftsman to seal the seam, and the leather is shaved, sanded, and waxed in this phase of the production.

Adding the handle and shaping: The craftsman uses the same material of the handbag and converts them into layers to create the handle of the handbag. After layering, the handle is stitched onto the main body of the bag.

Final touches: Using a process called ‘Pearling,’ the hardware of the bag is added to the Birkin bag.

Final inspection: A workshop inspector or second craftsman inspects the leather bag thoroughly to ensure the product meets the standards of the company. A second check is done at the logistics center for the final review, before shipping the Birkin to a Hermes boutique.

Precious Metals 

All the hardware and accessories on a Hermes Birkin bag is made of precious and rare metals.

Palladium or gold is used to plate all the keys, buckles, and locks on the Birkin bag. Not long ago, palladium used to more expensive than platinum and was the primary metal of choice for using in Birkin handbags.

Due to the rarity of platinum and palladium, the addition of these metals to the Birkin catalysts its price to sky-rocket.

Limited Production 

A Hermes Birkin handbag is everything but readily available. Since the release of the Birkin in the early 1980s, the company implemented an ingenious strategy of limiting the production of their bags.

This strategy has given the Birkin a mythical, unattainable bag to own. The Birkin is considered as a prized possession as it is almost impossible to purchase the bag from a Hermes store or boutique, due to its scarcity.

The Birkin is not mass-produced and is released in the market as a series or even as unique pieces. This causes an increase in demand for the handbag, but not enough supply to cater for all.

The limited production of the Birkin makes it rarer and hard to get your hands on, which contributes to the high value of the bag.


Hermes creates the Birkin bags for one reason only- for you to stand out. The Birkin comes in so many styles and variations that it can practically fit any style you adore.

The stylish company makes sure you are never left with a shortage of choices. The exclusive and luxury bags vary in shapes, colors, and sizes but always manage to maintain their status as an icon.

Due to the versatility of the Hermes Birkin, people in the fashion industry count on the company to add a buzz or bling to their wardrobe or collection.

These handbags are created with great precision and detail and promise to deliver dependable premium quality that always stays in style.

Celebrity Status 

Acquisition of a Hermes Birkin handbag, belt, or even a drape adds value to the personality of the holder.

Unlike many other fashion brands that offer their merchandise to celebrities for marketing and promotion, the Birkin does not come free irrespective of your celebrity status or popularity.

Carrying a Birkin handbag comes with status, but everyone has to pay the full price of the product to own one.

Also, many famous celebrities like Victoria Beckham flaunt their Birkin bags which automatically add to the popularity of the iconic brand.

Long-Lasting Value 

Owning a Hermes Birkin bag can be considered as a safe investment a well. The value of a Birkin hardly diminishes; instead, it increases in value as time passes.

If the situation ever calls for it, you can always go online and sell your Birkin for the same or even more value than the purchased price.

Owning a Hermes Birkin is like owning the most expensive bag because it is valuable and maintains the same even if the product is not in the perfect condition.

The reputation of the iconic company, its limited production, and the use of expensive materials make it an ideal style statement as well as a secure investment.

With all the manual labor, specialized craftsmanship, unique and precious metals, secure value, and celebrity-like status, the Birkin has enough solid reasons for being one of the most sought after exclusive and expensive handbags in the world.

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