History Behind Prada

The Origins of Prada 

Born in Italy, Prada the luxury boutique brand, well-known for their production of accessories including leather handbags, shoes, fashion accessories as well as their ready-to-wear apparel and perfumes. The brand was brought to life in 1913 by world-renowned Mario Prada.

As many may be surprised to know, Prada's early years were focused on producing luggage. It was not until the year 1978 when Miuccia Prada took over the family business from Mario Prada that they started to establish themselves as innovators in the fashion industry. The first series that shocked the industry was in 1985 when Miuccia brought out a line of black nylon handbags and backpacks. Almost 40 years later, Prada is now a billion dollar company.

In 1986 Prada went international moving out of the home town Milan and opening up their first stores in Madrid and New York. Shortly after which Prada decided to drop their first women's clothing line called "uniforms for the slightly disenfranchised.", it grew a massive success as critics and consumers devoured.

Following the success of the first women's clothing line, Miuccia began working closely with her husband Bertelli to revolutionize Prada into an empire. Although in 1992, Miuccia and her husband decided to create something of their own, announcing their new brand Miu Miu. Three years following the launch of Miu Miu they dropped the first series of the men's clothing line. Prada's success does not end there as they have continuously scaled their growth in the fashion industry by buying up competitors such as Fendi, Helmut Lang, Church & Company, and many others.

The Prada Impact

One of the main driving forces in Prada's success was their fearlessness of innovating fashion. As the most essential success stories are born from being different Prada is a prime example of this. They have gone so far to even launching a raincoat that would remain transparent until contact with the rain where it then turns opaque. Critics have always been the first attempting to diminish the brand; however, in 2004, Prada gave out hats made from straw and embroidered moccasins. Continuing to prove the point of why Prada's creativity has made them an absolute powerhouse.

Prada's Latest Collections

Luke Leitch states that "A Prada show sometimes feels like an especially fiendish crossword puzzle that's designed never to be solved." That is precisely what the Spring 2019 Men's and Women's wear show illustrated.

Spring 2019 Men's Wear





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Spring 2019 Women's Wear





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 Devil Wears Prada Collection


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