Tips and Advice for Men’s Fashion Wear

Looking stylish is not only about wearing trendy and expensive clothes. Sometimes you have the best of dresses, still you keep staring at your wardrobe with no idea what will look best on you.
Are you going through the same dilemma?
Dressing well is a skill; here is the style advice that will help you to master it.


Be it casual wear or formal; a confident attitude should reflect in your dressing as most of your style depends on it. This inner force makes you remember who you are, affects your aura and yes, also the clothes that you wear.
So remember to stay confident in everything that you wear and also learn the art of posing with high self-confidence even when you lack it.
When you improve your style with assurance, your confidence automatically will grow with it.
Along with improving your looks, it also benefits you mentally.  

Go For Neutral Colors

To achieve a timeless look and to stay forever in style, it is necessary to stick to a pair of clothes only after understanding what looks good on you.
Simplicity is the key for those who want a stylish wardrobe. If you go overboard with colors and patterns, it will throw off your complete look. When you go with neutral colors, you won’t need to put much effort into matching and mixing colors as your wardrobe looks self-working.
When you dress yourself up in them, it gives you a more refined look.
By going with neutral colors, it doesn’t mean to keep your looks simplistic. You can add detailing to your ensemble with accessories like a pocket square or a nice looking watch. It is the best way to add some personality to your looks and also helps in drawing the attention of people towards yourself.

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

You can’t observe a change in your looks unless you step out of your comfort zone. It should not be terrifying. All you need to do is get trendy fitted clothes or a new color or style that is missing from your closet, or you haven’t tried it before.
Trying something new doesn’t mean to jump from black jacket to neon; the next step can be shifting to a brown jacket. Make a slight change from the last one, and if it suits you simply make your way up.
The best way to do it is by starting with an easy outfit, maybe your routine one. Start swapping one by one like changing the shirts color palette with colorful color. It can be going for a brighter color or a printed pattern.
A simple swap can brighten up your looks by changing the complete mood of the outfit. Start with a single and simple swap; keep trying new patterns as you feel comfortable. 

Get the Right Fit

Do you think you need a luxury suit to look stylish? Well, it can be true but, when it comes to the style, there is one most important thing that should be taken care of. 
Along with styling yourself up in a designer brand, you should wear clothes that fit you properly.
Guys usually tend to go for loose-fitting or big clothes that make them look fatter, sloppy and at times even shorter. In comparison to that, a person wearing the right fit can look effortlessly stylish in plain t-shirt and jeans too.
Might be possible, loose-fitted clothes makes you feel comfortable. Though comfort is important in dressing, it can be achieved by going for the right fit clothes too.

Spend Time and Money on Footwear

Some people feel comfortable and wear only running shoes, even when they are not running. Do you feel the same? If yes, then you need to explore other options too. There are shoes for every occasion, and when you wear the right one at the right time, it compliments your looks.
So, spending a good amount of time and money on shoes would be a nice thought. You can get good quality footwear that works well with most of the occasional dressings. Investing in a pair of leather shoes would be a wise investment, by maintaining your comfort level, it would also be a durable option for you.
While wearing shoes, contrast is what that needs to be taken with great care. Like with black denim, charcoal or black sneakers will work well.
You can also make your legs look elongated by carefully paying attention to the silhouette and shape of the shoes. A pointed-toe shoe visually lengthens the foot, and thus the legs too look long.
While wearing shorts, keep your shoes below the ankle.

Use Accessories Wisely

An accessory can make or break the look of an outfit. The usage should be done very carefully and thoughtfully.
While wearing socks ensure you choose the color nearly the same tone as those of your trousers. Bright colors and pattern should be avoided.
Add colors to your ensemble by wearing hats and scarves. These are good to draw attention towards yourself.
The belt is another accessory of your dressing. Go with slim belts, and these should not contrast heavily with your outfit. A suspender is another classy option for belts. It also adds a vertical visual effect.
Be very careful while selecting ties and pocket squares for your formal dressing. Your tie and pocket square should be of a darker shade from your jacket
While adding accessories to your outfit, don’t overdo it. If you doubt, you can think otherwise that less is more and take one element out of your dressing.

Value Style and Quality

It is usually said, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” Well, it’s true, but does that mean appearances do not matter? If you think so, you are highly mistaken. Appearance and handsome personality are important.
You need to style your image that is acceptable in society. Nail your first impression, by dressing yourself with the apparels from high-quality brands. This would help you to steal those precious seconds of the onlookers that create your remarkable impression on them.
Stick to well-fitted clothes, to dress appropriately as per your age. Add dressier clothes to your wardrobe to show your matured dressing.

Do Not Neglect Glasses

If you wear spectacles, then don’t skimp on glasses. Spend enough time to pick the right pair that is going to define you for a couple of month or years.
Choosing them in a hurry or buying poorly fitted glasses can make you hate them in days. While buying the glasses, consider your face shape and frame line.
Shop wisely and get the best frame that suits your face and uplifts your appearance.

Dressing Styles for Men

As style is becoming complex now, here are some of the best dressing styles for different occasions.

Official Dressing

When you are getting ready for office or business meeting a light shirt, jacket, and ironed trousers would be a perfect pick. You can team them up with a stylish matching tie and polished shoes.
The jacket and trousers should fit well as per your body structure. Your personality will outshine when all these set benchmarks are followed well.
Usually, black, grey, and dark blue colored suits are preferred for special occasions or business meetings.

Sports Style

This style is more preferred among teenagers and sports lovers. In comparison to other appearances, sports lovers find this dressing style more convenient.
Sports style is so versatile that with the right combination you can even wear it on your work.

Casual Dressing

Today men prefer styling in casual for almost all moments; be it party, date or even for work. Some prefer going with bright jeans or pants with a shirt and a scarf around the neck. While others like wearing faded jeans with a T-shirt.
It varies from one person to another, based on their hobbies, working culture, etc.

Business Casual Style

You cannot call it completely business style because it lacks mandatory rules of official dressing. You can wear everything from shirts to sweaters, vests, trousers, shoes, and jackets.
If you want to include different shades and bright colors in your dressing, it is also allowed here. You can even take tie out from your dressing style.
Here more attention is given to your shoes as they are more business casual.
Every man dresses with an aim to look attractive with interesting and modern styles in their daily routines and also on special occasions.
Take a look at your wardrobe, to find out is it up with the latest trends and suits you the best. Don’t fill it up from scratch. Think a little what fit you and how will you dress yourself up tomorrow for various occasions with your existing collection.
If you are heading to the store to get some trendy outfits for yourself, buy clothes that fit you the best.
Get fashion ready by following all the above-discussed tips and steal the show.

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