Matching Shoes with Handbags

Matching your handbags with shoes is an old-school concept. Though it is not always necessary to match them both, since it works perfectly fine and looks great, then why not?

If you get invited to a formal occasion, let’s say a wedding, theme party or any dress-coded event, then matching your shoes with handbags is an excellent choice. It gives you an elegant outlook, and one thing that never goes out of fashion is elegance.

In the following article, we’ll explain and give some heads-up tips on how to match your shoes with handbags so that you always stay up-to-date with the latest trend.

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Perfect Color Combinations

Sometimes the color and look of handbags and shoes are so glamorous and eye-catching that they complement each other when worn together. But too much matchy-matchy stuff should be avoided.

The key point to note here is that your shoes and handbag should not be similar in texture, color or style but if collaborated they must give you an appealing look.

The classic black sandals with sandals go brilliantly fine with white bag having black polka dots in it. Also, a rainbow colored carryall with plain white sneakers and a black leather coat.  These combinations support the well-known fact - opposites attract one and another. That is why the black and white combination can be a perfect heads-up for you.   

Matching Accessories 

Discover excellent combinations, such as a structured bag with eye-catching cream and light brown stripes with black sandals and strapped ankle with high heels. This trendy style is loved by girls, and it goes excessively well for any occasion.

Another one can be blue-colored handbag and blue pimps, paired with an attractive light-colored dress, especially white.

You can also consider matching the brown leather bag with brown boots. This casual street style combination looks adorably cute on young girls. These accessories look more appealing when they are combined with grooved knit sweater of white color, paired with dark brown colored skinny trousers.

Moreover, a long black and white printed cape with black leather gloves match perfectly with black and white handbag having details in black and stiletto black-colored ankle boots.

Another ideal combination can be black leather sandals with black laces, in combination with maroon pastel velvet shoulder bag.


The Edgy Styles 

Have you ever tried going a little edgy with your dressing? It’s pretty cool though. Consider carrying a spacious handbag, imprinted with a pattern like that of cheetah, along with ankle-length and studs embellished black boots.

If you want to go a little more edgy with your styling, then try wearing black and white top with strips and black trousers up to ankle length and carry a spacious red bag, paired with a leopard-printed slip-on.

Do you want more combinations like that? Sure. You can try a black quilted leather shoulder clutch and grey soft napped leather ankle boots, elegantly complementing your creamy white long coat with a short skirt.

Sometimes, girls have specific color combinations which are their favorite, and they try to revolve around different shades of these colors. A brown shaded bag with ankle boots in leather, along with light-colored skinny trousers, green-shaded top can be good choice as well. This edgy style looks more appealing on long height girls.

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Don’t Hesitate Experimenting With Different Styles 

Sometimes, using your innovation can result in something utterly stylish. So, to have a great look, keep experimenting with different matching styles.

However, this task becomes difficult sometimes, but don’t worry, you can always buy new clothes that can go best with your old handbag. Also, you can buy a bag suitable for matching with more than one type of clothes.

Stick to the Basic Rules

One of the most important rules about matching combinations is that “don’t overdo your styling” and let your matching speaks for itself.

Choose different textures as combination criteria. For example, you can opt for suede bag with leather boots or a leather bag with boots made from fuzzy leather with a napped finish. Take a look at these bags to kick start your matching.

Moreover, monochromatic shoes of red color work best with monochrome bags with flowers printed on it. Also, the monochrome bag looks perfectly great with shoes having polka dots or flowery prints on them.

These bright hue combinations provide a gorgeous appearance and look adorable on young girls.

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Matter and Brightness

Selecting similar shades in carryall and footwear, made from different texture materials, can be super-duper appealing too. For example, matte shoes look adorable with bags having a metallic surface.

Always remember, the metallic surfaced bags and shoes can be paired with everything. For instance, a silvery handbag and golden heels look dazzling when combined. Also, your sequin heels would love to take a satin bag on a date.

If you have a bag that has a glittery appearance, as in golden or bronze, then beige-colored shoes will give you an excellent matching style. Moreover, plain white shoes with a golden clutch also look pretty attractive.

Types Of Bags 

Soft leather bags, especially black can do just fine with any footwear for daily use. Small bags, such as a clutch or an envelope bag will look great with dazzling shoes.

You can also pair clutch with extended straps or a wallet purse with stiletto sandals, and as for business shoes, they can be paired wonderfully with a rectangle-shaped handbag.

In the same way, with both flat boots and high ankle boots, the messenger bag can do wonders. This particular combination is ideal if you are going to a beach or a long walk.

Also, consider combining your canvas shoes and loafers with your travel or sports carryall. These combinations can enhance your overall looks.

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Wrapping Up 

Depending upon the type of event you are going to attend, such as a wedding, office, beach, playground, gym, etc., you must make a wise combination of footwear and bags. Your purpose is to look stylish and center of attraction, not the odd-one-out. You have to be consistent with your styles.

The tips mentioned above can help you out and give you a perfect head start for matching your accessories.

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