What Do You Know About Leather Bags

Bags with different styles and fabric come and go, but elegant leather bags with authentic beauty always remain in trend. When you walk into the room, with the most exquisite leather bag by your side, it will surely turn up the heads. 

A graceful leather bag by your side itself speaks a lot about your personality. Like leather shoes and jackets, your bag should also pass the test of time. It all begins with the art of choosing and creating the finest leathers by tanning animal skins and rawhides.

Ladies Leather Handbags


In today’s fashion world, a handbag is a primary accessory for women. Whether it’s a formal or informal occasion, ladies prefer carrying trendy leather bags because of its durability and lavish looks. Apart from carrying the things that you require on a day-to-day basis, they also use them to make a style statement.

A leather bag shows off the personality of a woman. Be it a cross-body bag, shoulder bag, shopping bag, tote bag, or clutch, women are cautious and passionate while buying them. They look for luxurious bags that are comfortable to carry and easy to use.

To match your dressing and choice, you can find Italian leather handbags in numerous styles and designs that will complete your looks all together. These different styles of designer bags are made as per the latest trends and customer requirements. You can get sophisticated, traditional, and even a splendid looking bag according to the occasion and usage.

As the handbag completes your look, it is essential to select the ideal bag carefully that fits your requirements. You can finalize it by looking for its finish, type of leather, shape, affordability, durability, color, style, and structure. All of these factors help you to make the best purchase.

Though the leather bags are bit expensive, still women look for plenty of options to get the best leather bag that makes them stand out from their peers.

Tydlos offers you a wide range of leather handbags that are stylish and makes your looks attractive even in your usual ensemble. From the endless selection of ladies leather handbags, get the one that matches your occasion and style.

Why Are Women's Handbags So Expensive?


Women handbag made from natural and good quality leather is expensive, but investing in them is worth it. As the bags are long-lasting and never goes out of fashion. Their durability, flexibility, and strength make it the top choice among women.

The price of leather products is generally high in comparison to products made from other fabrics. Usually, the type of leather used in it, and the way by which the product is processed makes it costly. The various reasons that make the highly demandable leather bags price high are:

Raw Material Cost- The raw material and the leather that is used to manufacture a beautiful leather bag is increasingly rising with each passing year. Especially the rare animal skins are more costly. This ultimately adds up in the total cost of the bag and which in turn makes it expensive. Once the required animal skin is found, it undergoes various treatments and tanning processes to transform it into smooth leather.

Tanning- The higher the quality of the leather is used in the product, the more natural ways are used for tanning. Use of vegetable tanning in place of chemicals makes the bags more expensive.

Labour Cost- It is another factor that contributes to the high cost of the handbag. Your trendy leather bag acquires its finish after going through the experienced hands of the craftsmen, from the beginning stage to the final one. The fabrication time to meet the required quality and perfection in your handbags is also high. Only then you are able to walk in style with the authentic leather bags.

Exclusive Products- Luxury designers work more on creating unique pieces. Brands maintain their image by crafting limited editions that allow them to never compromise on the quality. The increasing desire and exclusiveness of the product make it more expensive.

Brand Image- The more reputed and recognized a brand is, the more it adds value in the pricing of the product.

All these factors club together to make the women's handbag more expensive. But you can still get bags at affordable prices at Tydlos.

Leather Duffel Bags for Men


Not only women, but men are also fond of leather bags. They use spacious duffle bags to carry their luggage, laptop, sports equipment, or gym wear. Due to its convenience, the bags were earlier popular among sailors and military personals. But now it is becoming more popular among men who travel a lot because of work commitments.

The most demandable leather duffle bags are:

Travel Bag

When you are about to travel for a more extended period, then carrying this type of bag is beneficial. Along with carrying your essential belongings, it also imparts style to the carrier. It would be a perfect choice when you are going for an overnight stay or weekend vacations.

Laptop Bag:

Whether you want the bag to store your business files or laptop, the specially designed laptop leather duffle bag is there for you. It gives you a touch of extra style when you carry it to your office or business meeting.

Gym Bag:

Duffel bags are also popular among gym freaks. It is perfect for carrying gym clothes, shoes, and other personal stuff. Because of its ideal size, it easily fits into gym lockers and keeps your belongings safe.

You can get other designs also in duffle bags like Vintage style, Bucket style, Shoulder bag, Small bag, or Canvas duffle bag, etc. Select any; the high-quality leather used in the duffle bag gives it the perfect shine. Being light-weighted, they can be easily carried and thus makes your trip hassle-free.

Buying a leather bag is a significant investment that lasts for years, so it is necessary to select them carefully. Before purchasing, consider the style, budget, and finish of the bag, to step out with a stylish bag by your side.

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