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Fashion is beautiful, lucrative and creative so it’s a norm to find enthusiasts who are entangled in its web. Are you one of these fashion freaks? If you just said yes, then you should start following these personalities on Instagram and virtually anywhere else on the social media world that you can. They are influencers and pioneers of fashion frontiers. They never relent in dropping awestruck photos of how fly they are in their classy attire. You might learn a thing or two or even a truckload of fashion concepts by just following. 

Xennia Adonts @xeniaadonts 


She is 27, was born in Hamburg, Germany and is the no. 1 fashion influencer for Launchmetrics. Xenia beyond fashion, is a lifestyle, travel and personal style blogger. She runs the blog “XeniaOverdose” and then she is an Instagram celebrity on top of all that. 1.3m followers won’t be following you if you’ve got nothing to offer and so xenia is a fashion model to many which didn’t stop her from being so down to earth. She has another Instagram account, but this one is personal and she calls it xeniapersonal. For now, she’s based in Paris but you can access her Instagram page anywhere you are and be wowed. 

Vivian Frank @vivianfrank


Instagram star Vivian Frank is a sneaker devotee and entrepreneur. He is just 22 and is making his mark already in the fashion industry. He is known for his Yeezy Talk Worldwide Instagram page where he flaunts Kanye-West branded sneakers to his over 150, 000 followers. He is a lover of shoes and that’s what inspired his entry into the fashion sector. From early childhood, he’s always loved footwears. However, his Instagram feeds are not just for sneakers alone, but they portray his suave fashion sense and of course the sneakers beneath. He is the founder of the footwear news blog Sneaker Myth.

Rebecka Rosengren @rebeckarosengren 


Rebecka is a personal blogger and runs the blog She then doubles as a fashion influencer and an Instagram big girl. She has over 15, 000 followers on her Instagram page where she flaunts her dressing styles and glam outfits. For the better part of her feeds, you’ll meet more coats and vogue jackets. 

Ivona Zupet @yvzux 


She is just a girl with high hopes and more shoes than usual which is all right. She is based in London and she’s a star on Instagram with about 220, 000 followers. She flaunts her shoes, bags, clothing and beautiful self on the gram, much to the admiration of fans. 

Petra @pepamack 


With over 820, 000 followers on Instagram, it’s no hype that pepamack is a force to reckon within the fashion industry. She’s a renowned personality on Instagram. Based in Sydney, born in Europe, pepamack is a creative artist and fashion influencer. She began in 2014 and worked her way to the top through her premium aesthetic style. She has recreated streetwear and brought in a new twist to the entire concept. Global brands have welcomed her creativity and designers across the world have worked with her as she infuses newer perspectives into the fashion industry. She has her website; where she sprays all creativity. 

Ryan Murad @ryan.murad 


Ryan is an architect, photographer, digital content creator and an Instagram personality with over 30, 000 followers. If you crave for picturesque backgrounds, fashion and lifestyle pictures, Ryan beckons unto you. 

Romina Meurer @Donnaromina 


Born and breed in Germany, Romina is 24 and awesome. She is an Instagram star with over 260, 000 followers. She is a model, blogger, and fashionista. She began displaying her modeling shots on Instagram as well as her fashion styles way back in 2012 to arrive at where she is today. She owns a website where all her pictures are sprinkled including fashion trends that she champions. 

Threads Styling @threadsstyling


Threadsstyling isn’t a person but a fashion brand that exalts itself as the pioneers of a new luxury fashion experience. Their Instagram page with over 330, 000 followers has truly cleared any iota of doubts about their self-exaltation. If you take fashion seriously, you’d get inspired by their website. Everything the fashion world has to offer, especially the trends can be found there. They provide and deliver fashion products to their clients anywhere in the world. Follow them to see everything you’ve been looking in luxury fashion. 

Marie Von Behrens @mvb


Marie is a 23-year old German-based fashion influencer and Instagram celebrity who found out about her flair for photography at age 9. Born in Hamburg, Germany, Marie got her start in 2010 via blogging. She used her blog as a channel to showcase her creativity and share to the world some of the stuff she’s made of. Today, she is a fashion, lifestyle and photography blogger with over 830,000 followers on Instagram. 

Delilah Belle @delilahbelle


Delilah is a 21-year-old daughter of the famed author, actor, and entrepreneur Harry Robinson Hamlin. Born in Los Angeles, California she’s a model and an Instagram celebrity with over 1m followers. Her Instagram page is flooded with all of her modeling achievements in photo speaks including her pictures at the New York fashion week, her appearance on the paper magazine and many others. She is signed to One Management – a modeling agency which is among the world’s best with associated names like Cardi B and Zara Larsson. She is verified on Instagram and that essentially passes her for a fashion influencer. 1m followers is surely a big deal. 

Dani @arrestthisgal 


Dani is a German-based style blogger and Youtuber. She blogs about fashion styles for ladies and you can shop at her website where all of her fashion offerings are displayed. Accentuate your style with ideas from her website where she can literary dress you from head to toe with her outfits styles that includes: Denim coord set, 2 cool 4 school, her go-to outfit and many more. She has over 340, 000 followers on Instagram. 

Claudia Tihan @claudiatihan


Claudia is 22 –year old French-Canadian Instagram star and model. She is a popular YouTube vlogger as well with her channel. Her influence in the fashion industry in her native country Canada and France has grown so profound that she had to attract over 1.2m followers to her Instagram page. She opened up this page in September of 2015 and as she attributes her success to luck, it was indeed sheer luck to have gotten up to 1.2m followers today. She’s naturally stunning and rolls with a unique style. Her association in a meet-and-greet convention in Orlando served as a stepping stone for her to rise. The trending model is all geared up to launch her clothing line and influence the fashion industry the more. Check her page out and see what over a million people are seeing. 

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