Highlights of the New York Fashion Week 2019

There are a few spectacular things you can't take away from the New York Fashion Week. The glam is a given and the diversity gives it an edge over others around the globe. There's also the sustainable social integrity associated with the NYFW and the rare political fashion undertones that it strikes. This year wasn't an exception to all the charm and relevance that tags along with the NYFW. There were more pronounced political statements, an amputee even brought an interesting twist to the entire mix and then the rich diversity which was amplified by the African-American cultural mix.

This time around the schedule was a bit rigid, 5 days took care everything and the events were compressed to fit into the tight schedule. Organizers had to put in people's time and budget into consideration coupled with feedback from the previous events where editors and buyers complained about longer schedules and even guests too.
But that didn't compromise on what the NYFW was known for.
Colorful fashion displays and grandeur locations were features of the recently concluded NYFW.
Let's take a look at some of the highlights of the 2019 New York Fashion Week considered to be one of the fascinating around the world.
Diversity was Inherent as usual
This one is always fixed. The New York Fashion Week is foremost when it comes to racial diversity in fashion. In this year's edition, diversity was at every turn you took. Nicholas Glass a creative director who spoke with CNN said they wanted to have more women in their diversity (cutting across age brackets) in the scheme of things. Accidental Icon blogger Lyn Slater who is 65 was featured and actress Debbie Maza tagged her teenage daughter Evelina Corcos along when she walked down. Swimsuit brand chromat champions diversity whereever it goes and further demonstrated that at the NYFW featuring displays from diverse body types, race and age.

Daisy may
A Double Amputee etched her name in History at 9
If you are looking for ways to make a grand debut, then you can take a cue from double amputee Daisy-May Demetre. She walked the runway for childrenswear brand Lulu et Gigi clad in a knee length dress that flaunted her prosthetic legs. She is from Birmingham and was born with a bone condition that had some part of the fibular bone in her leg hidden. This impeded her movement and balance but didn't stop her from making her mark in the fashion pages of New York. She will also grace the runway of the Paris Fashion Week. We don't know if we'll be hearing from her in subsequent fashion weeks, but one thing is certain - she walked in fame as a debutante.
African-American Culture was celebrated with Gospel on the mix

Tommy Hilfiger, a force to reckon with united with newbie Pyer Moss to celebrate the pronounced African-American cultural heritage of the free world. At Pyer Moss's show, it began with a sermon by Casey Gerald that echoed the black experience in America. This was succeeded by a choir rendition. The gospel choir also did soul music. While the performance was top-notch, the clothing was off the hook. In Tommy Hilfigers corner, the show was held in Harlem, outside the Apollo theatre and there it was drenched in black artistry. Music and fashion was finely blended. You could afford to dump the fusion of blacks in the other climes of the world in sheer oblivion but not in the average American society. That includes fashion and the NYFW isn't an exception.
Tom Ford Brought a Revolution to Crop Tops

Tom Ford crop top
Since the teenagers monopolized the usage of crop tops and made grownups feel oddly childish in them, Tom thought it was high time to get the monopoly off the kiddos. And so it was at the NYFW, in all of its glamorous comeback for grownups. Tom Ford in his 2020 spring/summer collection flaunted models on the runway with body fitted geometric crop tops. They were colorful fuchsias and violets that were enchanting enough to encourage grownups to flaunt their bodies in the once colonized crop tops. We are thinking this revolution will compel industry watchers and investors to opt back into the trend of crop tops for adults.
Registration of New Names

While the veterans did their thing, new kids on the blocks of fashion introduced their arts. The NYFW week featured newbie designers on the runway who looked promising and worth giving a patronage. Upcoming indie label puppets and Puppets designed by erstwhile artist Carly Mark, fused Romanov themed textiles and shapes that seem unfathomable alongside the bizarre soundscape from thereminist Doris Chrysler. It all seemed eerie but pleasant. Then Japanese designer Tomo Koizumi who made his debut in the last edition the center of attention, decided to inch things upwards this time when he dressed transgender model Ariel Nicholson in the designers rainbow confections that where so prodigious and almost resembling a sculptural masterpiece. At the end of the day, there are new names to watch out for when next season is around the corner. Most times, you never can tell what level of awesomeness these newcomers have got up their sleeves nor the fashion statements that they are planning on introducing. Well keep our fingers crossed on that.
Theatrical Performances

So it wont reek of boredom following just fashion patterns, theatrical performances are there to spice things up amongst other flavors that the NYFW come laced with. Tom Ford entertained his guests underground in what seemed like a haunted subway. The platform had no choice but to double as the runway. There were more than enough drinks for everyone and even the real subway workers were co-opted into the fun. The atmosphere was lit up with rhythmical undertones creating a downtown feel. Elsewhere, designer Hilary Taymour of Collina Strada initiated a farmers market and went on to invite guests to come take the produce to reiterate her resolve in sustainability. Suffice to add that the entire clothing was produced from repurposed materials save for the jersey fabric.

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