Guide to Bags, Handbags, Purses for All Seasons.

Bags and purses are fashionable but beyond their sheer stylish nature, they play a complementary role in our dressing especially when they match the colors of our adornments. Their function is another highlight – to hold our little personal belongings and most times depending on how big these bags are, they could hold more than little and yet retain their appeal and make us glow elegantly. They are our most handy items as females and regardless of how fully attired we can ever be, we still feel almost naked without them.

However, not all bags align into the seasons we find ourselves. Certain bags are best suited for certain seasons but some bags are just there for all seasons without hampering your style with oddity as an elegant lady. After brining you Luxurious Designer Bags at Affordable Prices; In this article, we’ll be sharing with you some of the right kinds of bags that can accentuate your style and that is unique to a season, then purses for all seasons will be revealed, but before we delve right into all that, I think a little tip on choosing a bag for all seasons will be in order.

Choosing a Bag for All Seasons

They are called everyday bags and they can stick with you through the seasons under the sun. They will be strapped to your shoulder or glued to your hands (left or right) all winter and retain that position in summer. Gradually they will become part of your life and without them, you can’t help but feel a huge vacuum in the way you appear. Choosing these kinds of bags for yourself can be very tricky. However, there are certain vital factors you should consider when an array of their likes are spread out before you and choices come into play. Quality comes tops and that has to do with durability. The quality should not be at the expense of the elegance of the bag. It should be strong to last through the seasons and yet reflect a fashionable aura. Size comes next. This bag will virtually become part of your life after purchase, so you need to be sure it can house all your minor and major accessories and belongings seamlessly. Leather bags come to mind when durability is involved. Leave the suede’s and beaded totes for special occasions – go for the slouchy hobos and statement bags.

Ideal Bags for Spring/Summer

Here are some of the most ideal bags you can use to hide your belongings during spring and summer.

Small Bucket Bag



From H&M comes this austere yet classy and beautiful bag. Radiates in plain white and void of printings but comes with a green floral scarf to keep it closer to you. It isn’t so glamorous but you won’t regret doling out the bucks for it. White is cool and you’d be surprised how people would love to steal it away.


Skipping Girl Classic Tote



Well, if you aren’t too particular about packing lots of personal items along with you when you storm the outdoors, this is your pick. Comes in radiant bright colors of aqua-blue and large lemon prints. The spring aura it oozes can suit your summer longings and you can tag it along with a summer dress or jeans. Fancy colorful handy items? Roll with this one.


Zara Natural Handbag



With an antiquated thatch appearance, this bag was woven naturally for lovers of the wooden trends. The brown color isn’t overly selective and can pair with a lot of clothing. It’s quite derailing from the rest of the other elegant bags. Unique is the word. Look different and deviate from all the fashion norms with this. Break the rules in style. And by the way, this bag comes from a renowned global fashion outfit, does Zara ring a bell?


Animal Print Belt Bag



Another deviation from the trends of handbags. This one comes with a belt and you know your waist will certainly be involved. It’s black and beautiful. Won’t cost you an arm and a leg. This black bag is luxurious like the rest of the designers you see and you have it in two color variants. You can’t say no. This is spring/summer delight. A shelter for your little possessions.


Faux Leather Colorblock Canteen Crossbody Bag



Include this faux leather light bag into your collection and fish it out when you want to amble around on a lighter note especially when you’ve been doing lots of heavy carrying all season. The color is creamy and isn’t too expressive. Perfect substitute for your darker bags that you are bored off.

Mini Faux-Fur Shopper Tote Bag



Granted, furs aren’t your first choices when it comes to picking bags. I bet you this one is going make you reconsider your position on bags selection. It’s extremely furry and you know how soft furs can feel when you just hold them resignedly after dashing out from a stressful event. Call them stress ball replicas and you won’t be wrong. This is going to hide your little items like wallet, tampons, keys, small gadgets like phone chargers and other minor personal items.

Ideal Bags For Fall/Winter

When winter shows up, these are some of the bags you would want to find yourself using. They are suited for the season, but most importantly function and elegance is what brought them out here.


Snake Skin Leather Bags


Since you will be clad most of the time in sweatshirts and hoods, these bags from Givenchy, Gucci and Staud can fully complement your style. From one of the menacing animals under the sun, an accessory was artistically created for fashion’s sake. Have your little belongings hide under a snakeskin and carry them about in leather quality. They are durable and reflect a touch of class anywhere you go.

Minimalist Bags


Bored of having too many prints on a hand and shoulder accessory, drift to this minimal designs. Prada and Victoria Beckham offer high-quality leather minimalistic bags that are functional and professional. They come in an array of colors and sizes leaving you with a plethora of options to make. The soft leather is the raw material and aesthetic designs were the least of production concerns here.

Patched Together Bags


And then creativity comes to materialization in these bags. They could assume the form of conventional bags but are patched or laced with fabrics. Some of these fabrics are traced back to Africa so you can appreciate the diversity in fashion. There’s very little they can contain, they are quite delicate, fashionable and unique.

Prada Fur Bags


In winter you need more furry items and Prada settles that need. It is a trend that is surging across the designer bags industry, you are encouraged to hop in now and ride while it’s hot. These bags can even replace your gloves – compliments of the thick furs that goes way up to the handle.

Gucci “Build a Bag”


For a brand like Gucci, trendsetting isn’t news, so when they came up with the “build a bag” concept, we were like “oh, that’s usual”. This trend involves tiny bags connected to each other in a stepwise manner by small hooks. You can now have three bags with one long handle straddled up your shoulder.

Purses for Every Occasion

Purses are mini bags and are more convenient than their big brothers. They are for the days you feel like you need something ultra-light to run an errand with or you just want to be as simplistic as possible. The occasion is another factor you can’t shy away from but here we present to you everyday purses you can use for any kind of outdoor purpose.

Tote Bags


Tote bags are very are light and handy. They are all fabulous especially when designer brand names are in the picture. Secure your minor essentials in these bags when you seek to go outdoors. Could be the gym, a party, seminar or office. They are suited for just about any occasion.

Clutch Purses


They are the smallest but make the most fashion impact in their unique way. Talk about convenience – this purse takes it to a whole new level. They are light and feel great to hold around. Bags can be pretty heavy at times to even feel like baggage, such times need these clutch purses for redemption. They come in tons of shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be worn with just any clothing. They are hardly selective when it comes to time and setting.

Straw Bags

These little purses are handcrafted. They are suited for light items like sunglasses, cards, mobile accessories and with your discretion, you can know what’s ideal to occupy them. They are classy and are hotcakes during the summer shopping window.

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