Men’s Custom Trousers: Styles and Cues from Philips laboratory


The importance of trousers or their necessity cannot be over stated. I mean, as men we are utterly left with no choice when it comes to that. Unlike females that can clad themselves in gowns for a whole year, we are helpless without our pants, the chief participant of our dressing. There are different kinds of pants out there, from classic vintages to contemporary pencils, the options lie in an array of diversity. Jean on the other hand is the toughest rival to trousers and we often dump the trousers version of pants in oblivion after cladding on jean for a very long time for those who aren’t in the professional setting. The subject of the matter here is on trousers and not jeans, so that marks the end of any mention of jean in this article. 

Custom Trousers: What are they? 


Call them bespoke or tailor-made if you like, but there are trousers that are created out of their fabrics with you in mind. It’s you at the epicenter of the construction and so your measurements which includes your waist side, the length of your legs and width of your thighs and some other few factors will be put into consideration as the trouser is being sewn professionally. 

The styles used in making these custom trousers will also be inspired by you the wearer. You choose your style from the options recommended for you and you can even invent a style and have it done for you. That’s even a fantastic idea, so you need to put on that creativity hat of yours if you want to turn the course of custom trousers around and become the new trendsetter. 

Why Custom Trousers? 


A pretty question if you just gave a nod the moment you read it. Why would anyone decide to go custom when there are tons of trousers available all around, I mean one can’t possibly exhaust all the trousers that exist in a particular city without finding a pant of choice. Well, when it comes to fashions, there are no limits to what one can actually want. Comfort is another integral brain behind custom pants. Most guys spot a tiny waist and that becomes one herculean task finding the right waist size of trousers that can hold their small waist. The best alternative to saving them the stress of roaming about the entire boutique for a fitted one is to ply the custom route. Money comes as another reason. Custom trousers could be quite expensive and so those with the pocket for it have no issues going that route. I mean, nothing beat that feeling of getting a trouser and it’s entirely yours, no need of tweaking it around or resizing to fit into your waist or cutting some portion of the length to suit you. You have a trouser that’s yours, beyond yours in terms of you purchasing it, it’s entirely yours in every sense of the word “yours” since it was manufactured for your sake from fabric to finish. 

Some Benefits of Having a Custom Trouser 

Beyond reflecting your personal style and your size, there are some other benefits of going custom on your trouser. Here are some of the benefits 

Quality Assurance: You get to choose the kind of material that will be durable and quality enough to get your bespoke trouser done. This security of quality materials isn’t there if you are just purchasing. You can choose the quality of wool, cotton or silk, all the choice is yours to make. With this in place, you are certain of durability which comes as another benefit of having a custom made trouser in your wardrobe. 

You Get to choose your Preferred Color: Everyone has their favorite colors and most times its quite disappointing to find out that the kind of trousers you want aren’t in your favorite colors. That can however be taken care of since you can pay for the tailor to go through the hassle of finding your color for you.  


Two Styles to Consider for Your Custom Trousers 


When getting your trousers made as it is with custom or bespoke, your style will inform the making. There are two major styles you can choose from however, there is the pleated trouser and the flat front trouser. 

The pleated trouser is more orthodox. It has pleats of material folding down the front just below the waistband and on both sides of the trousers. If you want to make custom trousers you might need to decide if you want this pleat style or not. For the benefits it offers, you have much room and freedom at the front and it adds a little style to the entire pant. If you are in the professional circle, then you will need this style to look even more professional. 

The flat front trouser is opposed to this style. The front is entirely flat without pleats. That professional style isn’t here. Flat front trousers are now going vogue with the younger pants generation. Your custom trouser can come without the pleats on your request and the vogue hip style is all yours for the taken. 

If you are bigger in size, you might not need the pleats which might seem like the trouser is a lot bigger than it should be. Skinny men can wear both without having to worry about that problem with the big guys. 

Steal Styles from Philip’s Laboratory 

Getting your custom trousers need a little creativity on your part and professionalism on the part of the maker. Even though styles can be recommended for you, you need to state exactly what you want and get it done for you. But then you can save yourself all of the worries and brain racking for styles by taking cues from Philip’s Laboratory. His Instagram feeds is saturated with lots of his styles and that will pique your interest. His trousers are mostly custom made and they all standout in no small way. Join over 64, 000 followers to copy styles from at Philips laboratory as he flaunts his vogue custom trousers for all to see. He rocks them with jackets, tees and virtually any top he finds befitting at will. You could even steal more than just custom trousers styles from his page. 

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