The Most Luxurious Designer Bags at Affordable Prices

Affordable Designer Brands 

Back in the day, a Designer Handbag would cost months worth of living expenses. With handbags from brands including Hermes, Prada or Channel setting you back upwards of 8,000. However, as the new era was born and the economy took a nosedive, the affordable designers were born. Quality, stylish and brand renowned handbags available for below the 500 mark. Nowadays it's about knowing where to look, to find the best deals. Therefore after bringing you the 7 Best Italian Designer Handbag Brands, we present 6 affordable designer brands. The struggle ends today, after learning about these brands and where to discover them you will never waste another penny on overpriced, poorly crafted handbags. Instead, these handbags will upgrade your closet and last a lifetime.

Designer Handbags Below 500 

Micheal Kors

As the revolutionaries of affordable luxury Micheal Kors innovated the fashion industry with their exuberantly feminine pieces that illustrate opulent materials in an elegant fashion. With the majority of their handbags crafted with leather in the renowned fashion factories of Italy, where endless of groundbreaking handbags were born. A handbag of such rich history can be purchased for €150.



RRP: 376 

Tydløs: 300 


Offering timeless and exquisite designs, Furla interludes opulent materials in a classical fashion. Known as the dark horse in the fashion industry, they became a stand out brand for their street style handbags. Through combining freshly innovated color pallets with the metropolitan culture, these handbags are available around the €200 mark.


RRP: 500

Tydløs: 400


Specialized in leather goods, the Milan recognized brand has been manufacturing leather handbags for over 40 years. With a rich history in the fashion industry, Trussardi illustrates its trademark through modern yet simplistic styles. Perfect for your everyday casual outfits. These handbags cost anywhere from 150 to 500.


RRP: €174

Tydløs: €99 


The Italian fashion designer is known for his exotic prints. He states that his designs come from nature, combining aspects of leather, nature, and innovation. The natural essence of the Italian made handbags is optimal for showing off your appreciation for the beauty of the earth. One of these Italian crafted handbags will cost you anywhere between 200 to 1000+.


RRP: 130

Tydløs: 70


Known for their high rise in popularity, Coach bags offer extremely affordable designer bags, in the low to the mid-hundreds range. With a modern look, Coach combines luxury with New Yorks leading-edge designs. If you're in search of contemporary fashion, these are ideal for you.


RRP: €326

Tydløs: €280


Giorgio Armani ( born 11 July 1934) is an Italian fashion designer. He is known today for his clean, tailored lines and affordable luxury. With leather handbags that bring a focus on contemporary designs, Armani emphasis on trendy and enticing designs. These handbags average around the 250 mark.


RRP: €166

Tydløs: €148


Made in Italia

Believes the product must tell a story… Quality must be perceived at a glance! All their products must be sustainable in terms of the production process using factories that care for the environment. From Stitching’s, finishing, metal accessories are selected to represent the proud of Italian “savoir-faire“. A made in Italia label surprisingly will only cost 100.


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