Why are Louis Vuitton Bags Worth Buying?

Talk of designer bags - and the monogram we all know so well pops to mind in a flash. Louis Vuitton is a brand known for its heritage in bag making. From its founding days in 1854 to the current day, the sophisticated art and design of a this very forward-thinking international fashion house, has prevailed and multiplied.

The first designer of the house naturally being Louis Vuitton himself, was a man of vision and diligence. He designed for the elite and royal at his time. To copy a monogram in those days was illegal and that is how he came up with the current LV logo. He must have envisioned all the counterfeits that were to follow a century later.

The creative minds that have graced the LV halls of fame, have shown extraordinary genius works. Stephen Sprouse, for example, will always be remembered for his graffiti logo bags in collaboration with Marc Jacobs, and the current designers are making a name for themselves with their innovative talents.

Virgil Abloh who is the artistic director for the men’s wear, has inched ahead of many by taking streetwear to the next level. Nicolas Ghesquiere on the other hand, is the artistic director for the women’s collections and continues to wow with his mastermind works of design.

It is with this endowment that the attributes Louis Vuitton has in place, are welcoming of inclusivity, diversity and sustainability.

The characteristics that make them supremely confident in their ability, form the core of the Louis Vuitton DNA.

The brand’s luxury bag creations have seen great success through the years. Known for its’ classic look, an authentic LV bag goes through many stages of production, before it hits the retail shelf.  For many, a Louis Vuitton bag is a solid investment and there are several reasons this is the case.


Stylish & Classy in One

Louis Vuitton Handbag on Runway

Nicolas Ghesquiere’s Autumn/Winter 20/21 collection for Louis Vuitton at the Paris Fashion Week the other day, was one that was received affirmatively for its continuum in who the Maison has grown to become in time.

The bags were in plenty and in different shapes and forms. Edgy patent clutch bags, classic monogram bags and vintage-style la petite malle bags all accessorised the collection in style and classy decadence.

The timeless style of all their bags has an appeal to many, irrespective of age or gender. This aspect of inclusivity across the demographics, has gained the Maison many admirers and plenty have become clients-to-stay.

LV has engraved the definition of iconic on all its bag creations and designs. The rare and limited-edition bags that are generally available only by reservation make the brand even more sought after. This has made LV the most counterfeited luxury brand in the world.

The impeccable range of bags have been seen in many an occasion. From gracing red carpets to decorating different personalities on side-walks here and there, these stylish bags have become part and parcel of the fashion society.


Functionality Meets Style

Louis Vuitton Duffel Bag

With bags becoming a trend for both men and women, the characteristic of functionality has become a key aspect. The digital era has seen mankind have so many gadgets in their possession and the only way to carry them around is by having bags that are designed to store and carry in an organised manner.

The days are long gone, when one would have to squeeze everything in a small bag that wouldn’t even close even after using all the arrangement methods possible.

Louis Vuitton bags are architecturally designed to meet this consumer need. With side and front pockets, small and huge, laptops, phones and everything that belongs to this generation, can all be practically carried.

Functionality could be the strongest criterion yet, when it comes to buying an investment piece in the bag arena.


Authenticity & Craftsmanship

Louis Vuitton Handbag

Louis Vuitton is a Maison steeped in tradition, innovation and know-how and it has always been highly conscious of embracing talent and craftmanship.

Knowledge of traditional techniques and technological innovations are taught in an apprenticeship programme, all of which capture the different approaches to the craftmanship that is in line with Louis Vuitton standards.

Customers are encouraged to pass down their pieces throughout generations and for this reason, the craftmanship of repair and care services for the Maison’s leather goods, is passed down to the generation of craftsmen at their workshops.

An original LV bag is easy to spot for those who know the specifics well. The fonts, surface material, the zips, lining and manufacturing codes are just pointers of where one can check. LV production processes, ensure meticulous authentication.


Traditional Style Embraces Streetwear

Louis Vuitton x Supreme Bag

The frenzy of the colossal collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Supreme was an amazing idea that brought thousands of streetwear and high-fashion fans to line up at pop-up launches in big cities around the globe.

Virgil Abloh whose creative vision has been rooted in streetwear, has had his designs received incredibly well by both men and women alike. This fresh take to a previously classical style, has gotten an awakened attention from the public at large.

The bags for this collaboration stood out and were especially bold.

In embracing the millennial and generation Z style-needs and winning fans from even older age brackets, these bags are sure to stay on shelves for more seasons to come.

Louis Vuitton Cloud Bag and Suit on Runway

Brightly coloured bags with the LV monogram displayed in fun ways are the new trends accessorizing bold streetwear. The shapes to them know no limits either.

The rise of streetwear is definitely dictating new frontiers for bag makers everywhere as this is quickly becoming the leading sales category in the luxury retail market.


Ethical & Sustainable Choices

Louis Vuitton Bag in Box Tan

Louis Vuitton is known to be highly conscious at reducing environmental impact and investing in eco-friendly technology. They have been constantly innovating and committed to the utmost quality across their production process, as underpinned by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This comprise of responsible production and consumption, climate change and equal employment.

The Maison has invested in a variety of initiatives to reduce their energy footprint by reducing carbon emissions in regards to transportation and energy consumption in their buildings. They even have a global programme to switch the lights off in majority stores from midnight to 7am.

In its supply chain, they further engage these goals by selecting logistic and transportation partners on preliminary environmental criteria based on most effective environmental performance and ability to create the least carbon dioxide emissions.

In 2018, Louis Vuitton was awarded “The Butterfly Mark” which is powered by Positive Luxury, for excellence in the areas of innovation, social and environmental responsibility, governance and community investment.


Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags

Louis Vuitton Shopping Bag

Louis Vuitton also needs well-deserved accolades to not just the bags themselves but the packaging bags, too. They have invested greatly in more friendly ways of managing the latter.

The Maison has created new certified packaging methods that incorporate folded boxes which enable shipping in less volume and optimise storage space. The shopping bags that are recyclable and compostable, are manufactured with unique paper that replaces 25% of the wood fibres with vegetable tanned leather off-cuts that have been ground to a powder. They also have a natural look to them.

Anything that ignites the reach to sustainability is a great thing indeed.


Diversity: A Bag for All

Diverse Louis Vuitton Advertisement

The design world has evolved in the sphere of diversity in a catapulting way. This has seen ad campaigns and regions of sales spread further and outward in comparison to a decade or two back. In making Virgil Abloh a creative artist, having models of all races showcase for LV and opening stores in new places, the Maison has addressed diversity with a new force.

The new generation today, is growing with a no-boundary kind-of-attitude that sermons any creative to heed this notion. With bag designs inspired by different cultures, especially in shape, LV will continue to gain an even larger fan base to ascertain this motion.


The Travel Companion

Louis Vuitton Luggage at Airport

Travel and bags go hand in hand any day.

LV offers a wide range that will satisfy the different tastes of many travellers. From suitcases to tote bags and briefcases to toiletry cases and cosmetic pooches, LV makes travelling easier and cosier.

The chic element of travelling with a Louis Vuitton travel collection is an idea that tickles the fancy of many.

A dog carrier for the animal lover is also available in the travel assortment.

This niche has been in the LV tradition from the very-word go, with box-case designs that were very trendy at the turn of the last century and a concept that has never been discarded in its reinvention. 


LV: Luxury Bags Worth the Investment

There is no doubt that Louis Vuitton has a chair at the table of luxury bag making. Craftmanship and expertise that has gathered experience in catering and advocating, for what a good bag is all about.

The founder’s mission never ever losing ground, tells us that the fundamentals that have been kept have been the tools that have armoured this long and successful journey.

Threatened by uncountable counterfeits, Louis Vuitton has stood the test of time by delivering the best to its bag fans and will undoubtedly be continuing this trend even in the future.

The reasons that support the motion that Louis Vuitton bags are worth buying are valid and a bag full.

Last but not least, we can comfortably say that a good bag talks for itself and Louis Vuitton has mastered the art of making it do just that.

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