Trench Coats to Look Out For This Season

Out of all the fashion classics, a trench coat remains a wardrobe staple for every season. Light enough to stay cool in the warm days and sturdy enough to let you survive the unpredictable showers or biting cold-a trench coat is perhaps your most faithful piece of clothing!
It was first developed in the 19th century as an alternative to heavy greatcoats for soldiers. As it was adapted to be worn by the army personnel in the trenches during the 1st world war, the coat got its name as ‘trench coat.’
Since then, this closet essential continues to add style to your fashion cycle. Whether you wear it with a contrasting belt on the waist or leave it open to show off a dress underneath, the trench coat looks just awesome! There is no shortage of styling ideas.
If you don’t own this timeless classic, here are some versatile trench coats to liven-up your closet.

Boyfriend Trench Coat-A Perfect Seasonless Staple!

Taking its clues from traditional menswear, a boyfriend coat is oversized and looks cool. From woolens to crisp cotton, you can find these coats in a sumptuous fabric that adds charm to even the most relaxed shapes. Use it as an informal dress for an event or an everyday wardrobe essential.
Available in versatile colors like khaki, grey, black, etc. a boyfriend trench coat is ready to accompany you to any occasion. You can let the lapels loose or choose a design that comes with a belt to wrap around your waist. Try black skinny jeans, killer heels with a pop of bright lipstick for evening parties.

Make Your Style with a Subtle Plaid Print

Winter is a great time to create fashionable layered looks with clothing. Layer a classic full-length trench coat over a cozy outfit with a plaid-patterned blazer and jeans. And, you are all set to take a stylish move to the workplace or public engagements.
You can combine your denim pants with a black sweater and wear a plaid trench coat over it. To flaunt your style more, you can carry a matching clutch or bag. Plaid coats combined with leather pants look exceptionally amazing and will become your favorite attire for the winter.

Street Style Trench Coat for School or College

To look all wrapped in the chilling winter, try the woolen trench coat and clinch it around the waist. You can use a colorful belt or the one provided with the coat. Another simpler way to go about woolen trench coats is to wear it with a plaid-patterned muffler. You can wear casual sneakers or flat pumps with it to create a complete school or college look.

Try Single-Breasted, Buttonless Trench Coats

Double-breast, being the traditional cut of the trenches, most of the coats are found in this pattern. But, you can also opt for more feminine styles that are single-breasted and buttonless.
The double-breasted coats were created to make men’s torsos look broad. So, if you don’t want to look your chest extra bulky, buttonless versions with open lapels are the best option.
Great for layering over long-sleeved dresses and shirts, this type of trench coat is a must-have in your closet. The sleeves on the coat can be pushed up, whereas the buttonless placket gives it a look of luxurious dressing gown.

Vinyl Trench Coats for Every Season

Vinyl trenches have been a sign of glamour, Joan Bennet wore the one in the 1945 tragedy. They reached the peak fashion in the ’60s. The glossy finish on these coats is not only a bang on fashion trends, but they are also waterproof.
Generally, the belt sits at the narrowest part of the waist, which will give you a surprising slim look. Available in bright to sober colors, a patent trench coat is an excellent way to define a fashion statement. Opt for a slick plaid-patterned vinyl trench and pair with down-to-earth jeans, heels, and you are all set to rock!

Leather Trench Coat Is an Ultimate Fashion Statement Piece

An edgy combination of a leather trench coat with leather pants is a perfect pairing for silhouette or chilly days. Keep it simple on the top, bold, and stylish on the bottom. Pair it with sneakers or workwear clothing like a pencil skirt and create a stunning winter outfit. You can finish off the party look with a pair of utilitarian boots.
Play with wide-cuff jeans with cowboy boots for a chic, rustic appeal. You can also try studded leather long trench coat this season. Find the best designer flats and sneakers to flaunt a more sophisticated look.

Textured or Wrinkled Leather Trench Coat

Of the most iconic pieces, winter coats, textured, and wrinkled leather trench coat ranks high on the list of must-haves. Not only it keeps you warm but also adds a contemporary twist. Pair it with printed tights, heels, and a cute pouch or bag.

Double-Breasted Trench Coat

You can’t beat this ultimate all seasons outwear. From khaki-colored double-breasted coats to sleek camel and navy ones, fill your wardrobe collection with these seasonal staples. It hugs your body well and flares out in a perfect pirouette at the hemline. It looks just fabulous with bodycon dresses and ankle boots.

Tips To Accessorize the Trench Coat

Trench coats will double the elegance if you compliment them with the right accessories. You can tie chiffon shawls or scarves around the neck for a unique look. Handbags and purses matched with long, short, or medium trench will look equally cool. A classic watch just heighten the look!
Now that you have a bunch of stylish options to choose from, get ready to upgrade your wardrobe collection with all-new trench coats. Thanks to their unrivaled versatility that makes them a unique, seasonal piece of clothing. Wear them with jeans, trousers, pants, midi dresses, ankle boots or heels-they look amazing! So, grab the style you love the most and make your fashion statement this season!

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