The Best Designer Quilted Handbags

A quilted bag has been a must-have in almost every woman’s wardrobe ever since Coco Chanel introduced her legendary and now the iconic Chanel 2.55 bag that won many hearts. It was created in February 1955 (hence the name 2.55) and quickly labeled as both revolutionary and practical. To be more precise, the first quilted handbag was made in 1929, also by Chanel, and it consisted of short chain straps and quilted jersey.

It is unsure what inspired Coco to create this famous design – some say she was inspired by riding coats and some by the cushions in her Paris apartment. But what is sure is the popularity of this design which many brands reproduce each year. Quilted designs are definitely for those who want to stand out without trying too much with their clothes or footwear; or would love to bring the whole outfit to a new level.

So let’s take a look at some of the best designer quilted handbags at the market right now and what makes them special. Among these 12 models you can see some really high-end but also affordable bags that can be for anyone. If you are a fan of multi-layered bags, then this article if for you.




As you are already aware, Gucci is one of the most expensive Italian handbag brands out there. Their most famous quilted bag is definitely the GG Marmont small matelassé shoulder bag. This small bag has an oversized flap closure with the brand’s logo. It can be worn both as a handle and shoulder bag due to its adjustable chain strap.

The black color and classical design make it the perfect choice for almost any event – you can wear it at your workplace, dinner party or even a casual evening walk. The logo and chain in a golden hue make it stand out so you would not go unnoticed despite the bag’s dark color and ordinary shape. You can match it with heels, sneakers, pants, or even a cocktail dress. This bag creates endless fashion possibilities and that is one of the reasons it is one of the best designer quilted bags.


Kate Spade



Kate Spade is famous for cute mini bags that are both luxurious and casual, but there are two models worth mentioning – Amelia Chain Wallet and Amelia Small Camera Belt Bag.

The adorable Amelia Chain Wallet may be a wallet, but it also has a detachable chain strap that can turn it into a clutch. Made from smooth lambskin leather, this quilted bag simply screams quality and you will love the enamel spade. It might be of a compact size but it is very elegant and leaves a lasting impression wherever you go.

The second item, the small camera belt bag, is worn around your waist and crafted to handle everyday use. When you think of camera belt bags you probably imagine boring models; however, this one is elegant and sophisticated, despite the fact it is not intended for parties. You can wear it as a clutch, carry it over your shoulder or simply put it around your waist. The thing is, it looks cute enough for each role, so what is more to demand of it?



Burberry Lola Bag

Burberry is famous for having quite a few quilted models that are very popular. Established in 1856, it is still considered one of the most luxurious British brands. Their Lola and Cube bags are the most sought after quilted models, especially the first one.

The Lola bag comes in a few variations, one of which is the Horseferry Print model. The polished chain strap gives it an elegant air but the huge cotton coated print is quite urban and outstanding. The softly structured design is nothing new but matched with silver chain strap and big white letters make it a great runway bag crafter for those who want to be noticed.

The Cube bag is made of smooth leather and you can see it is a bag of quality even from far away. There is a detachable shoulder strap and the black and brown contrast make it a very enjoyable everyday bag. It is not really intended for parties but it still looks fabulous.


Chanel Chanel Maxi Bag

As we already mentioned, the iconic Chanel 2.55 bag is the reason we have so many designer quilted handbags today, and we are not complaining! Chanel is still one of the most expensive brands in the world, and their models are always sought after.

There are many quilted models belonging to this brand but we will point out the recently very popular Maxi Flap Bag that comes in three colors – beige, white and black. Made of soft and luxurious lamb skin, the bag has a golden chain strap, quilted design and a golden brand’s logo on it. There is also a tweeds variation that comes in navy blue, beige & black, and navy blue &black. The design resembles the classic 2.55 bag and makes it a perfect purchase for those who are fans of it. Also, if you are looking for a more casual wear, then this model might be the one for you.


Michael Kors


Michael Kors is one of those luxurious designer brands that can be easily found at affordable prices. The Large Sloan was a very popular model that went of stock but do not worry because there are great replacements such as Whitney Shoulder Bag and Cece Shoulder Bag, both coming in various colors that can suit anyone’s taste.

What makes this brand great is the fact that you can get luxurious and affordable at the same time. And you do not have to sacrifice quality either – these bags come in comfortable leather that will last for a long time. Most of the mentioned models also come in either small or medium sizes, making them easy to wear for almost any occasion. There are also popular smartphone wristlets with quilted designed and multiple pockets for easier organization.



Prada is one of those Italian brands that everyone should know. The famous Diagramme Cross might be out of stock but you can replace it with the wonderful Nappa Mini Bag. It has a compact but feminine design that comes with a detachable golden shoulder strap. It might be mini but its effect on other people is big.

It is silk and luxurious, perfect for a late night cocktail party or even a business dinner. It comes in four colors and the big golden brand’s logo adds to the whole expensive look. The quilted design is also one of the reasons why this bag looks so alluring. Prada also offers quilted tote bags for a more casual look; however, you will still look expensive with it over your shoulder.




Versace has two very fabulous collection with quilted models – Virtus and Icon. The first debuted in Fall 2019 and has a beautiful design – black quilted body crafted from supple leather and a bold, colorful flip over with the famous V-Jacquard embellished flap over with the brand’s logo. Virtus symbolizes strength and courage; therefore it is for those who are bold and want to be noticed.

The Icon collections boasts with bold colors as well – predominantly golden and black. If you want to wear a Versace bag with its Baroque era motifs and Medusa medallion lock closure, then this bag is for you. There is nothing ordinary about this bag, crafted from exceptional quality leather and soft interior lining, this model should be worn by a true goddess. Pair it with a sensual black dress and high heels – and you will shine among the crowd.


Dolce & Gabbana


The Devotion bag made from nappa leather by Dolce & Gabbana is definitely one of the most beautiful quilted bags in the market right now. It comes in six different colors but it is the simplicity of the design and a front flap that make it exquisite.

The most interesting part of the Devotion bag is definitely the sacred heart symbol located at the front flap. It is a hand-made jeweled heart with pearls – something that you simply can’t take your eyes off. Even if you wear the plainest of all clothes, this bag would make you stand out like a jewel.



The beautiful GV3 bag by Givenchy is one of their most popular quilted models, and quite recognizable because of its bright red color. The diamond pattern on its body looks modern and luxurious and you can carry it either in your hand or across your body. It is not available at the moment, but you can get your hands on the beige model that looks almost the same and has the same pattern.

Givenchy is famous for classical patterns so it is very suitable to businesswomen or anyone who prefers neat cuts and sturdy materials. You can still match their bags with bold heels, jewelry or dresses; and the whole look would be fashionable. If you would like to learn more about complementing handbags and shoes together, check out this interesting article for more info.


Kurt Geiger London


Kurt Geiger is a UK brand which has operated in London ever since 1963. Mostly dealing with footwear, they have also moved to designing bags at affordable prices.

This gorgeous purse is made out of smooth leather that comes in this nice black quilted detailing. So when you touch the bag it is not only plush but it also looks soft when you look at it. As usual, you can adjust the chain strap to create a shoulder strap and wear it more casually.

The silver brooch at the front is made of 3D rhinestones and gives a really sophisticated air to the bag, which is also lightweight and practical to carry around. There is plenty of room to pack your essentials, even for a night out. It comes in six colors and you can also get a version with the golden hardware. If you are looking for a small but sturdy looking quilted handbag, then this pretty little thing might be just for you.



Mulberry Bayswater Tote


Mulberry is another luxury fashion company from the UK, operating since 1971. They are famous for their leather goods, and now we will show you which of their quilted bags is considered the best – the Bayswater Tote in Midnight tone.

This bag might seem like any other for everyday use, but the quality and multi-tonal quilted patchwork make it stylish. It is also spacious and features the iconic Postman’s Lock closure. The whole Bayswater collection is very popular and can be found at affordable prices all the time.



Valentino S.p.A. is an Italian clothing company founded in 1960 and now we would like to introduce you to one of their best quilted models, the Rockstud Spike Nappa bag. The whole collection is called the Rockstud Spike and all the bags are quilted in a bold, outstanding way.

They all come in all possible colors, hues and patterns; but what makes them belong to the same collection is the quilted construction with small studs. This kind of handbag would go amazingly well with simple colors because it would bring out your whole personality and carry the whole outfit.


To sum up, we have talked about 12 best designer quilted handbags. All of them are unique and interesting in their own way but what they have in common is the quilted construction that so many people adore. The quilting definitely makes a bag look sophisticated and classy without trying too much.

Even if you are into simple and casual look when it comes to clothes, if you wear a quilted everyday handbag that would make you stand out in a crown immediately. So we hope that this article made you fall in love with at least one item from the list because they are all adorable and fabulous. Thank you for reading and if you have any questions please let us know.

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