How to Wear It Like A$AP Rocky

Sensational hip-hop aficionado A$AP Rocky (Rakim Mayers- real names) is one artist that never seizes to wow his teeming fans who would burn down the Swedish consulate for his sake. Asides being a crackerjack hip-hop artist, this young legend balls like no other when it comes to dressing. His style is unique and grandeur – another reason why fans go gaga. From living an indigent life on the streets of Bronx, A$ap honed his craft and honed himself out of poverty into the dazzling lights of fame and fashion relevance. His brother’s death fuelled his rap ingenuity and he has since bagged tons of awards and admiration from everyone who has a rich sense of fashion, music, and art in New York and wherever hip-hop and fashion thrives. 

His fashion style is our focus here 


A$ap Rocky is one distinguished gentleman when it comes to looks. His style sometimes is way out of the ordinary and we can’t just help but patronize his paparazzi’s. One good dressing deserves a picture that we’d love to keep. From contemporary styles to reinventing the fashion wheels and virtually creating styles for himself, this chap has come a long way since 2014 where he was pretty much married to an odd scoop-neck T-shirt-cardigan ensemble to his latter days where the only style he shuns is baggy. Perhaps the fashion sense of the ’90s sucks big time for him and he will gladly make a pass on them any day. Let’s hope surprises are part of his offering and anticipate him on them baggies. 

Here’s How to Dress the A$AP Rocky’s Way 

Ditch the Stereotypes 


If you want to rock it the A$AP Rocky way then you have to ditch everything conventional that you know. That’s what Mayers does. He feeds on it to live in the fashion industry. Perhaps the inventors of suit need to file a lawsuit against Mayers which will be of course dead on arrival for him donning a suit jacket on a hoodie and side-striped trousers. Who are you to complain, he’s Mayers. 

Fall in Love with Suits 


Before flouting all the rules in the book, you need to be attached to suits emotionally then you can begin to style as you deem fit. You could even get his attention one of these days with this play if you are a super fan. Suits are great and no one probably does it better than Mayers. He looks flashy in them like they were bespoke from the origin. Steal ideas from him and you can be like him. 

White is a Sweetheart 


When he is not on official functions and ambles down the street, the street way, he’s most times spotted on his longline shirts with granddad collars. His feet aren’t left in the snow-white style, white sneakers addressee that and sometimes white suits are paired with white round necks. Hoodies are not left out in the all-white business either.  

Be Comfortable with Women’s Wear 


You should have no problem with women’s wear no matter how eerie it gets. Do it like Rocky as he compliments his Dior T-shirt with some big pants coated with African prints and a long white rope dangling down. 

Denim on Denim is Cool 


Rocky has an army of double denim in his wardrobe and if you think going on all denim can be intimidating, Rocky is looking for denim to cover his sneakers with and practically attire himself in all denim head to toe. If his sneakers can wear denim, a denim hat or hood will be the least of his concerns in procuring. 

Do You Like Life Vests? 


Unless the situation is life-threatening right? Else there’s no way under the galaxy you are adorning yourself in it. Well, guess what, Rocky doesn’t think so. And if you want to model after his style which you admire then you have to be cool with his styles. He says the vest is one hell of a cool idea with a color that screams out to sun in contention for brightness. There’s a Gucci hoodie beneath by the way and you can think of how worse could this be. 

Specialize in Leather Jackets 


This style tends to him accentuate the unique fashion brand that literary singles him out of the crowd. Monochrome hues like black and white are the most utilized colors here and the key is to keep things on a simpler level and don’t relent at it. To complement the good stuff is a black denim slim fit for pants while his feet are graced with black boots, could be leather or suede, but suede looks chicer and leather isn’t a bad idea. His jacket is even leather with a sparkling white tee partially covered by the leather jacket. There gold chains, rings and other jewelry which are the usual icings on the cake, remember to also include the same way Rocky would do. 

Do Not Welcome ties in any way 


From all indications and observations, rocky seems to have animosity with conventional ties. It reflects when he’s suited up and you start looking for the tie but no way, they aren’t there. You can, however, find a grosgrain neck bow tie compliments of Gucci on his neck. These days it’s now developing into a trend for the street guys. For most of his corporates, Rocky can fare off well without ties leaving him happier you think. 

You have to be Bold 


Trying to style after Mayers doesn’t come with peanuts, it comes with balls, an enormous amount of balls to evoke boldness in the face of constructive criticisms. Rocky styles as he deems fit and wears them out to wherever he pleases without having to fret or burst some of his arteries like a wimp. That’s what being uniquely awesome entails and if you are aren’t ready to be witty alongside rocky, you might need to alight from the bus now and go gather some ample wits for what's to come.  

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