Summer Wedding Dresses

  • Summer Wedding Dresses are quite the buzz of social calendars during summer and everyone wants to look fab and chic and even go boho. The season creates the enabling environment to go creative with dressing styles and weddings are just part of the many events in summer that benefits from the liberty of creativity that summer brings. Flowers bloom brilliantly, the weather is cool for beach sunbathing and invitees are in the mood for recreation, luxury and holidays, there isn’t a better time for weddings without summer in the picture.

Here are some fine choices you can make for your summer weddings or recommend for that bride you want to have the time of her life on such a special day.


1. Tea Length or Short


If you want to be that spectacular vintage bride, then this tea-length does it for you. It’s summer and you probably need a lot more air since the sun sits on its zenith exalted stool and radiates all of its heat. This chic gown grants you the freedom to amble around unaided just incase your bridesmaid need to use the ladies. You can flaunt nice footwear too. This gown will certainly not fall short in making you appear elegant and classy. Most times vintage is extremely dope.


2. Off the Shoulder


Over the years, this off-shoulder trend has risen to prominence and we have to admit, it’s pretty cool and romantic for weddings. It would be difficult finding a better time for this wide-open necks with off shoulder elegant wedding gowns away from summer. You just need to be generous with your sun cream on those delicate skin on your shoulder. But fun is certain and yeah you’ll be ogled even on your wedding day. They can’t help it.


3. Portrait Backs

You might want to expose some flesh behind you using the V shape of your fine white bridal. You can’t possibly flash that much at the front so that leaves you with the rear as your only option. Its summer, a little exposure can compensate for all the coverage you did in winter without compromising on your sheer elegance, class, and style. This is fashion and you want to look sexy in a mild way else you will have eyes undressing you. So behind you is better than exposing all of your frontals.


4. Laced Cover-ups

It’s a given that the days are bound to be hot, meanwhile, some evenings can be cool so cover-ups won’t be too bad. This is your pick if you are overly conservative about exposing some skin. For passage of air, lace does it pretty well for the frontal covering and if you love long sleeves that are fashionable, trust me you are not alone, they are stunning too and this is the bridal you certainly need.

Cheap Wedding Dresses

You really don’t have to break the bank to look all glam and stunning on your wedding day. There are tons of options that you can make do with if you and your groom are rolling on shoe-sized budget. This will not clamp down on your style either, remember that as you read through. Here are some choices that you can make to accentuate your style on your wedding day at a cheaper option.

1. Spaghetti Strap Beach Wedding Dresses


No one will ever dare to figure out you used this piece of elegant bridals at a cheaper rate. It’s impressively stunning and super sexy. And as if that’s not enough, it looks simple, lightweight and flexible. All of this goodness on your wedding day can be gotten without you straining your purse to its limits.


2. Ball Gowns Spaghetti Straps

You want something kingly or some aura of royalty as you walk down the aisle, well this gown is promising you that look and feel. The bodice is laced and looks stunning while being strapped to a flayed skirt that brings all of the glory of a bride out in you. It’s armless and you are already sexy by that feature.

3. Korean Lace Up Ball Gown

This ball gown comes with a minimalistic design but is certainly going to make you stand out as you take those graceful strides down the aisles. Won’t cost you an arm and a leg but will earn you some admiration. The bodice is all laced up and you have the Cinderella-style all yours for the day. The entire skirt has your midsection covered in elegance and you have nothing to worry about absolutely. 

Bohemian Wedding Dresses
Nothing stops you from ditching the trends and creating yours entirely. But there are Boho trends you can follow, Boho, of course, is derailing and so it will certainly look like you birthed the trend yourself in some climes. Even more interesting – it’s your wedding day and your gown stands you out as a trendsetter. Are Boho’s sexy? oh yeah, they can even be super sexy and intricate with design when your choice is hinged is on thigh-high slits or a curve-hugging trumpet gown immersed in lace with elaborate bell sleeves. The ultimate thing about going Boho is looking exceptionally elegant without having to look like a bride plucked out from the scenes of a movie in the ’70s. Go all Boho with these wedding dresses which are suddenly becoming trendy recently.

1. Nude, open back Dahlia wedding dress by Rue De Seine



2.Chris Riley “Poppy” open back wedding dress



3. Strapless Kelsey Genna gardenia wedding dress with pretty peplum detail



4. Off the shoulder Casablanca dress


Champagne Wedding Dresses

For the bride with a soft-spot for colors, champagne is not just for drinks it can be adorned on a special day like tying matrimonial knots. Traditional whites are cool and graceful, but if you aren’t cool with it and you’ve been eyeing the colors ever since you saw one at a friend’s outdoor wedding, then it’s time to get yours and get eyed for it too. Champagne wedding dresses are now sizzling hot as stealth stylish alternatives to contemporary whites. They are romantic if you get it right with the champagne tones. Looks like a glass of wine poured in a gown and the groom might just feel like consuming you right away with all of the sexiness that you exude.
Here are some adequate champagne wedding dresses you can attire in with moderate color tones

1. Lazaro Strapless Sparkle Tulle Ball-gown


Elegance and charm are the best modifiers for this piece of bridal delight. Wanted that classic look for your wedding beyond whites, turn up now for this ball gown. It’s strapless and by all indication, sexiness is coming to you.


2. David’s Bridal Metallic Lace A-Line Wedding Dress

Laced with lace details and comes strapless, there are no limits to who you can wow at your nuptials. The entire bodice is metallic not really metallic in the real sense of it but you know how gold feels on your body? Same color and same kingly feel are what you get here.

3. Jonathan Simkhai Halterneck Satin Gown


If you want to look like the Duchess of Sussex, you are welcome. With compliments from her majesty, we bring you this Satin gown which she brought into limelight using high necklines. It’s trending now because of the high necklines and you can join the train.


4. Blush by Hayley Paige Milo off The Shoulder Tulle Ballgown

Subtly off the shoulder and plainly stunning, you will definitely strike a romantic appeal. It’s a ball-gown and won’t compromise on its purpose of immersing you in hot sexiness. You can’t take that away from ball-gowns not even the color can. As you take those glorious strides down the aisle, you will feel like the finest breathing being.

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