The Best Double Edge Razors Everyone Is Buying

Whether you are stepping out of the house for business or having a fun time with friends, looking neat and well-groomed is the necessity of this modern world.Grooming has no longer remained a women-only area. Gone is the time when a man strolls out in haste to meet his daily obligations. Now men endeavor to look more presentable.
However, you get only a few seconds to leave a lasting impression on the onlooker. Grab these seconds with your attractive look. Apart from dressing up in nice fitted clothes, a right hairstyle, and deodorants, a good shave also enhances your physical appearance. Moreover, when you meet a person, your facial appearance is noticed first. Then why not maintain an elegant look with the best double edge razor.
Here are the best double edge razors that everyone is looking to buy for having a more presentable look.

Before having a look at them, lets first understand something about the double-edge razor.

Depending upon the individual's genetic characteristics, your facial hair (mustaches and beards) grow more often or appears after a certain period. To get rid of them, some prefer shaving daily while others do it occasionally with the help of razors. From straight razors to cartridge razors, electric shavers, and double-edged razors, there are many.
Double-edged razors lead all types of razors as it gives you better control and much desired close shave. As there are various types of double edge razors available in the market the challenge lies in determining which is the best of all and would gives you enhanced grooming. Quality consideration is a must while buying it, so to help you out, we have come up with the best razors that everyone prefers to buy now.

Best Double Edge Razors That People Prefer To Buy

Safety Razor with Long Handle - Merkur

This design of the double-edged razor gives a very close, neat, and comfortable shave. Its extra-long handle is designed carefully to ensure that the user gets a non-slip grip.
The razor has a chrome finish. If you are concerned will it fit the size of your hand,then worry not. It won’t be a problem as the razor works well with almost every sized hand. Buying it would be theright choice for those who wish to transfer from lighter cartridge razors to the best safety razor.

Double-Edged Razor Safety Kit - Smoothhere

This razor kit for shaving comes with various accessories that are essential to give you the best shaving experience. The kit includes a travel case, mirror, and double edge razor blade to provide the closest shave.
It is made to last for long and promises you the optimum quality. The sturdy handle of the razor and the micro comb screw head gives it the ultimate professional feel and look.

Birch Wood Handle Razor – Taylor of Old Bond Street

The brand is plying its trade since 1854 from the traditional London barbershops. This highly reputed company has high-end products.
Their double-edged safety razor is stylish and has a chrome finish. Replacement of blades is also safe with its best quality screw mechanism. Moreover, the grained birchwood handle gives it a rich look. It would be the best addition to anyone's grooming kit.

Heavy-Duty Razor – Merkur

The brand has been crafting brilliant razors for more than 100 years but is best known for this small safety razor. It is an excellent razor, especially for beginners, because the shorter handle gives you a wide, well-balanced, and more comfortable grip during shaving.
The closed-comb style of this Merker 34 C razor provides you the most protected shave. If you are a novice or looking for a double-edged razor for a beginner, then this Heavy Duty Classic razor would be an ideal pick for you.

Butterfly Safety Razor - Parker

Discover a new world of shaving with this Butterfly safety double-edge razor. It provides a superior shave in comparison to other razors. They are very safe to use and gives you your desired perfect shave without any cuts. Swapping of new blades is also easy and quick with this razor as its head pops closes and opens with a simple design of “twist to open.”
The razor prides for being gentle to your skin and its unique textured designs also enhance the non-slip grip. Because of its firm grip, handling it with soapy hands is not going to be challenging.

Stainless Steel Razor- Feather

Feather razors are highly reputed for being the sharpest safety razors. Made from a hundred percent stainless steel, this high precision razor is a work of art.
It is designed with a perfect balance so that weight stays in the head and not in the handle of the razor to give you an excellent experience during shaving. Those who are looking for a nonaggressive shave, this Feather double-edged razor, would be a perfect fit for them.

Cutlass Razor - Bluebeards Revenge

Bluebeards Revenge has become an established brand for men’s skincare and grooming. The well-polished finish, laser-etched logo with skull and crossbones, and high-quality engineered base plate complete the designing of this Cutlass razor
This solid and sturdy razor’s smaller head gives more visibility while cutting the facial hair. This well-engineered and classic piece by Bluebeards Revenge is sure to enhance your shaving experience with the closest shave and without any irritation.

Edwin Jagger Razor

Fusing, both contemporary and classic looks, Edwin Jagger’s wide range of safety razors are available in different colors and designs.
This double-edge razor with chrome top and the shining black colored plastic handle is decorated with the brand name, Edwin Jagger, and “Sheffield England” at the bottom of the handle. This lightweight razor is easy to clean,and its ends are also covered to prevent you from accidentally nicking yourself during shaving.

Benefits of Double Edge Razors

Practice is the key when one opts to shave with a double edge razor. However, there are many benefits to using them. Some of them are:
  • Close Shave – In comparison to other shaving methods and tools, double edge razors give you the closest shave. It gives you a smooth and youthful face, with no tiny facial hair left after shaving. Whereas with other razors, you might struggle to get rid of those stubborn here that often refuse to go even after shaving.
  • Safer Shave – Usually, facial grooming welcomes ugly cuts while shaving. It is the most unfortunate thing that happens almost to everyone. You might be left with ugly scars because of these cuts. But with double edge razors, you only improve your appearance without worrying about the cuts. This is possible because of the single razor blade with two sharp sides, one on each. As the edge of the razor has the guard, it keeps your skin protected.
  • Affordable – In comparison to other types of razors or methods for removing facial hair, double edge razor is the most affordable one. Replacement of blades costs you much less than those of multi-blade cartridges.
  • Durable – Double edge razors come with high durability and eliminates the need for often replacement of blades. For instance, if the razor is made up of stainless steel, it promises rust free and long-lasting span of the razor.
  • East To Operate – Buying a top-quality, double-edge razor assures it is easy to operate, and its assembling is also easy. As it fits best with standard blades, it eliminates the inconvenience of finding specific blades. Moreover, replacement is also fast and easy and saves your time when you are carrying out the procedure.
  • Easy Cleaning –Cleaning razor thoroughly is very necessary to save yourself from harmful skin infections. When you go with the high-quality razor, cleaning is not a matter of concern there. It enables you to clean and disinfect it completely and easily and keep your skin free from harmful infections or microbes.
  • Easy Access To Hair – The blades used in double edge razors are available in slimmer designs. It increases access and makes shaving easier at all the hard to reach areas like under the nose, neck crevices, etc. Those who like tight designs instead of a clean shave, double edge razors are ideal for them. Whether you want to edge up your goatee, mustache line, or side-burns, a double-edge razor is perfect for all.
  • Enhances your Confidence – Grooming's primary purpose is to boost your self-esteem. Itimproveswhen you know you are looking best. It gives you the confidence to approach different situations and challenges of life. So why not make the proper use of grooming products.
  • Warranty – The best double edge razors from top brands and manufacturers come with warranties to keep customers satisfied with their top quality. By buying them, you give yourself peace of mind. If the device develops any malfunction, it can be easily replaced under the specific terms and conditions of the product's warranty.
Enjoy the huge benefits of top-quality double edge razors by mastering the art of shaving, with these best razors. They will enhanceand maintain your well-groomed appearance safely.

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