The Ultimate Women's Sunglasses Guide For This Summer.

Sunglasses are such a crucial part of your summer outfits, especially this year. With an obscene new amount of brands and styles to choose from it seems an impossible challenge to find the ultimate women's sunglasses. Well, this problem ceases today as we bring to you the ultimate guide to women's sunglasses for this Summer. Portarying the latest 2019 sunglasses trends, specs and how to find the absolute pair specified to your demands.


There are several factors that dictate the ideal sunglasses for summer, will they shield my eyes from the sun? What summer outfits will they work with? Do they represent a role in the latest fashion trends? We are devoted to answering all of these common questions throughout the ultimate guide to women's sunglasses, by illustrating the most jaw-dropping sunglasses both style and spec wise of this season.

The Best Sunglasses for a Perfect Summer

 Listed below are some of the hottest sunglasses brands on the market today. Enjoy this short clip introducing some of the latest sunglasses brought to you by Balmain.





Balmain Sunglasses costing: 79.00 Euros 




Pierre Balmain, mother soul of the Maison Balmain was born in Savoy, one of the regions of France, in 1914. After going through several sewing workshops, he decided, in 1945, to create his own brand. Since the fifties, the success and expansion of the brand have grown proportionally to the number of clients.

Pierre Balmain is one of the top representatives of that generation that has been called the 'generation of New Look', a promotion that revolutionized fashion after World War II.


Reasons to Buy: 

These Balmain women's sunglasses ( 79.00 Euros ) designed in France are part of the spring/summer collection. Suited to shield your eyes from sunlight with UV2 protection. The design is perfect for the beach or a stroll in the city. 



Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein Sunglasses costing: 49.00 Euros



Founded in 1968, Calvin Klein is one of the best known designer names in the world, exemplifying bold, progressive ideals and a seductive, often minimalist aesthetic.


Soon by the late 1970s, this brand branched into designing sunglasses and other accessories for both men and women. Active, urban & modern, Calvin Klein glasses & sunglasses set the highest standard for designer frames. 

Balancing sensuality with a unique edge, CK glasses are essential fashion items.


Reasons to Buy: 

Designed in New York the Oval shaped Calvin Klein Sunglasses (49.00 Euros) align perfectly with the latest trends. With gradient lenses, they are ideal for relaxing on the water as they protect you from sunlight reflections with a stylish finish. 





Lacoste Sunglasses Costing:  59.00 Euros



The crocodile - The story of a symbol

René Lacoste saw a crocodile suitcase. "If you win, I'll buy it for you," coach Alan Muhr joked before the game. This anecdote, collected by a journalist from the Boston Evening Transcript, gave rise to his nickname "The Crocodile" and soon became the emblem of the brand.


Reasons to Buy: 

Designed with the renowned Gator clearly visible, these Sunglasses (59.00 Euros) are the optimal designer glasses to flaunt this Summer. With gradient lenses tinted from  the top, they can be worn anywhere while still protecting your eyes from overhead sunlight. 





Dsquared2 Sunglasses Costing:  69.90 Euros



Dsquared2 is the result of the creative mind of Canadian twins Dean and Dan Caten, imaginative designers of one of the most original and biting brand in the international fashion scene. After completing their studies at the prestigious Parson's School in New York, in 1994 the two designers moved to Italy and launching the world's first men collection. Success came quickly with women lines, especially after the surprising relationship with the music and entertainment world. Over the years, Dsquared2 has been the official designer of the major international pop stars tours. The first flagship store in Milan marks the success of many openings in the most famous cities in the world and starts the story of a brand that in itself is a mix of Canadian irony, Italian tailoring and extreme attention to details.  

Reasons to Buy: 

With minimal but unique designs, the Dsquared2 Sunglasses (69.90 Euros) were designed in Italy and are of a very high quality. 






Moschino Sunglasses Costing: 160.00 Euros



The brand was originally created in 1983 by the late Franco Moschino.

Moschino and his fashion label became famous for his innovative, colorful – sometimes eccentric – designs, for his love of fairies.





Guess Sunglasses Costing: 39.00 Euros 



Guess is an American upscale retailer and a brand of clothing and other fashion accessories like watches, perfumes and jewelry. It was founded in the year 1981 and its headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

The Marciano brand offers a fashion-forward collection designed for trend-setting women and men. 
The production of sexy, fashion-forward clothing and accessories, along with the development of unforgettable advertising images, have made the GUESS brand one of the most recognized brands in the world. But, as exciting as the past has been for us, we are even more excited about our future.

Reasons to Buy:  

These Leopard wrapped sunglasses (39.90 Euros), scream attention. The sunglasses will get heads turning, and jaws-dropping. The oval shaped design is perfectly suited following the latest trends along with the UV3 keeping your eyes safe. Bringing fashion and safety to the forefront.



Sunglasses Specified to your Needs.

Sunglasses are not just about the impressive designs, or looks, the main purpose of sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the sun. Did you know that around 3,3 million people go blind from exposure to prolonged periods of UV? Frightening, we understand, therefore it is key that you understand science before purchasing a pair of sunglasses.

What are Ultra Violet Rays (UV)?

Wearing Sunglasses that are 100% UV protected is the guaranteed way to protect your eyes. Let's start with explaining the different UV Rays that can harm your eyes.

UVA: UVA rays are able to blend through the cornea and impact with the lens and retina within the eye. Overexposure is known to cause a variety of cataracts within the eye.

UVB: These rays that stimulate the production of melanin, which is what causes our skin to darken in the sun (tan) or if exposed to for to long causes sunburn. These rays can also cause eye diseases such as Photokeratitis and Pinguecula when exposed to the sun without protection for too long.

How can we protect ourselves from UV? 

Now that we understand the basics behind the dangers of UV Rays, we can explore the best sunglass protection so these detrimental effects can be avoided.

Polarised Lenses: These are great for protection against the suns reflection off water surfaces. Ideal if for people who spend a lot of time near water. Although beneficial to anybody irritated by glare.

Anti-reflective coating: Has the ability to boost vision, decrease eye-strain and adds to the blissful design. This process is done by eliminating all possible reflections from the front and back of the sunglasses.

Mirror-coated lenses: These lenses are great for reducing light exposure through the front end of sunglasses. Ideal for activities such as skiing on a sunny day.

Gradient lenses: Tinted from the top of the sunglasses to the bottom. Perfect for a drive in the sun, as it protects UV rays coming overhead and leaves clear visibility from the bottom end.

Double gradient: Unique to the gradient lenses, they add tint to the top end and bottom end of the sunglasses. Leaving a lighter area in the middle, this is optimal for protection against overhead sunlight as well as reflective sunlight off surfaces.

Photochromic lenses: Automatically adjust depending on light exposure. Almost clear when inside and automatically darken once exposed to sunlight.


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