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That you are looking bigger than everyone else around doesn’t mean you can’t look gorgeous and turn heads. This is one thing most plus-size people are missing out. They’ve resignedly accepted the untrue fact that it is over for them when it comes to looking attractive in outfits, no thanks to their bigger body shapes and most times almost shapeless body or gigantic size. This article intends to correct that notion and bring to light some helpful tips that plus-size people can include in their pockets when visiting a plus size boutique. These tips will help them choose the right clothing, colors, and patterns that can accentuate or punctuate their style. These tips will squeeze the sexiness out of them and sprinkle it to public consciousness. A little dash of confidence will be an icing on the cake when it’s all said and done. So if you are a plus-size lady having issues with looking sexy, worry no more, we’ve taken the truth serum and we’ll be spilling all you need to know about your dressing, just do us a favor and continue reading, will you?

How to Dress Your Amazing Shape in a Plus Size Boutique Clothing


Firstly, the header says your shape is amazing and you can print that as a tag and mentally clip it in your heart always. You’ve got a great body and an amazing shape, anyone’s contrary opinion doesn’t matter. So let that sink in as you continue reading. Now in order to dress in amazing shape, you need to visit the plus size boutique to get the right clothing for it. Before visiting the boutique, there are a few things you need to know which will help you in making brilliant choices right there in the boutique where you’ll meet tons of clothing that might get you confused and end you up with a dress that reduces your self-esteem every second you clad in it. Much ado already, let’s spill.

Things You Should Know Before Visiting a Plus Size Boutique

The entire crux of this article will be centered on this section and we can even call it day with this section and conclude because it literary reveals the basic details you need to know while dressing your plus size body. They are just two and we will start with the first.

Identifying your Body Shape


Most problems people face every day in dressing and beyond are hinged on the fact that they barely have an idea of the true nature of the problem or what the problem actually is. Your shape can be a problem for your dressing and identifying the kind of shape that you’ve got can be the first step to solving the shape problem. It’s that easy. There are different kinds of shapes for plus size women. The most prominent of them include; hourglass, apple, and pear shapes. You can fall into any of these shapes or you can be a blend of both shapes. We’ll delve into some basic details of these three major shapes so you can have a crisp clear definition of what you are looking at.

Apple Shape:


Some of the features of an apple-shaped plus-sized lady are large chest and slim legs. The bulk of your body weight rests on your breasts, shoulders, and tummy leaving your legs short-changed. That’s an apple shape which can still be called an oval shape.   

Pear Shape:


The pear shape is the direct opposite of the apple shape. It is characterized by wider hips, huge legs and thighs, a small waist and small shoulders. The body mass is heavily dependent on the mid-section and goes downwards in contrast to upwards as seen in the apple shape.

Hourglass Shape:

This is the dream shape of almost every lady. It is the most balanced shape with mounds of flesh in the right proportions and parts of the body. This shape is characterized by a large chest, round and full bottom and a well-shaped waist.

Dressing According to the Shapes

Now that you’ve known the kind of shapes that most humans can come created in, you must have identified where you fall in from the descriptions. This section will detail the kind of dressing that will suit the three major body shapes. Let’s start again with the Apple shape.

Clothing Choices for Apple Shape: If you’ve identified apple as your shape, you need to go for clothing that will define your waist section which is the foundation of all your weight. You also need to flaunt your small legs in a mild way by doing pencil skirts and skinny jeans. Deep V-necks are suitable as well as strapless dresses which will punctuate your endowments in the upper section of your body. Wrap dresses are also cool as well as printed bottoms.

Clothing Choices for Pear Shape: Since the lower part of your body is more endowed, it can be quite difficult finding skirts and jean pants that can fit you, so you might be needing a tailor more often than you will need the boutique. However, you can still find suited pants in the boutique. Your dressing should be anchored on balancing the upper half of your body with the lower massive half. Boot cut jeans, long jackets, and blazers, high waisted pants, elegant gowns with waist beds and printed dresses are your best options.

Clothing Choices for Hourglass Shapes: For the ultimate shape where both halves of the body lies in moderate sizes, pencil skirts are way too cool, classic silhouettes are as classic as they can be, body con dresses are not bad either, high waisted pants, jeans and peplum dresses are there to accentuate your style.


On Colors/Patterns and Dressing for Plus Size Body Shapes


Whether you can notice it or not, colors play a vital role in revealing or masking certain areas of your body. Dark colors tend to mask body parts and bright colors do the direct opposite by revealing more details. So the thumb rule here is to use light colors in areas where you are deficient in shape, for instance; you are apple shaped and you know from your mid-section downwards is lacking in terms of size, you should use dark colors down there and bright colors in your asset base along the upper half of your body. If you are using belts, use colors that highlight your waist if you are heavily blessed there especially for the hourglass ladies. Bright colors strike out the amazing feature in any body part and your waist is your most prized asset if you are an hourglass fella.

On Patterns: Big patterns accentuate body parts you are trying to hide while smaller parts help you in hiding them properly. Poka dots makes every part seem a little moderate even though they aren’t really moderate, while large flowery patterns reveal too much and draw attention to a certain part while making it even more elaborate. Horizontal stripes can be very tricky, they can mask or accentuate your size, the way out is to try them out and notice the changes they bring or the body part they tend to strikeout. Watch out for ruffles, they ruin all your effort in trying to hide a body part, so it is important you use them on areas you want to be stealth or rarely noticed.


To bring everything down to one sweet summary, you should arm yourself with the fact that you are an amazing person with a fantastic shape before anything else. Then you can proceed to the kind of fruit you are in terms of shape. You can do this with the help of the description laid out in this article. You can also go to a plus size boutique for guidance on how to identify your body shape. Then you should try getting the recommended clothing for your body shape while noting that colors and patterns are either highlighters or masquerades when it comes to parts of your body. Whichever body shape you find yourself having, so long as you are already bigger than the average human, never wear oversized pants for any reason. From a distance, you are overweight in the eyes of the world, you don’t want to over-emphasize that in any way. Pay attention to the details in this article and you can never go wrong with your dressing when visiting a plus size boutique.

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