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Creating your blog was once a popular way to enhance your self-esteem. But time has changed now! Every supermodel, sportsperson, politician, and brand or business has an Instagram account now. Since its introduction, this social media platform has grown across the world. It has approximately 1 to 2 billion users daily.
It’s the place where people become celebrities overnight with a growing number of followers. Over time these famous brands, businesses, or people reach their league and termed as social media influencers. Celebrities with thousands of Instagram followers, know well how to covert the likes of their posts into dollars. As Instagram is growing, 2019 has observed the highest-paid Instagram followers. Take a look at the top paid Instagram followers here.

Kylie Jenner


Jenner, the American media personality, businesswoman, model, and socialite is a self-made billionaire by hitting the top spot with more than $1,266,000 per Instagram post. She also makes a handsome amount from sponsored posts. The reality starlet boasts more than 145 million followers on Instagram and can charge above a million-dollar per post.
Being a talented and versatile woman, she flaunts her socialite status, modeling, makeup brand Kylie through her posts. She also uses the medium to promote her partnership with Adidas sports brand.
Her Instagram posts include her selfies and cute pictures of her daughter Stormi Webster. Among the other posts are Ad photos of PureLeef, Lokai Jewelry, and FitTea brands.

Ariana Grande


The American pop starlet is listed on the number second among the top paid influencers. With an earnings of near about $996,000 per post, this “thank u, next” singer has a loyal fan following of above 161 million followers.
She has tasted a lot of success and won many awards like Grammy Award, BRIT Award, American Music Award for the three times, MTV Video Music Award twice, and MTV Europe Music Award thrice. In 2018, she also got the title of Women of the Year by billboards.
Ariana Grande's followers are always keen to see her achievements. To keep her fans engaged in her feeds, she keeps posting her music teasers, cute pictures, and selfies. Her promotional partnership includes her luxury designer Givenchy and also her Ariana Grande perfume line. 

Cristiano Ronaldo

Portuguese footballer earns a considerable income of more than $975,000 per post and is ranked in the top 5 of the highest-paid Instagram influencers. The famous athlete is the most followed personality on Instagram and boasts above 176 million followers. His sponsored posts include paid partnerships from Nike to his own underwear brand. He makes above $700,000 from each sponsored post. 
One thing that he does and keeps his followers interested in his content is his consistent posts. He kept his fans committed with regular updates of his life on Instagram. His feeds contain family pictures, shots of him experiencing good things, and playing football. Wherever he goes, his huge fan base inevitably follows him.

Kim Kardashian

The American media personality, model, socialite, and businesswoman actively works on her social accounts and is at the fourth number in the rich Instagram list. Her estimated earnings are $910, 000 per post.
Though her younger half-sister Kylie Jenner is on top of the list, Kim is not far behind. Her promotional Instagram posts for Flat Tummy Co and her KKW beauty fashion brand earns her a handsome amount.
Her first media attention was as stylist and friend of Paris Hilton. Later her reality television show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” that features her family gave her notable public exposure. Her marriage with rapper Kanye West gained significant coverage and added to her media exposure.
She posts her modeling pictures, family photos, and also pictures from the events she attends on her Instagram account.

Selena Gomez

The American actress, singer, and producer has more than 150 million followers and is earning near about $886, 000 per post. She was at the top of the rich Instagram list of 2017, but this year she slipped to number 5.
This Disney starlet posts pictures of her friends, vacations, life, and promotional partnerships on her Instagram account. She has often used her social media account for promoting charitable causes like kid's protection from violence, against human trafficking, and women's rights.
Coca-Cola and Pantene are the brands she has endorsed on Instagram. She has also gained a record number of likes for ad photo with the coca-cola bottle that features the lyrics of her song “You’re the spark.”

Dwayne Johnson


Now popular for his acting skills, Dwayne Johnson was famous with the name “The Rock” that he used in his professional wrestling career. During his wrestling hiatus, he entered into acting, writing, and producing. He played a lead role in various movies, but his role in The Fast and the Furious as Luke Hobbs got the most success. With an earning of near about $882,000 per post, he holds the sixth place in the list of top-paid Instagram followers. He shares his workout images, red carpet moments, pictures of food, and inspiration pieces with his more than 150 million followers on the platform.

Beyonce Knowles


The seventh position in the top paid Instagram followers is secured by Beyonce Knowles, with nearly $785,000 per post. Beyonce, an American singer, actress, songwriter, dancer, and record producer, had more than 129 million followers on Instagram.
She gained fame as the lead singer of Destiny’s child group in the late 1990s. This R&B girl-group became the best selling group then. But it broke up in 2006, and from this time, her solo career reached the heights of success. She has acted in various films and sold millions of records both as a solo artist and with Destiny’s Child. With 23 Grammy Awards, she became the most nominated woman in the history of awards.
Being socially active on Instagram, she posted her stunning selfies, pictures with her husband, and photos of the outfit. Beyonce's followers are always ready to follow her every post. Her pregnancy announcement post was also once counted among the most liked feed on Instagram.

Taylor Swift

The American singer and songwriter with approx. 119 million followers, earn near about $748000 per post. She is new to the rich list of Instagram and joins other pop queens Beyonce, Selena, and Ariana.
Taylor does not appear to have paid-for or sponsored content on her Instagram feed. She is the best-selling music artist and has sold above 50 million albums and 150 million singles. Taylor Swift has received various awards that include 10 Grammy, 25 Billboard Music Awards, one Emmy, and many others. Guinness World Records also holds her name six times.
She keeps her followers updated with her Story Highlights, work promotions, activities, and shots from her performances. Her posts also include personal life photos and usual selfies.



The professional Brazilian football star with over 124 million Instagram followers earns near about $722,000 per post. His Instagram posts are full of his pictures of playing football, living the high life, and hanging out with friends or celebrities. Family pictures are often a part of his feeds. His fan following loves to follow his activities on Instagram.
He slipped one spot in the rich list of Instagram this year. Still, he remained the only sports star along with Ronaldo in the top 10 highest paid Instagram followers.
The Brazilian footballer is loved by his fans for his generous activities. He organizes matches on a yearly basis to help families living in poverty.

Justin Bieber


Having this Canadian singer and songwriter on the list of highest-paid Instagram Influencers is expected. Counted as one of the most popular and biggest pop star, his earnings per Instagram post ties with the football player Neymar. With over 116 million Instagram followers, he also earns $722,000 per post as Neymar. He calls his followers as “beliebers.”
Justin Bieber keeps his followers up to date with feeds of his life, selfies, and pictures of his model and socialite wife, Hailey Baldwin. His followers love them both together and like his posts with pictures of both of them together all the time. Justin is the only male musician in the list of top 10 rich Instagram Influencers. In 2016, also he was the first artist to surpass billions of video views on Vivo.
These top paid influencers, in turn, become an inspiration for other brands and companies on how to be reputable through this Instagram. Their posts come with a clear purpose of showing off their best and interesting trends on the platform. Along with this, they also promote content created by them.
Instagram posts with most liked images and videos encourage sharing quickly. It helps brands grow their target audience by connecting with the followers of their followers. These are the ones who share the content of Instagram followers. This, in turn, increases the engagement in sponsored posts, which makes these Instagram influencers rich. They are paid for what they share on this social media platform, Instagram.  

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