Retro Fashion Clothing for Women

The fashion world is ever dynamic. Styles are birthed every now and then while the older ones diffuse into irrelevance. Most times you find yourself lagging since you are yet to adapt to the latest before a successor comes knocking it off. If you are one of those finding it difficult to keep up with trends, fret no more. You can relax in your static zone and you'll soon be among the hipsters. Why so? The fashion revolution is in circles. When the new styles come in mainstream, the vintages are left in oblivion, but sooner or later, these hipsters get bored of the trendy outfits and revert back to the older ones. They do so by adding a little twist to the older ones, either by redesigning it to suit modern times or they simply change how they wear it. One thing is constant and that's the revolution. It happens all over the world, old styles are rejuvenated and become super trendy.

Here are some of the Retro Clothing trends for women

1. Crop tops

Back in the oldies, the crop top was vogue and everyone loved the air that graced their belly buttons, how that trend fizzled into thin air is what we are yet to figure out. But at one point, it became a trend for kiddies leaving grownups feeling odd when clad in it. Well, at the moment, crop tops are head turners and are even sexier now. The grownups have reclaimed their mandate to wear them which was reflected at the just concluded New York Fashion Week. The crop tops are back and we know they will be staying around for a long time.

2. Mini Dresses and Skirts


The 60s marked the heydays of mini dresses and skirts for women. Even though the glory days declined a bit, it resurrected and did a glorious comeback. Now designers are scaling things up with a variety of styles and textures which has now included wool and leather. Now there is the denim on denim which is hotter and amplifies the style of the average woman on the streets. The denim skirts had their gorgeous time in the 90s but are back for good. With top brands like Saint Laurent and Giorgio Armani in the scheme of things, you cant expect any less of a jaw-dropping awesomeness from these mini's. Check out the fashion weeks across the world.

3. Circle Skirts

In the 50s, circle skirts epitomized a lady that screams of class and oozes an aura of royalty wherever she turns. Centuries later, here we are and its still rocking the trends. As with revolutions, theres been a few touches to the originality of the circle skirts, its all for the elegance and charm. Its been tagged along with accessories and things cant get any better.

4. Shoulder Pads

Just when we thought the era of shoulder pads or call them supersized shoulders have been swept under the carpets, they pierced through the carpets and rose up with more glam. Theres been a few beautiful alterations to make them fit into the modern day they rose up to. Saint Laurent and Fendi are in the mix. Assorted styles are been brought to the mainstream in the shoulder pads resurrection. Capes, suits and dresses are all involved. The shoulder pads can be dated back to the 80s when they held sway although they were the talk of the town in the 1930s and 40s since they provoked the hour glass figure out a beautiful woman.

5. Mom Jeans and Track Pants



You know skin tights are all over the place. Pencil trousers, jeans and skirts lead the way when it comes to skin tights and boot cuts are hiding. For some reasons yet to be ascertain, weve seen a couple of these loose-fitting, high-waisted pants revive themselves back into the fashion sphere of the modern world. Comfort comes top most behind the idea of loose-fittings and some women are glad to enjoy the freedom for as long as it lasts. To spice things even further, these pants can be paired with crop tops and the sight is more fashionable than the low-cut skinnies. They come in their variety, you just cant get enough. If youve hidden yours to retain your street credibility, its time to ransack your closet and bring it out.

6. Head Scarves

Since the imperial days of the Queen of Egypt when scarfs depicted royalty or was only worn by those that called the shots in the society, the scarf is so old that it has a B.C suffix. Generations after, the head scarf is still in vogue. It is beautiful, thanks to many innovations in styles. Designers have even made it more attractive with different print styles, now when its winter, the scarf is a must when out in the cold for different functions, the women will always appreciate its silky comfort and warm hugs.

7. Corsets

With origins in France way back in the 16th century, the corset is an inner wear worn under a womans clothing to accentuate her shape and perhaps chisel her curves. It is very restrictive and most women might find themselves feeling imprisoned under its rigid grip. But this is the new world, less restrictive versions are now in vogue so its no longer an inner wear but can be worn as a full-fledged outfit. This new definition to its previous purpose is classy and looks fab when worn. You would never imagine it came from the oldies with its new fashion appeal.

Finally .

If theres anything this revelation will teach you, that is if you are just a newbie to the idea of retro trendy outfits, then it should be the sheer fact that your old clothes are still worth keeping unless theres a need to let go of them. Trends in the world of fashion revolves and your forsaken clothes can still be made relevant in todays world. All it needs is a bit of creativity to rejuvenate and reinvent it. So go back to your closet where youve piled your vintages and get creative.

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