Highlights from London Fashion Week

When the summers draw closer, fashion industry followers eagerly look forward to the “Big Four” fashion weeks.
Though many notable fashion weeks take place around the world, among the “Big Four” are only Paris, Milan, New York and London’s Fashion week.
The clothing trade show is held twice a year, in February and September in London and was first held in October 1983.
September’s London Fashion Week that showcased above 250 fashion designers was the first of the four fashion weeks that opened doors to the public.  British Fashion Council (BFC), the organizer of the fashion week was delighted to let both trade and public join the celebration of fashions diversity, community, and creativity.
The five days of the fashion week from September 13, 2019 - September 17, 2019, showcased the best British designs. From catwalk shows to presentations and the various events organized throughout the week, the fashion capital offered a lot.
Here are the most talked-about moments of the season.

Irish Countryside to Faishon Week - Simone Rocha


Simone Rocha, the Dublin designer, showcased her collection at Alexandra Palace that included clothes for women of all ages. She took the inspiration from qingming, a Chinese festival where families honor ancestors.
Fashion crowd raised the eyebrow when Simone announced her show outside central London. But the lure of her romantic designs made the fashion community step out of their comfort zone. The move was worth as her collection was so breathtaking that all the editors, stylist and others present at the venue were utterly silent to live the magic that Rocha displayed.
Puffball tulle dresses in brocade flowers moved to past. While the lace-trimmed veils hanging from wide-brimmed hats covering the models faces also looked beautiful.  Not only the dresses, but the footwear were equally delightful.
The intense and evocative mood made it a memorable show. Detailing in all the creations and the level of the work Rocha displayed was extraordinary. Like always, the styling told its story of the feminine spirit.
Jeweled hairbands, chandelier earrings, frilled brogues, pearl studding, sloped shoulder, full skirts, and puff sleeves are all her signature. She has the creative talent to sway the feminine heart in the best emotional ways.
The star-cast, who models for her brand, features host of actors from her native Ireland. Chernobyl star Jessie Buckley from Killarney also turn on the catwalk for Simone Rocha.
It was a beautiful show with one of her best collections!

Richard Quinn’s Show Steal The Finale

The fastest rising star of London Fashion Week delivered a spectacular show in Bethnal Green at the sports center. When Her majesty attends your catwalk show, the bar needs to be set pretty high, and Quinn’s jaw-dropping show did it.
The Native of South East London aimed at creating a fashion century, where all can come and celebrate. He successfully delivered it with Philharmonic orchestra performance, by positioning orchestra at the far end of the boxing hall with a choir, above them, on the balcony.
The fashion royalty, Erin O'Connor’s also walked on the pink carpet for Richard Quinn. At one point, the technical difficulties and delays appeared in the show, convinced the audience that the show has ended. Orchestra fell silent, and models were also not appearing on the runway.
But the master of surprise came with a bang and delivered the eye-catching moment that melted everyone's heart. The music started again, and the models walked out wearing feathers and florals. Quinn sent a group of young children adorned in a miniature version of the outfit. The feather headdresses resembled the cutest duckling.
He also debuted his bridalwear collection at the end of the show. Brimming with the style of the 1920s, it was a collection of two –pieces and midi length dresses with a floral backdrop. With Beading and dainty gloves, it gives an ideal setting for a wedding.

Riccardo Tisci’s Burberry Show

This season Tisci presented his relaxed and refined collection of Burberry. It was his third season at Burberry, and he showcased latest seasonal offerings at the fashion week. The theme of the collection displayed by Tisci was “evolution,” because his works evolved the original codes of Burberry.
His collection was more on tailored suits. The legendary British fashion house also focused on versatile footwear, accessories, and smart outerwear. Riccardo’s collection has something for all at Burberry.
Like previous seasons Tisci broke his collection into separate stories that feature classic, heritage, and feminine Burberry. Along with tailoring, it also included streetwear and eveningwear. The collection was inspired by the past and dedicated to the future.
Monochrome suiting in beige and grey, reconstructed trench coats, contrast print two-pieces, and hand-stitched ostrich feather frock are some of his works displayed by models at London’s Fashion Week.
The supermodel Kendall Jenner went platinum blonde here this time. As earlier she was seen wearing big, but this was the first time when she got her naturally dark tresses colored. She wore a tan logo coat paired with a black midi skirt. Ugbad was seen warking the runway, supporting a hijab that well-matched her looks.
Gigi, Bella Hadid, and Irina Shayk also modeled for Tisci’s latest collection.

Victoria Beckham Spring Collection

Victoria came with her workwear and party wear collection, inspired by the ’70s at the London Fashion Week. The office tailored suitings were mostly in neutrals or contrasting gingham. For evening she added color and volume in A-line dresses. 
Ruffled silk dresses were designed in a palette of neutrals with occasional high tones of deep purple, turquoise, emerald green, and citrine.
It’s the strange mixing of the colors that excite most about her collection. She said all neutrals together don’t look good, but the strangeness that she adds in her designs makes them right.
London Fashion Week had seen the softer and romantic side of Victoria. The whole Beckham family, including her husband David Beckham and their four children Romeo, Brooklyn, Cruz, and Harper, were seen seated in the front row and cheering the designer.
Dressed in maroon trousers and chic camel-colored blouse Victoria Beckham looked visibly emotional when she walked onto the runway at the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The whole family seemed incredibly proud of the designer.
The top Instagram post was also of Beckham, where she was seen pictured with her daughter at the fashion show. She has captioned it, “My number one guest.” She also added there that her show would broadcast live on the Instagram stories.

Christopher Kane Eco-Sexual Spring Collection


Christopher Kane always focused on sexuality in fashion. Last season, Christopher’s collection was focused on sex, as his models were seen on the runway in sheer red lace outfits and feather – necked silk camisoles. This time in Spring 2020 collection, he took the theme further and turned to the animal kingdom.
His collection took a trip through the galaxy with honor to “Ecosexuals.” He declared the collection is all about people who are in love with nature. His designs in the ecological nature prints included feather-trimmed chain mail, paisley-printed silks, floral and astronomical prints and sharp silhouettes. Along with the florals and stars, there were also soundtracks on trees.
Kane also reprised his previous collections, gel panels, constellation prints, and neon lace and presented them in a refreshed way.

Molly Goddard Best Designs


Molly Gobbards bright in color tulle dresses is so assertive in volume and full of energy that holds power to plant a smile even on the cold-hearted serial killer. There were various smocked dresses that became the signature of Gobbard.
The designer popular for her use of tulle layering showed the beauty of designs and involvement of technical skills in her designs. Models hit the runway with layered crisp cotton poplin shirts, skirts, smocked tulle. Models were seen supporting flat knee-high leather boots. Ruffles, airy, and weightless bubble shaped skirt were also included in her designs. The frills in her outfits were grounded with crisp A-line coats and knitwear
This season Gobbard has plenty of options to offer to non-Villanelles in the audience.
Backstage Gobbard said that her collection was not based on any theme or specific woman. It was focused on giving a self-supporting structure to her designed clothes.

Roberta Einer's Dreamy Collection

This was Roberta Einer’s 9th season when she represented her fashion brand at London Fashion Week. She took inspiration for her dreamy collection from long summers spent in seaside villas. Her creations included pastel shade fluid dresses with neon detailing, watercolor prints, and flowy silk pants. She designed light and breezy collection, which was interpreted through the lens of her childhood nostalgia.
Watching her spring collection was like revisiting her memorable holiday destinations with the alluring styles presented by her in the season.
The five–day event face stiff competition in comparison to other fashions weeks of “Big Four.” But the London Fashion Weeks this season delivered a series of impressive collections by fashion designers. Those who missed the big event must have got a peep through these amazing highlights of the fashion week.

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