The Best Vans For This Summer 2019.


Finding the perfect pair of shoes for the summer can become very challenging, a lot comes into consideration, what outfits will they go with? How long will they last? Will they stand out? These are the common conceptions people make before purchasing a pair of shoes. Christian Louboutin said that " A shoe is not only a design, but it's a part of your body language, the way you walk. The way you're going to move is quite dictated by your shoes."  Today we bring to you the history behind the most renowned shoes on the market, they have been worn by the lights of  Tony Hawk, Steve Aoki, Kendal Jenner, and many more iconic superstars, paired and featured in countless of fashion weeks. Let your shoes be the backbone to the way you move in life, stay with us to find out why the Old Skool Vans have claimed their authority conquering the shoe market.  


How can a pair of 60$ Old Skool Vans have asserted such eliteness among celebrities, skaters and festival goers? History is the answer.  They go far past what simply meets the eye. The Old Skool vans first appeared under the name “Style 36” in 1977 when Mr. Van Doren came up with the sketch of the “Jazz Stripe” where he then combined with his upcoming shoe design, and the side stripe was born. This was just 11 years after the Van Doren Brothers launched the original #44 Deck shoe also referred to as Vans Authentic. They went on to be the backbone of the iconic brand today.






The Old Skool Vans were the first pair to integrate leather, which added to the durability and longevity of the shoe capabilities. Whether boasting them in a festival or grinding them against the grit of your skateboard, the leather and suede toe work together to produce a near to magic experience. The astounding shoes come in an endless variety of colours suitable for any outfit including, the Classic Black Vans, the jaw-dropping Flame-True White, to the authentic Royal Blue versions, and the list of colour options to match your outfits goes on.




By 1978 the Van Doren brothers had managed to take innovation from the Old Skool Vans to create the Sk8-Hi (“Style 38”). These were the second shoes to implement the iconic Vans Side stripe, except this time taking them a level above, protecting the ankles. These high-tops were designed to shield the bones from skateboards catapulted at them. Wore by admirable superstars such as Julia Roberts and Kanye West, the Sk8-Hi brings safety and fashion to the forefront.  




What now? Become part of the historic story of the Vans Old Skool culture. Whether you are looking for a pair of shoes to wear out skating, to a festival, or simply on a casual day, the Old Skool culture speaks for itself. These shoes represent a way of creative self-expression, and progression. If the history does not interest you well, at 60$ and the capabilities to last for years and remain an iconic part of your shoe closet makes them worth the investment alone. 


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