How Have Bella and Gigi Hadid grown their Modelling Empire

The story of these two glam sisters is one that echoes along every runway across New York and Paris since both cities are reputable fashion foremost cities. They are seen as the replicas of the Kardashians with their fame in mind and the height of influence they’ve attained in the fashion sphere within them and beyond. They were born into a fairly humble home with a small empire. Their mother Yolanda Hadid was a hardworking model and had built some level of relevance around work niche when they were birthed. Together with her husband – Mohammed Hadid, a real estate mogul, they raised two esteemed kids who have made them proud and made the Hadid family the cynosure of the public and persons of interest in the fashion world.

Their life is characterized by public appearances yoked with undaunted papparrazi’s snapping their every move, press conferences, autographs on fans and all the stressful bliss that fame affords.


How they got their start

Their parents – Mohammed and Yolanda Hadid were married for just 6 years, in that time, Gigi was birthed in 1995 and her sister Bella was birthed the following year in 1996. Gigi began modelling at age 2 when she modelled for Guess. That young start would translate to her signing with IMG at 18 and to the present where she has worked with a number of resilient world famous brands like Tom Ford, Chanel, Marc Jacobs and Balmain. Younger sister Bella on her part, is also the rave of the moment when it comes to modelling. She’s a supermodel just like her mom. You can’t possibly be an ambassador for Dior Makeup if you aren’t super.

Well, both ladies are super models compliments of Yolanda and her refusal to be lazy in her act. Bella got her start into modelling at 16, but got her breakthrough and thus entrance into mainstream fashion modelling in 2016 when she turned 20. She out of sheer diligence found herself in an app known as keek – an app that typically runs same status quo as Vine but its videos are lengthier. Same year crowned her with the honour as Model of the Year by She leads a successful solo career away from her sister’s, but they usually collaborate on some projects. Both had worked for Moschino and Balmain in numerous campaigns by the brands.


How they built a Successful Modelling Empire

They had no plan on being on the spotlight when they first set out with a new tactic in an attempt to scale up things from the foundation that their mom had laid for them. Bella said she was only trying to make her mom her happy and by that she meant making her proud. Although Bella had passion for modelling (of course you have to, else you will lose it), but more importantly, making her mom happy was in the scheme of things. Now beyond modelling, Bella is gracing TV screens and making cameos on Housewives. This has served as a pedestal that inched her upwards in the ladder of her lucrative career. Both girls have made a fortune for themselves as well as luxurious fame that would stand the times. For Gigi, losing her father at 7 wasn’t what she wanted and she knew the toll it took on her mother who had to work super hard in modelling to fend for them. This is the inspiration behind her work ethic. Her parents especially her mother came from nothing and she is left with no choice to work hard and honour them. Today millions of followers around the world are connected to her and would follow her every post from that same work ethic she created for herself. Many thanks once again to their mother who beyond affording them ample time to discover themselves, went further into spurring them to success by coercing them to appear before cameras. The better part of their infant and early teen life was characterized by photoshoots inspired by their mom in an attempt to find out if they possess her level of flair and carriage. It was also to prepare them for what is to come.

This story is at the risk of being salt-less if the other side of their lives were left out. It wasn’t all roses with the girls as their mother would recount. She met some stubbornness and grumblings. Gigi stalled her first shot at giving modelling a huge chance until she moved to New York and enrolled in criminal psychology classes in 2013. Bella would join her sister in New York City a year later but instead of delving right into the legacy and taking it from there, she decided to delve into photography at the Parsons School of Design. Recounting, Yolanda said after the girls have played the bush beating card on her for a few years, it dawned on them that, for the better part of parenting and submission, the parents actually know what they are talking about and know what’s right for their children.


The boycotting of the modelling lane had actually taught the girls that making it big isn’t like a walk in the park. We are quoting Yolanda here “she hugs me and says, ‘Thank you for giving me those two extra years to grow up, be in my flip flops and play basketball.’ Modelling is a tough profession. It’s not for the weak”. She was talking about Gigi.

Motherly Influence in their career

Today, there are a very few things you can take away from Gigi and Bella Hadid, but certainly not their fame, charm, kindness and hard work. The hard work brought them up there and has kept them standing. Behind the scenes is an arduous mother who began laying the foundations while she wiped their butts. This was far beyond keeping their carbs intake in check where they had to lay cakes on the sacrificial altar of sports illustrated swimsuit shoot but schooling them to be happy while doing their job since it would certainly reflect on their appearance. Then she schooled them on how to work their butts off, be grateful for everything around them and care for everyone around them.

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