Is 2020 the Return of the Simple Sneaker?

The sea of sneakers in 2020 is incredibly vast. Already in the first quarter of the year and many have their spring, summer and autumn shoes already booked.

With streetwear ruling the current trends, it goes without say that sneakers will walk us through the next seasons in style like never before. The appetite for comfortable yet stylish attire has reached a paramount point in the fashion world, and this has summoned designers to react accordingly.

The current trend of collaboration after collaboration, has seen the revival of original and simple styles from the past colouring the footwear space. Big sportswear brands and luxury houses have joined together to create explosions of style, colour and silhouettes.

And so yes, 2020 has the simple sneaker back in our shoe closets and the design aspect of many of these is spelling the word vintage.

Given that there are so many of these comeback sneakers in offer as we speak, here are but a few that are prone to turn heads this year.



Air Force 1 Low

Nike Air Force 1 Low Sneaker

One of the hottest collaborations is that of Nike and Supreme. The record-breaking sell-outs almost immediately upon release, have hyped this pair of sneakers to an extreme level of respect. Many even voiced their frustrations upon not laying a hand on a pair. It was however confirmed officially that the collaborative sneaker would regularly be in stock for the next seasons. Mainly seen worn by many streetwear fans, these kicks are gradually securing a space in the mainstream arena and applauding the two brands for an extremely genuine effort. There is no stopping this shoe.


Nike Airmax 97

Nike Airmax 97 Sneaker

The Nike Air Max 97 is a sneaker that has stood the test of time and has no signs of slowing down. Designed by Christian Tresser and inspired by Japan’s high-speed bullet trains, this silhouette celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2017 and plenty of new imitations have been released ever since. Nike is known for interpreting past designs with zest and success. The comfortability and security this construction emits will surely make this one design especially, linger around for many years to come.

Tydløs Nike Collection



Adidas Amsterdam – 2020 City Series

Adidas Amsterdam 2020 City Series Sneaker

The Adidas Originals, one of the most sought-after retro kicks, are back to grace its “City Series” collection with a bang. A unisex design that has a calm attractiveness to it and a versatile quality that renders it fit for any occasion.

To pay tribute to the city of Amsterdam, Adidas has released the casual Amsterdam silhouette that is aimed to mimic the personality of this aesthetic city with its Dutch architecture and lifestyle. The elements of brown, make-up the city’s structure from brick to the wood and this has been perfectly accomplished with the rich brown suede and beige stripes that make the upper of this ingenious sneaker. This one is bound to steal the show in 2020.



PRADA Adidas Superstar

Prada Adidas Superstar Sneaker

The Adidas Superstar is back! The Superstar sneaker originally launched in 1969 is still an anchor of Adidas original style. An authentic look that has aged like fine wine.

The Prada Adidas Superstar was first launched in December 2019 and is to be released together with a Prada bowling bag, anytime now - March 2020. Both are made in Italy by Prada, giving them the superlative quality and expertise, that the Prada house has had in its 106 years of luxury leather goods making.

Another shoe collaboration that takes a simple and timeless classic and evolves it from its sports and subcultural roots into modern luxury.

Tydløs Adidas Collection


New Balance


New Balance 992 Sneaker

New Balance has the staple 992 finally ready for 2020. They have prepared more than a few releases for their classics with likely leads from their Aime Leon Dore and 990v2. The 992 said to have been overshadowed by the adjacent 991 and 993 is here to boast its looks too. The vintage aspect of this trainer is what gives it the hero aura it so well carries and sports athletes from the past can verify this without doubt.

With colourful modifications to their signature versatile styles, this year’s launch is designed to have it all. A few collaborations are also anticipated to be in the pipeline.

There is a colour for the different tastes in this simple yet beautiful range.


Junya Watanabe MAN x New Balance SS20

Junya Watanabe MAN x New Balance SS20 Sneaker


New balance’s continued and ongoing collaboration with Junya Watanabe Man has new takes on the Comp100, 670 and ML574 silhouettes. The three sneakers take very different approaches in the details and come ranging in multi-textured and tonal navy Comp100 to minimalist white ML574 designs. The range is well equipped for the different tastes and is a go to for streetwear or as a stylish walking trainer.

With a collection to always look forward to, the Japanese designer opts for play with colour ranges in multitude of ways and lettering that reads JWCdG stamped on the heel wraps.

The vintage details are pretty obvious and refreshing. Minimalism has been taking centre front in many creations that we see in the design today.

Tydløs New Balance Collection



Raised By Wolves x Saucony AYA

Raised By Wolves x Saucony AYA Sneaker

The streetwear brand Raised By Wolves which has had collaborations with both Reebok and Timberland in the past, is back in the world of kicks for yet another powerful project with Saucony.

Saucony which has had very few collaborations in the past is now on an upward trajectory in this current trend.

The monochromatic look of the new collaboration sneaker is an updated rendition of the Saucony AYA from 1994. The 90s skateboarding shoes served as the inspiration for this collaboration, and hence the extra feature of a hidden stash pocket concealed inside the tongue of the sneaker, which was occasionally found on the latter.

The details that have gone into the production of this sneaker are worth every dime and one cannot but take, a second and third look at them.


Saucony Jazz 4000

Saucony Jazz 4000 Sneaker

The popular Saucony Jazz line is a celebration of the brand’s rich history in retro running, it utilizes the original features of their most iconic silhouette giving it a timeless style for any occasion or look.

The line has gained a new member that goes Jazz 4000 by name. The funky retro runner with luminous vibrant accents brings back the 90s compelling style to shine its light again.

Mainly seen on athletes in the track and field disciplines back then, 2020 says, it is now for everyone.

Tydløs Saucony Collection




Vans Autism Awareness Collection

Vans Autism Awareness Collection Sneaker

We all know the Vans classics like the Slip-Ons and Old Skools that are still loved by many to this very day. This is one brand that is definitely here to stay with their versatile and universally adored footwear. The young, dedicated skaters, world renowned celebrities, name them all, Vans have accompanied many.

The forthcoming Autism Awareness Collection is now aiming to take Vans to the next level. Inspired by notable past details, they will be available in almost all sizes and a diverse range of designs. Very thoughtful indeed.

The Slip-on and Old Skool with calming blue prints, padded-textile uppers and pastel schemes are a front runner for a good cause.

This is inclusivity at its best!


BILLY’S Tokyo x Vans OG Sid LX

BILLY’S Tokyo x Vans OG Sid LX

Vans and Billy’s Tokyo collaborations have taken the classic Vans and interpreted them into striking, rare and unique outcomes. The Japanese retailer has rejuvenated the retro theme and has the late 70s and early 80s speak on the Vans. The neutral and bold details stay loyal to the originals and the suede leather aspect, promise them longevity.

The streetwear luxury trends are provoking out of the box designs that are just genuinely works of art.

Tydløs Vans Collection




Club C 85

Reebok Club C 85 Sneaker

These top-rated white sneakers are an all-round solid classic that make them an easy choice for anyone looking for a classic white shoe that delivers style and support. The Club C 85 white sneakers are classic Reebok that have been updated for today’s style.

The sneakers pair perfectly well with your joggers for an athleisure vibe or work equally as seamless with a pair of jeans or chinos. The style options are endless and these white sneakers can pair with any look that matches your unique personality.

One can easily say that is one of those must-have pair of sneakers that come in handy any day. An all-around classic of a sneaker.



Reebok Classic Leather

Reebok Classic Leather Sneaker

The Reebok originals are sneakers that never go out of style. The understated profile with its clean lines and the gum rubber sole is still trending as it was back in the days. With their undeniable characteristics of comfort, additional support, lightweight cushioning, these sneakers are an easy choice for an all-day look and happy feet.

“Nothing can beat the classics” and that is as true as it gets with this pair that marries well with streetwear and a good choice for the gym and even for the joggers.

A brand that manicures its authenticity well.

Tydløs Reebok Collection




Fila Mindblower

Fila Mindblower Sneaker

The must-haves for the sneaker diehard are the retro looks that Fila has to offer. Fila is hard to beat when it comes to nostalgic kicks that have plenty of heritage written all over them even after all those years.

Fila went back to 1995 to bring back its Mindblower style, which features suede on the upper and perforated leather details.

With the bulky sole also trending, this will be a definite comeback for the Fila Mindblower.


 Fila Original Fitness

Fila Original Fitness Sneaker

Arguably one of the most popular styles from the brand of all-times, Fila gives its Original Fitness a premium execution with high-quality leather and a perforated toecap for the year 2020. Anyone that calls themselves old-school will have a smile on their faces when they encounter this pair soon and hopefully, nostalgia will have them running to secure themselves a pair.

A classic all the way.

Tydløs Fila Collection


The rebirth of the simple trainer in this day and age is a clear indication that successful brands have withstood the test of time because of one very golden factor, namely, authenticity.

Authenticity is what has carried forward the essence and heritage of the comebacks we are seeing grace shelves worldwide and causing a record frenzy among the fans.

The collaborations are the ‘oils’ the brands are using to ignite powerful blends of nostalgic-classics and modern designs, writing history and enriching their heritage. The results speak for themselves and this trend will help amalgamate and strengthen the diversity of a people.

The sneaker will always sneak its way back. 

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