The Most Expensive Italian Handbag Brands

Be it clothes, shoes, jewelry, or luxurious designer bags, when we talk about the fashion world, Italy’s craftsmanship is unmatchable. Along with fine artisanship, Italy is often praised for its artsy design of handbags. The craftsman of this beautiful country is passing down this expertise from generations.

Italian fashion houses produce both modern and classic handbags. The “made in Italy” label itself signifies the top quality in brands. As more and more productions are hitting the market with unique designs, the demand for these beautiful and limited editions is increasing. 

If you are also a fan of the well-crafted pieces, then this article is for you. We are sharing here the most beautiful and expensive Italian handbag brands that you can’t resist and are sure to add up in your closet.





The brand named after the founder's name Guccio is the top-selling brand and is estimated to have crossed more than 5 billion USD. Established in 1921, as a leather products store in Italy, the brand used innovative materials like jute, hemp, and canvas to make their handbags. Slowly the company transformed from a single brand to a multi-brand luxury group and became a leader of the fashion world and luxury goods.

The mixing of prints, materials, and unique designs make Gucci highly recognizable and celebrated brand. The genuine leather used in the bags of Gucci makes them stay on the top and maintain their position in the market.

Gucci bags feature tiger head closure with unique detailing that refers to the Greek god Dionysus and has a flexible chain strap for easy adjustment. On these eye-catching designer Gucci bags, you can also see a brand logo- GG. These timeless bags are popular in all generations and more among young consumers.

You either can wear the stylish bags with an adjustable strap or can also make them a part of your ensemble as a clutch. Either way, the handbag is going to make you look elegant. From totes to shoulder bags and top handle, you can get all from Gucci.  

Let's see how the highly durable and luxurious Gucci handbags are made.




The famous Italian designer handbag does not require any introduction. Its global presence as high-quality leather bags makes it a highly reliable brand.

Giorgio Armani, the most celebrated and influential fashion designer, established the brand in 1975 with headquarters in Milan. The brand provides quality in its timeless and sophisticated styled bags.  Armani’s exceptional quality, fantastic designs, and well-balanced colors used in handbags make it a famous brand. By the 1990’s end, due to the growing popularity of the brand, it had more than 200 stores internationally. These stores sell various fashion products, including the handbags of Armani.

Armani is always a trendsetter, the high and the far-sighted vision of the brand can be seen in its impressive collection. People from all across the world always welcome the brand’s futuristic approach because of its appealing designs. This highly respected brand also has high-profile names like David and Victoria Beckham, Rafael Nadal, and many others as its face.

When you carry a leather bag from the innovative collection of Armani leather bags, it is sure to give you a stylish look altogether. The handbags available in multiple shapes are designed with different fabrics and unusual textures and provide a contemporary twist to the bags. 





Adele and Edoardo Fendi founded the Italian fashion house in 1925, which is headquartered in Rome. The company originated as leather goods, fur shop, and later expanded its branches to various other sectors like timepieces, eyewear, shoes, fragrances, etc. Along with all the other products, the brand is famous for its timeless handbags made from genuine leather.

Whether you require a classic bag or need an upgraded one, Fendi covers you with all.  As the Italian fashion house designs excellent handbags for all seasons, you can get anything from tiny shoulder bags to Baguette. Moreover, the brand also became popular in the 1990s with its baguette collection. In the early 200’s Fendi shot into stardom and maintained it till date. Along with Baguette, some of its highly demandable bags are Peekaboo or Pequin, and 2jours.

The top quality leather, innovative cuts make Fendi bags rest from the other. Due to its exceptional quality, Fendi owned more than 200 stores all across the globe. The ageless Italian style of the Fendi handbag often contains fur detailing. When you carry these stunner looking bags, it keeps you in fashion beat from day until the night.





Coach, the popular designer brand, is the original American house that makes robust bags with best designs at affordable prices. The brand provides its customers with superior quality and high durability in its satchels, crossbody, totes, and various other types of luxurious designer bags.

A paper bag became the inspiration of the first Coach bag, and it was like a purse for the new era. Lillian Cahn, the founder of the brand, took the idea from her mother, who used a Depression-era paper bag in her noodle-making business. These are built to wear for long and have the functional capacity for carrying necessary day-to-day things.

The timeless designs, remarkable stitch work, high-quality leather, and exceptional craftsmanship of this American brand dominate the handbags market. For more than 70 years, Coach is offering classic designs in its bags and still surprising its customers by timely releasing new and impressive collections. Coach is considered as a global leader in designing luxury handbags and has more than 900 stores worldwide now.

Rogue and Swagger are some of the new additions of Coach in its bag collections. The other popular styles of Coach Bags are Duffle bag, Saddle bag, Dinky, Slim satchel.


Dolce & Gabbana



In 1985, Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce stepped into the Italian fashion house. At Milan Fashion Week, they displayed their first collection, and later in 1986, they opened their first store. The brand manufactures everything from handbags to cosmetics, sunglasses, and footwear.

With headquarters in Milan, the brand is globally known for its genuine leather bags. It has stores in New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, and Shanghai. Its D&G logo identifies the Dolce & Gabbana bags. These bags do not seem to be out of trend, and the tanning leather of the sturdy bags will not even let these bags worn out soon. Though these bags are expensive, having them in your closet would turn out a long-term investment.

Ties, belts, sunglasses, footwear, and watches are the other collections in this luxury brand. The company had more than 113 stores and has near about 21 factory outlets now. It is due to its high-end products that the brand reaches an annual turnover of more than €1 billion.

D&G classy and timeless handbags always set new trends. When you step out with the most expensive bags from Dolce & Gabbana, it completes your looks and makes you look stylish.




Mario Prada founded the brand in 1913, which was later inherited by Miuccia, Mario’s granddaughter. After arriving into the market, the company soon began making leather goods and handbags. Prada products hit both the United States and Europe, and the company soon became famous in a shorter time.

As the business grew, the brand opened two shops in Milan to sell its authentic handbags, luggage, and shoes. Saffiano leather is commonly used in Prada accessories. Miuccia injected modernity and personality into the designer bags, and Prada became the best handbag. For the past many years, the brand is celebrating this status.

You can never go wrong with the timely designs of the Prada bag. The genuine leather used in making Prada bags makes it popular. Because of its exclusive and top range bags, the brand has more than 600 outlets and classy boutiques. With time, the Prada handbags have become a symbol of style, elegance, and luxury in the fashion industry.

Seeing the growing fame of the Prada handbags, the market has also observed a replica of these bags. So, while buying Prada bags, check the authenticity by viewing the overall quality. Also, check the logo as the modern bags come with a gap between the leg and loop of the R, but vintage bags do not have this gap. Zipper and Prada plate are some of the other factors they help you to differentiate between original and fake Prada bags.




The Elizabetta handbags are crafted with fine-quality Italian leather that only gets better with time and makes your purchase a long time investment. You get unique styled and modern handbags that are crafted after mastering the art for years. The thoughtful construction features internal zippered sections that divide the bag into different compartments and soft leather handles. Along with leather handbags, the brand also crafts satchels, purses, and wallets.

Whether you carry Elizabetta bags at a formal occasion or any casual event or for everyday use, these simple and elegant bags with classic silhouette are perfect for all. Moreover, Elizabetta Slouch handbags are also available in different Italian leathers- Alce leather and Sauvage leather. Alce leather is full-grain calf leather that gets the perfect finish with pebbled texture. On the other hand, Sauvage leather gives a soft natural feel and patina that evolves and gets deeper and beautiful with the passing time or every wear.

So, while shopping in Italy, if you are looking for the gorgeous and most exceptional fashion accessory, then do not forget to add one Elizabetta bag in your cart. The high-quality luxury bags with unique designs will surely match your style and taste.





Founded in 1954, by Roberto Braccialini and his wife Carla, it is one of the leading brands of leather accessories in the fashion industry. The brand’s logo based on the image of rose was based on Carla’s profound liking and love for flowers. Carla handles the designing department while Roberto changes these creative designs into beautiful bags and manages the business.

The first bag created by them was crafted with straw and leather.  It was the unique choice of that time. Carla also trained her team in crafting and sewing bags with new materials and unique designs.

The handbags by Braccialini are associated with businesswomen and celebrities. All appreciate the ultimate products made from genuine leather that last for long.

Braccialini was launched in Florence, Italy, with a small group of employees. The brand now operates in a multitude of states and has approximately 52 outlets globally. This Italian brand operates majorly in the UAE, Greece, Russia, and China.

You will not get bags similar to the special and unique designs of Braccialini bags. All the bags have unusual creations like the shape of bird, cat, peacock, butterfly, and various others. These creative designs make these bags called “themes.” Almost all the bags of Braccialini are decorated with leather feathers or flowers that make them look more appealing.






Founded in 1927, by Furlanetto family, the expensive designer brand has created its international presence. It has currently above 400 stores. In less than a decade, the brand will become century old. From handbags to wallets, Furla makes you available with various high-end leather products that have ultimate designs and colors. These top range products remain part of your closet for seasons.  

To meet the high standards and quality of the brand, Furla only uses leather from Italy, and the majority of the production is also carried here. Each uncut leather sheet is either hand trimmed with metal cutting mold or with a laser machine. Tanners test different leathers to find out suitable for soft, hard, and slightly structured bag. The innovative designs of the brand display quality, creativity, and joyfulness.

Before reaching into your hand, the bag passes through expert’s and professional’s hands to give you a timeless product. Along with elegant bags, Furla also creates shoes and other accessories for both men and women.

So, the next time when you plan a trip to Italy, make a long time investment and keep your closet up-to-date by purchasing handbags from these luxurious brands. 



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