The Most Expensive Bags

From handbags to clutch bags, backpacks, and shoulder bags, gone is the time when they were considered only to carry your travel accessories. With the rising trends, the bags and purses are now available in attractive sizes, colors, shapes, and designs and becoming a vital part of your ensemble.

To flaunt their style, almost every person dreams of having the most luxurious bags by their side. Bags are not only becoming stylish but with the rising demand, the prices are also sky-high now. Buying the most graceful bag could cost you thousands of dollars.

Though they are expensive, investing in the best-quality arm accessory can prove its worth by being the part of your closet for years.

Leather bags 

When it comes to leather bags, the price is usually high. The cost of the raw material, leather type, and the way by which the leather is tanned to make durable and flexible bags raise its price. Moreover, the more reputed the brand is, the higher is the pricing, but it guarantees exclusivity.

Doesn’t matter how expensive the products are, still they are the top choice among the bag lovers for their beautiful designs and sturdy built.

Here are the leather bags for all occasions.

Tote Bag 

If you need a spacious leather bag than a tote bag is the best fit. Whether you are going for a casual meeting, shopping, traveling or enjoying the day with friends, this fashionable bag will look perfect with all your dresses.

The broad parallel straps of the large bag make it easy to carry. These flexible and highly durable bags have the ability to carry almost all of your everyday essentials. The trendy leather tote bags won’t be seen fading soon.

With a simplistic design, versatile and convenient bags are perfect for every style and age. You can get a wide range of colors and patterns at Tydlos.


 The straps of the classic bag let it easily rest on both of your shoulders by distributing the weight of the inside material. This convenient, comfortable, and easy to carry bag can carry your laptop, documents, books, makeup, food, and all your other necessary things.

If you are heading out with a baby, then it is a perfect pick to carry all the baby’s essentials. The leather bag will well-match your casual as well as formal attire. Make a style statement by choosing this stylish backpack for your official purposes and even for a day out with friends.


A compact bag that has enough space to carry your laptop, lunch, and few of your other daily essentials is a satchel. The long strap of the bag makes it easy to place it on your shoulder. These trendy bags are available in exciting colors. Select the one for your office job or even for other purposes.

Pair it with a casual outfit or formal, the satchel around your shoulder will look good in every style.

Duffel Bags 


If you are planning a trip or going out for a gym session, then the duffel bag is the perfect pick for you. These functional leather bags will give you a professional look when you carry it on either of your shoulders.

You can use them as sports kit or during travel. These come in various sizes, shapes, and contrasting colors and looks best with most of the outfits.

Go for your preferred color. When you pair it with a shirt or a nice suit, it would give you a stylish, timeless look.

 Sling Bag  


The trendy bag is the leading choice of youngsters. When you wear it sideways or across the body, it gives you a fashionable look. Available in numerous unique designs and shapes, these are perfect for carrying at any casual occasion.

You will get a vast collection of the sling bags at Tydlos.

Designer Brands 

Luxury designer handbags uplift your looks at all occasions.  Though these bags are available from different designers, individuals usually have their likings and interests towards specific brands. Some of the top designer brands are:



The brand is named after the name of its founder Guccio and has become the top-selling brand. The Italian luxury brand designs an eye-catching collection of bags. Featuring tiger closure, its bags symbolizes Greek god Dionysus with an adjustable chain strap. You can see aa GG logo on the bags of Gucci.

Wear the stylish bags using the adjustable straps or carry them as a clutch, the choice is yours. Either way, it completes your ensemble and gives you an elegant look.


Italian designers Edoardo Fendi and Adele founded it in 1925 in Rome. The Italian fashion house produces the best leather goods like Baguette, Pequin, or Peekaboo handbags. The brand is also famous for its fur accessories, shoes, eyewear accessories, ready-to-wear clothes, and much more.  With the production of its tiny shoulder bag called Baguette, the brand became more popular.


Coach is the popular designer brand that makes you available with the best bags at an affordable price. The original American house of a robust leather bag designs bags with high durability and superior quality. You can shop for satchels, totes, crossbody, and many more types of Coach bags.

Dolce & Gabbana 

Designers Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce founded the Italian fashion house in 1985. The fashion gurus opened their first-ever store in 1986 after displaying their first collection at Milan Fashion Week. From handbags to clothing, footwear, sunglasses, and cosmetics, they manufacture all.

Though the designer leather bags are expensive, buying it would be a long-term investment. Neither will they go out of trend nor the sturdy bags made after tanning leather will be worn out soon. Consider your requirements and occasions and buy the best collection from the top designer brands.

When you walk the lane while carrying a stylish bag on your shoulder or holding them in your hand, it will surely uplift your looks to another level. 

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