The History of Gucci

Gucci is an Italian fashion label founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci, which means that it is one of the oldest Italian brands. As many other fashion houses, Gucci started out as a manufacturer that sells luggage and equestrian equipment and later on expanded into a luxury travel goods manufacturer focusing on Italy’s wealthy upper-class costumers.

Guccio Gucci was born in 1881 in Florence and worked as an immigrant worker in Paris and later London where he was inspired by rich people and their luxurious baggage. Since his father was a leather craftsmen he decided to establish his own shop in 1920 because Florence was, after all, the city distinguished for high-quality materials.

Some of the primarily goods that this brand produced was leather and luxury knitwear, silk, handbags and shoes. During the World War II, Gucci was forced to only use cotton due to the material constraints. This was the time when the brand introduced their “Double-G” monogram and the stripe which consists of two green stripes and one single red bar.

Ever since the 1950s until now, Gucci has been one of the most incredible fashion houses amongst wealthy travelers and Hollywood stars. Guccio Gucci passed away in 1953 but their sons Aldo, Vasco and Rodolfo continued the business without any problems. They introduced luxury accessories such as eyewear, watches and jewelry to their product line in the 60s, expanding the business even more.

The 80s were not easy for Gucci because Rudolfo passed away and his son Maurizio struggled to keep Gucci’s success. The brand started to experience family disputes, tax evasion charges, assassinations and foreign investor sales. The person who managed to save Gucci from financial ruin is Tom Ford, who was hired as a designer in the 90s but soon promoted to Creative Director within four years. He restored the reputation and extravagance that Gucci had always been famous for.

Frida Giannini replaced him in 2004 until Alessandro Michele took over in 2015 as creative director because there had been a perception that her work was stale and boring. What is really interesting is the fact that Gucci achieved record sales under his leadership (an 11% boost in profits) and his unique style attracted younger customers who enjoyed his extravagant and opulent fashion style.

Gucci as a word described something that is “doing well” and it has become a form of slang as well as a symbol of abundance among the fashion houses. Many popular stars such as Kanye West and Cardi B use this word in their rap songs. It is also Gucci’s history of being a very bold and inspirational brand that inspired many hip hop artists.

Currently Gucci is owned by the French luxury group Kering under the proprietor Francois Pinault who also owns Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen.

  • 1921 – The first Gucci store opens in Florence.
  • 1935-1936 - Gucci finds alternatives to imported leather due to League of Nations embargo against Italy; developing a specially woven hemp from Naples printed with the first signature print.
  • 1938 - Gucci opens the first shop in Rome.
  • 1951 - Guccio’s son Rodolfo opens the first Milan store, and the green-red-green web becomes an iconic logo of the company.
  • 1953 - Expansion to United States with first American store in New York City. Guccio Gucci passes away at the age of 72 and his sons take over.
  • 1961 - Gucci stores open in London and Palm Beach.
  • 1972 - Gucci store opens in Tokyo, followed two years later with a store in Hong Kong.
  • 1975 - Launch of the first perfume.
  • 1981 - Gucci parades ready-to-wear fashion for the first time at the Florentine fashion show.
  • 1985 - The Gucci loafer is displayed at New York’s MoMa and becomes part of the permanent collection.
  • 1990 - American designer Tom Ford is hired to oversee the women’s ready-to-wear collection.
  • 1994 - Tom Ford is appointed creative director, with his first collection coming out for Autumn ’95.
  • 1999-2000 - Relaunching of Jackie bag, opening the era of a Gucci “It” bag Company acquisition by Francois Pinault.
  • 2002 - Frida Giannini, previously handbag designer for Fendi, joins Gucci as part of Ford’s design team.
  • 2004 – Frida Giannini becomes creative director.
  • 2007 - The first TV ad campaign airs for the Gucci by Gucci fragrance.
  • 2011 - Gucci celebrates its 90 year anniversary.
  • 2015 - Alessandro Michele is appointed as creative director of Gucci, succeeding Tom Ford.
  • 2017 – Marco Bizzarri is appointed CEO of Gucci.




Gucci Perfumes

Here are some of the most popular and sought after Gucci perfumes that you should definitely check out:





Gucci Bloom was launched globally in 2017, the first under the hand of the new creative director Alessandro Michele. This fragrance consists of white flowers such as natural sambac jasmine and heady tuberose mixed with woody orris toots and Chinese honeysuckle. It is a floral perfume perfect for spring.




Gucci Bamboo was first launched in 2015 and it is supposed to reflect confidence and femininity. It is a floral fragrance that is intense and strong but also gentle and graceful. It consists of woody citrusy bergamot and ylang-ylang, Casablanca lily and orange blossom. There is also sandalwood, vanilla and amber in the base. Gal Gadot is the face of this fragrance.




Launched in 2012 and inspired by timeless Hollywood glamour and modern icon Blake Lively, this floral woody musk consists of bergamot, orange blossom, white flower, musk, leather and wood. It is warm and luxury and everything you would want when you think of glamorous red carpet gowns and sensual femininity.


Guilty Absolute Pour Homme eau de perfume

 Guilty Absolute Pour Homme eau de perfume

Launched in 2017, this strong scent is made of leather and patchouli, golden wood and vetiver. It is a woody and aromatic scent for men that is both powerful and sensible at the same time. If you are looking for a strong scent that will scream “strong male” all around you, then definitely try this one.


Luxury Handbags

Gucci is famous for its amazing leather bags, so here are some of the most popular models:


Gucci the Handbag for Women

 Gucci the Handbag for Women

This amazing leather bag comes with 2 handles, a removable shoulder bag and Ziploc fastening, one lined compartment inside and one internal pocket with a dust bag included. It comes in red and black and it is very spacious – perfect for a walk or work because all of your things will fit inside but you will still look stylish.


Gucci the Shoulder Bag

 gucci shoulder bag

This is the perfect shoulder bag for shopping and just strolling around. It is not very stylish or glamorous but very soft and comfortable for wearing. Gucci is after all famous for its leathers. It comes with a Zip lock & lined interior with 3 pockets and a dust bag.


Gucci the Cross body Bag

 gucci crossbody

This perfect mini cross body bag comes in black and red and carries the iconic logo of the brand. You can wear it to fashionable events as well, not just walks. It contains a dust bag, shoulder strap and a metallic fastening with one lined compartment.


Shoes - Sneakers

gucci sneakers


Check out our offer of very comfortable and glamorous sneakers that you can wear anywhere – from everyday walks to special events and dinners. They come in various colors but what they have in common is the fabrics made of high quality leather – these shoes are very soft and comfortable and you won’t even feel them on your feet.



 gucci wallet

Speaking of accessories, we offer Gucci wallets of best quality that you can find, and at affordable prices. What makes this wallets unique is the fact that you can pair them with your favorite bags because all of them come with the iconic Gucci monogram.

They will remind you of the most sought after Gucci models and they are, of course, made of premium leather which vouches for longevity and durability. Check them out for yourself.



To sum up, we have talked about the history of Italian fashion brand Gucci, its founder and timeline of the most important events. This is one of the oldest Italian fashion brands known for its bold and daring outfits worn by the celebrities all over the world.

We have also introduced you to the most famous items among perfumes, sneakers and bags, which you can find at our site at affordable prices.

Do you own anything by Gucci? If yes, what? If not, would you? Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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