How to wear Square Toe Boots

Square toe boots are coming in hot for 2019, and we’ll help you ace the style!!!

Pointed toe shoes have reigned supreme for a long time, but what’s dominating the shoe closet this year is entirely at the opposite end of shape scale. The 90’s square toe trend has recently been revamped with a contemporary feel.

Surprisingly, the razor-sharp and angular features of the square toe boots are a refreshing nod to the nostalgic trend and have taken over the street style by storm. Yes, square-toe mania is now becoming a thing and before you start cursing yourself for not being on-trend, make sure you splurge a little and give it a try.

This post is all about tips on how to shop and wear the square toe boots and make a statement.

The Square Toe Boots


The square toe boots are inspired by the retro silhouette that’s a stylish combination of angular and curved-shaped shoes. While the pointed-toe shoes have been a reoccurring classic, an array of big industry names and brands are experimenting with the trend. Designers from all over the world are including square-toe boots in their runway collection, while the Instagram influencers are making them irresistible by flaunting the trend.

Another factor that’s contributing to the popularity of the square toe boots is the comfort level. The pointed-toe shoes are incredibly stylish, but they tend to squeeze the entire front of the foot together and can become quite painful when worn for long durations. At the same time, square toe boots are the perfect combination of fashion and functionality.

In addition to that, for some, the pointed toe can make their feet feel too elongated, whereas the round toe or almond shape is a bit monotonous.

Let’s see the different types of square-toe shoes and how they will go with your dressing.



The boots let you easily transition your ensemble and are even suitable to wear during the summer. Club it with a pair of jeans, shorts or any other summer dress, the trending shoes will add a touch of sophistication to your outfit.

Lace-Up Boots


Be it an outing with friend's, or a formal party, the square-shaped lace-up boots are perfect for numerous occasions. You can wear them with a pair of jeans. They will also go with a leather skirt. The lace-up style of the shoes will allow you to slip them on and off comfortably. 


It is a new version of the sandal that goes well with any outfit. Wear it on any occasion; it will surely uplift your personality. You can get open-toe as well as closed-toe mules. Whether you wear with trousers or any other dress, both types of footwear will go perfectly with your outfit.

Square-Toe Sandals


These are the type of footwear that any women would prefer to complete her looks. This must-have sandal for summer wear goes well with any outfit. Whether you go for flat sandals or high- heels, it will surely uplift your looks.

Why you need slip-resistant boots?


While buying a pair of boots, the critical feature that needs to be considered is the comfort. Along with comfort, it is also necessary to look for slip-resistant boots. Wondering what do slip-resistant boots mean? These boots made from the best material offers an increased level of resistance from the skidding or sliding areas.

Though no shoes are slip-proof, slip-resistant boots are tested to provide high resistance against water, oil, or other types of liquid. Slipping might not sound a significant incident, but it can cause severe injuries.

It does not matter what type of work you do; slippage can occur at any time. You can slip from food, oil, wet floor, moisture, dust, liquid, etc. But if you are wearing slip-resistant footwear, it can save you from serious injuries.

When you wear a slip-resistant shoe, it gives a feel and looks like any other shoe. The difference lies only in the tread designing and the material of the sole. While purchasing them look for the slip-resistant stamp on the sole of the shoe.

Benefits of wearing slip-resistant boots

  • Eliminates The Accident To A Greater Level

While walking in a shopping complex, on the road, at the workplace, or any other area, there are chances that you make your way through a slippery surface. It is not always possible to keep an eye on the split water or other types of liquids. But if you are wearing slip-resistant

boots, it reduces the risks and chances of slipping accidents. They provide an adequate grip to your feet when you walk over the wet surfaces.

  • Increased Durability

Being designed from the best material, these types of shoes ensures that your feet always stay protected in them. Not only they protect your feet but also increase the durability of the shoes. As the shoes last longer than the ordinary ones, so it proves its worth for the money spent by you.

  • Keeps Your Mind At Peace

Being at the work front, you might be juggling with multiple tasks. While busy at work, there can be times when you are not aware of or could not notice the spillage or any other hazardous substance. It can make you slip. If this happens, apart from getting injuries, there can be a possibility that you cause harm to your colleagues too. But if you are wearing the slip-resistant shoes, it keeps you at peace during such situations.

As of now, you must have understood the benefits of wearing slip-resistant boots, so the next time you plan to buy new shoes, always prefer going for slip-resistant.

Look stylish and stay in trend with the best collection of the square-toe boots. Do not forget to look for slip-resistant footwear to avoid any physical harm to the body because of slippery areas.

Make a wise investment by buying the best square-toe shoes after considering your style and quality of the boots.

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