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A wallet is debatably a man's most prized accessory. Like your mobile phone and keys, you carry your wallet around everywhere you go. We've all gone through the struggle of carrying around a rundown bulky wallet. Let me tell you nothing is more unattractive than when you go to pay for something and you bring out a wallet struggling to keep its shape. Well, those days are long gone and it's time to upgrade for your convenience or at least your self-pride.

Therefore to help you out in keeping your essentials organized and looking neat we share with you our guide to the best slim wallets for men. So chuck your bulky wallets in the bin because it's time to find you the ideal fit.

The Best Thin Wallets

Emporio Armani


Price: €80

This wallet meets the trendy style that represents the designs Emporio Armani has been crafting for years. This model has Emporio Armani printed diagonally across the wallet, representing the iconic eagle. Attributed with 8 card holder slots and plenty of space for cash.



Price: €60

Available in over 6 different colors, there are no limitations when it comes to this Piquardro wallet. With an obscene amount of storage space and outside facing card slots makes accessibility the priority. If you've got more cards then you know what to do with, this is the wallet for you.

Best leather wallets

Armani Wallet



Price: €72

The contemporary design is built for sleekness. With enough space to hold all your essentials, including money, credit cards, and coins. Made 100 percent of leather, the slim Armani wallet is the perfect choice if you looking for an all in one wallet.

Made in Italia


Price: €20,86

Designed and made in Italy as the brand promises, this wallet is backed by its quality, which is expected whenever you see the ' made in Italy' label. The vintage red gives a classy look to the wallet made fully out of leather. With 16 card slots and 4 compartments, there is plenty of storage space within the wallet.



Price: €70

 Piquardro emphasizes in providing for the needs of the modern day man. Simplicity and elegance are what is portrayed with this model. Made fully from leather containing 15 card slots and two banknote compartments. The wallet extends out horizontally providing storage with efficiency.



Price: €305

From the rulers of Italian manufacturing, Alessandro Michele has transformed Gucci into a visionary masterclass. The wallets are made up of 100% Leather, and with plenty of space for cards and banknotes, it's hard to go wrong. Upgrade your fashion with some personality, with the Gucci printed men's wallet.





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