Styling Your Wardrobe like Ian Connor

If you’ve been a keen observer of the fashion setting in New York and perhaps you are huge fan of Kanye West, then the name Ian Connor would surely ring a bell. He is young and getting it when you narrow down to fashion. He is the self-acclaimed “King of Youth” whose fashion aura has diffused into the social media and the real world.

The fashionista had fame catching up with him at early 19 and has since stayed relevant in the fashion industry as a hipster and role model. He’s called “Dad” by his fashion loyalists and that surely accounts for something massive that he’s doing. He’s a fashion model for Kanye West’s Yeezy season and the rapper is always happy to gush about his stylist.

He got the deal with the rapping sensation when he was caught attired in a pair of beat-up Sketchers to meet Kanye at a dinner during Paris Fashion Week. He is also associated with Kylie Jenner as the famed singer’s personal stylist, he is a stylist for the A$AP mob, owned by A$AP Rocky and he has worked with Virgil Abloh – a revered figure in the fashion world of the new world.

Ian Connor is a New Jersey native, a millennial fashion aficionado, a model, stylist, and fashion influencer. He is the CEO of a sneaker collection named “Revenge X Storm”. The lad has done pretty well for himself in the fashion lane and earned a reputation for it.


Dressing with Ian Connor

If you want to style your wardrobe like Ian, then know that you are not alone, there is an army of Ian Connor wannabes around the world and while we can’t possibly replicate Ian in that army in terms of his hip dressing style, we can at least give you some tips on how to style your wardrobe like his.

So here are a few tips on how to style your wardrobe like Ian Connor and at least try to make a replica of his dapper style in your hood and earn street cred.


On Denims



The hipster loves to tag his denim along with his shirts and hoodies. A couple of times, he has been sneaked on by paparazzi on his denim, hoodies and printed pants. Some sneakers have also been found on his feet including trainers.


On Shirts



If you are going to be styling after Ian with shirts, then you need to be versatile when shopping. He wears a lot of shirts. From printed to non-printed and they are usually married with either jeans or shorts. Of course, there is always footwear to complement the entire hip thing so trainers would do or sneakers.


On Hoodies



For hoodies, he likes to keep things simple with colors. You won’t find color spectrum gracing his hoodies, just some monochrome ensembles, and sometimes plain single colors. There is always a pant beneath and he also adds his shirts to the mix with denim and sometimes a bomber jacket.


On Pants



Pants are in their diversity in Ian’s wardrobe. Denim, colored and tracks pants are members of the pants diversity in his closet. Pants are essential as far as the fashion for guys is the subject and Ian surely has that at his fingertips which is why he knows diversity brings in the spice. He usually pairs those pants with tees, his jackets, and hoodies. Footwear is a given and a pair of sneakers is there to settle that seamlessly.


On Shorts



Well, shorts are for when you decide to derail a little from the professionalism and immerse yourself deep into street fashion. It’s dope and classy even though the professional world would frown with a deep scowl on their face at your style and Ian is the least bothered. He stands for a lot of things in the fashion world and would rock his shorts with some tees, or sweaters or jackets. He flaunts the lower parts of his youthful legs while coating the end with some sneakers or classy trainers. This style makes you feel like you are weightless.


On Bomber Jackets



You can find the fashion collectibles like bomber jackets in Ian’s wardrobe of different colors and styles. He marries them with hoodies and shirts. Then his jean pants naturally fit in and you know sneakers are made for the feet. Bomber jackets are way too cool, get them now in your wardrobe.


On Shoes



When we head down to the shoes, Ian has got tremendous love for Vans Sk8-Hi’s which he uses to accentuate his style. And by the way, he’s got his own shoe line – the Revenge X Storm and so if you want to really style your wardrobe like Ian himself, what better way could you have done that by getting his very own product out of the Revenge X Storm? In the footwear department, you would have succeeded in styling your closet like his when you amble around in a pair of shoes from Revenge X Storm.


On Accessories



While this might be somewhat optional, they could punctuate your style in ways you never imagined. From bracelets, shades, necklaces, rings, and caps, Ian has got them all to put an icing on his fashion cake style. You should include these too in your collection which is to be modeled after Ian Connor.


His Favorite Brands

If you want to style your wardrobe like Ian, then you should probably pay attention to some details of where he gets his stuff from and that brings us to brands. He’s got some favorite brands that are a go-to when he wants to add to his collection.

Some of his favorite brands include Supreme, J.W, Alyz Studios, and Vetements. In an interview with LuisaViaRoma during the four days he spent in Florence where he launched his sneaker brand Revenge X Storm, the fashionista said that everything he wears at the moment sticks with him and that the brand Alyx would be the brand he will die wearing. So much love for Alyx.

So there you have it. Some handy tips to duplicate Ian Connor’s wardrobe without having to give him a truth serum. You can also find more about his style by following him on social media where pictures will tell you more.

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