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When reading the title, I understand that the first thought maybe what needs solving in the Fashion Industry? What specific issue, and how would you solve this? Well, let me put the problem into a sentence, so everyone knows what's at stake — global warming and sustainability within the current fashion model. Over 80 billion articles of clothing were produced just last year, a 400% increase in the past decade. In turn, fashion production creating 5% of yearly C02 emissions through waste, the epidemic is now evident. Our current linear flow of the make and waste model has apparent underlying issues, and if we are to continue at this rate, our planet is going to have a severe problem. Therefore firstly, let us inform ourselves today of the mindset transition needing to be achieved to initiate change. 

The Creation of Rentals

The answer to this question lies within the circular economy of rent. The law to rent was created in 1809; we have since witnessed a mass adoption over the past several decades. From rentals of houses to cars in the early baby boomers generation to the approval of wedding dresses and tuxedos within the generation X, has lead to the birth of digital marketplace rentals for millennials. After such drastic evolutions in the past three generations, what is next for the rent?

The mindset change

Every day the new generation learns to adopt the loop economy that rent provides. In just three generations, the mindset behind rentals has changed dramatically, from renting wedding dresses seen as a crime during baby boomers has since become the norm within the age of today. People want to save; they want to save money, resources, and time. Therefore they choose to rent instead of to buy, and to save instead of waste. If we have been aware and transitioned so many industries from purchases into rentals, why would the fashion industry be treated differently? We no longer need to be labeled as a species of waste. 

Solution for Sustainable Fashion  

Rent 4 Wear will provide the answers by informing our audience of the Fashion of Tomorrow. Affordable memberships will allow customers the ability to rent the most exclusive handbags from brands, including Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, and many more. What is the benefit? Well, you not only are given a chance to flaunt the bags of your dreams, but you will also no longer be ignoring the more significant environmental issues within the fashion industry of today. Gone are the days where you need to pay high prices to try bags, continually having to input your shipping address and payment details. Why not experience an expensive bag before purchasing or obtain the ability to rent for a special occasion. With our generation on the brink of a new era, in which sustainability replaces waste, & designer brands are pushing for sustainability. The mindset is shifting; as a community, we need to look towards the future of this vast industry, we can no longer ignore the Fashion of Tomorrow. 

Vote Today 

However, after all, this being said, our solutions come down to one variable. That is you, the reader. To innovate and provide the ability to experience limited luxury designers and change our linear fashion model of make and waste, we need your help. By merely clicking the vote now button below, you can make our mission heard. Together our voice can revolutionize how we live and breathe fashion. 


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