What Luxury Accessories Should You Invest In?


“I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.” - Michael Kors

An accessory is the what makes an outfit an outfit. Getting to master the art of accessorising is a crucial tool that enables one to assemble a compelling image of who you really are as a person. Depending on the individual, one could opt for one statement accessory or multiple choices, to enhance the overall look.

You have heard many a times, that you make an impression in just a few seconds of meeting people, depending on the shoes, watch, perfume or any other accessory you might be wearing. Such is our world, be it in the past, present time or in the coming future, this is a trait that stands true and is not about to change any time soon.

Luxury houses offer diverse glamorous outfits that most people want to add to their wardrobes, but many oversee the accessories that the same houses have to offer to help complete the look.

Streetwear has conformed in applying the mastery of accessorising by making it part of the whole idea. From oversized to tiny, the range of details here is huge, making this niche the ultimate trendsetter in everything accessory. 

We shall therefore be looking at a handful of possible luxury accessories worth investing in. For both gender types and the different style types.


A Timepiece is an Investment

 Casio G-Shock Men's Watch

Image Source: A Timely Perspective

With gadgets like the laptop and cell phones displaying the time at all times, the watch has been somewhat ignored in this tech-filled era. Yet there are many watches in offer out there. Why is this so?

A well-chosen timepiece is far more than a way of keeping track of time for the sophisticated lady and gentleman. It is an accessory that accents the whole aesthetic of an individual and adds a subtle touch that can be acknowledged as cultured and fashion conscious.

A watch also heightens the character in taste, identity, class and sophistication. Simply put, it tells a lot about the wearer.

The shape, size and details of the watch should be chosen to match the garments and occasion. A minimalistic and dainty wrist watch for the lady, would be the choice to go for given it’s a black-tie event. And so, the choices go.

With streetwear growing in popularity, there are also luxury picks in the watch arena to elevate this look. Unfortunately, only a few brands are producing watches in streetwear as we speak, with the number one contender being Casio.

Casio has had a few different collabs already on the books, and their latest being with the brand Mischief. The super watch, namely the G-Shock Protection, is the baby of this collaboration. This one could prove to be a popular one indeed.

Past collaborations with Casio have been with Huf and Pigalle. They also do have Casio only pieces that go very well with streetwear.

Leff Amsterdam Tube Watch

Image Source: Leff Amsterdam


A very worthy mention is the Leff Amsterdam. This is another brand that has minimalistic watch designs that compliment streetwear styles seamlessly. The unique face design with indented teeth-like details adds a splendour to an impeccable piece of art. This genius design is bound to make a frenzy all around.



Frames with Style 


Balmain Sunglasses

Image Source: Balmain

Sunglasses are a must-have accessory not just for the aesthetics but also for the health factor of protecting the eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

With a steadfast evolution like no other, eyewear can be found in all characteristics imaginable today. From the Inuit origins way back to the tear drop aviator in all its forms, sunglasses have provoked almost all luxury fashion houses to have a line in their names.

Owning one or two luxury pieces would be a clever objective. This can help accentuate the look of any outfit in a whole different way. With the different shapes and colour elements, every face can find the one that fits best.

Interestingly enough, one is able to spot quality sunglasses at first glimpse. The technology and know-how that goes to produce the high-end eye wear that we see, is what deems them luxurious.

The sunglasses that are now coupling streetwear, have geared to the next level. Oversized square frames and narrow fire flame silhouettes are some that 2020 will be revealing.



Streetwear Wallets Gone Antique

 United Arrows Bag Wallet

Image Source: Hypebeast


The wallet or porte-monnaie is one accessory that has been understated for a very long time and that needs a face-lift in its noble worth as a timepiece for the ages. It has had its place for centuries now and will also continue to evolve like its counterparts in the world of accessories.

This is the accessory we all check to see and take with us before we leave the house. That important is its role as our loyal companion, which makes it an investment-worth type of accessory. Given this intimacy it shares with us by knowing how much cash we are carrying around, makes it even easier for us to actually go out of the way to at least own one luxury statement piece to adorn our personalities.

Whether one is rich or not, a luxury wallet can psychologically provoke a habit of thinking in abundance. It has a strong symbolism to wealth and prestige, where many of us will actually visualise it full of bank-notes in the thousands. A wonderful image indeed.

In streetwear, we have seen the return of the wallet chain and new trends like the pouch and coin case are making a grand entry. The pouch from the brand United Arrows, as seen on the picture above, almost takes as back to the medieval times and even though none of us saw that era, the nostalgia is immense. Who wouldn’t want to own one of these?



Fragrance as an Accessory

Gucci Perfume

Image Source: Nylon


Though not a physical accessory as such, the perfume could be by far one of the most important accessories to own. The way one smells says a lot about their persona and ultimately, links hygiene and good taste into your character pot.

There is a myriad of luxury perfumes to choose from and perfume guides to assist in choosing what best fits who. That is to say, there is a perfume for every taste in supply and it is therefore, just a question of getting to know what is what in the rich fragrance world.

A well-chosen perfume, can say and credit your presence with positive resonance which can leave a trail of how you a remembered by those you meet. There are fragrances that marry well with each body type and the crux of the matter is to find those ingredients that fit the gap. The first place to go to would be the luxury perfume sector, where the quality is at its best.

Irrespective of gender and age, subtle to heavy fragrances have been developed to cater for the diverse demands of this intricate accessory. Chanel, Gucci, Valentino, Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior and many more, have mastered the art of perfume making and some of their fragrances have made a mark in fragrance history.



Bags & Style 

Designer Streetwear Purses

Image Source: Luxe Digital

The good old bag that will never go out of fashion is an accessory that does not need an introduction. The diverse shapes, textures, sizes and colours that come with it are countless and in the grow.

Many will choose a luxury bag especially, because this is the accessory that stands out most from all of the others given the millions of choices that one can find. This is especially true for the women, and men are gradually catching-up, too. Owning a high-end brand bag is a wish that is on top of the list of things to buy for almost everyone.

The luxury bags from brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada and Supreme for example, are a sight we see being carried in almost all corners of the globe. This onward trend of possessing one of these bags is so ingrained, that it has become a norm and a habit. As a result of this very reason, counterfeits are being produced in the thousands overnight, to satisfy the hungry consumers unable to afford the original latter.

Again here, streetwear enthusiasts are seen to combine their gear with high-end bags that go on to lift the overall in a superb way. For those who support sustainability in their fashion choices, there are many luxury houses that emphasize eco-friendly ways of production and delivery.


Shoes Make All the Difference

Luxury Shoes & Purse

Shoes are the necessity extraordinaire in the sea of accessories and an aspect of the fashion stage that can barely be ignored. Be it formal, sports or streetwear, shoes are the epitome of any outfit in as far as rounding up the look is concerned.  The details that go into the production of footwear are very extensive and broad. A luxury pair of shoes takes an even longer route before they find their respective feet.

Investing in a good luxury pair of footwear has many advantages. The shoes are prone to have a longer lifespan due to the quality and precision that is given from the sketch to packaging and before hitting the shelves. This is of course even better, if the right caring and storing by the owner is kept up to standard.

“You judge the man by his shoes”, many are heard to have said. If this is true, then choosing high quality footwear especially for social events, can give one that extra needed point.

This niche of the fashion space and especially the luxury bracket, has a palette colourful and diverse, waiting to serve some fantastic creations.

Streetwear giants and high-end luxury houses have been teaming up to offer even more extraordinary choices for the tastes of today. The comeback of the sneaker is just one facet to the latter.


Diversity in Headwear

Luxury Bucket Hat

Image Source: Apeto Gentleman


And last but not least, the hat. The hat is as old as it can get and has been an accessory so strong, that it has been represented in all generations in the history of fashion. Just like some of the other accessories, it has evolved in leaps and bounds. Every age bracket has always been well catered for.

The rise of streetwear has seen bold looks emerge to the limelight. The Brixton brand with its hat in the picture above, has a strong streetwear and skate culture that is the influence behind the Southern California label. This kind of bucket hat is trendy and a good add-on to one’s collection.

Baseball caps from luxury brands are also in the plenty. Here the range is so diverse, that it is all yours for the taking.



It is really up to the different tastes and wishes of an individual, to come up with a list of the accessories that would go on to compliment the person that they are, what they are wearing and in what set-up they are going to be worn.

Be it minimalistic or bold, an accessory can add a splash of goodness to any look in a flash. Gone are the days, that men had to adhere to the norms of the so called smart and simple. Today’s man knows no boundary in wearing whichever accessory pleases him best. As for the ladies, the choices have multiplied if not doubled.

Scarves, brooches, belts, earrings and necklaces, are but a few of those not mentioned here, but are equally strong assets in the accessory world.

All in all, investing in an accessory of good quality is a natural and acceptable idea, no matter what style is in question.  



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