Top 12 Sunglasses For The Beach Season


It’s that time of the year again,  the sun’s out and it’s only right to shield your eyes in style. Wether jet setting off to your luxury villas, or laying out on the sun decks of your exceptional yachts, the pool side umbrellas won’t protect you from the blinding summer glare. 


From the classics to the rounded vintage, nothing shouts beach club season more than a pair of sunglasses. Although a great handbag, watch and pair of shoes may be dope, nothing competes with a stunning pair of sunnies. No matter the occasion, with these shaded sunglasses you will be able to stay out all day and night throwing shade.


If you love the beach season as I do? Then this years collection of sunnies, will provide you with the endless possibilities of experience, style and protection to make it an unforgettable summer season. Firstly it is crucial to understand the science behind sunglasses, enabling the optimal decision for this summers sunnies.


Why Sunglasses are crucial. 



Wearing Sunglasses that are 100% UV protected is the guaranteed way to protect your eyes. Let's start with explaining the different UV Rays that can harm your eyes. 


UVA: UVA rays are able to blend through the cornea and impact with the lens and retina within the eye. Overexposure is known to cause a variety of cataracts within the eye. 

 UVB: These rays that stimulate the production of melanin, which is what causes our skin to darken in the sun (tan) or if exposed to for to long causes sunburn. These rays can also cause eye diseases such as Photokeratitis and Pinguecula when exposed to the sun without protection for too long. 



Women's beach sunglasses 

After bringing you the ultimate guide to women's sunglasses, we offer an alternative for beach specific wear. 




These Balmain women's sunglasses designed in France are part of the spring/summer collection. Suited to shield your eyes from sunlight with UV2 protection. The design is perfect for the beach or a stroll in the city. 

Elegant Black



Subtle Elegance

The Shaded Red 


Oval overload 




Something out of a spacecraft 


Vintage Green 


With minimal but unique designs, the Dsquared2 Sunglasses (69.90 Euros) were designed in Italy and are of a very high quality. 

Gold Camouflage 


No better combination  


Men's beach sunglasses



The classic aviator style

Quarter Jacket  


modern style 

Specially engineered for youth faces, Quarter Jacket™ blends the convenience of an interchangeable lens design with the clarity and protection of High Definition Optics® so the new generation of athletes can take advantage of Oakley innovation. Accessory lens tints adapt vision for the chosen sport and environment, and with the sure grip of Unobtainium® components, the durable yet lightweight frame stays comfortably in place. Its styling flows with fluid contours while its technology takes an aggressive approach to performance.




Instagram famous

The latest look in progressive design, Trillbe™ offers the full coverage of our newest Shield Lens, and the innovative silhouette features the styling of sculptured stems.


Parisian Paradise


The beach club, find out which luxury Mallorca beach clubs to flaunt these at.

Oakley Batwolf



Ice in your veins 

 Oakley Batwolf™ sunglasses are about original style, and it's a clean look of authenticity that makes the statement. A single continuous lens sweeps across a comfortably lightweight O Matter™ frame. Two interchangeable icons are included to change your look in seconds. We designed this frame to fit comfortably on medium to large faces.


Classic Mirrored


The ultimate sunglasses. 




Beach Season Collection

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