Fashion Today: Top 5 Fashion Capitals of the World

Ever since man decided not to clothe himself with figs but substitute for fabrics, fashion has played a significant role in all of humanity's existence on earth. As a matter of fact, fashion today is the second most important necessity in the lives of humans after food. You can't amble around butt naked; you need to be clothed and that makes fashion your concern. But that's a prelude if you are thinking fashion today isn't worth all the hype and craze.

So ever since fashion began playing an ultimate role in our lives, some cities of the world have stood out as fashion hubs. These fashions hubs are littered across Europe, America and Asia. One thing stands out amongst them – they are not just the melting pots of fashion in their climes, they are where modern fashion trends are created, old fashion trends revived and been dispersed halfway around the world. Fashion influencers across the world see these cities as some sort of pilgrim location and respect them accordingly.

Top fashion labels that are patronized by over 70% of the world’s population are headquartered in these cities and some of the best fashion shows under the sun are being held in these same cities. Over the years, the highly hankered number one spot has been shared by New York, Paris and London. It now rotates between these three cities, any slackening in the part of one leads to a deposition by the city trailing behind it. It’s quite a competition, one hell of healthy competition for fashion today.


The Top 5 Fashion Capitals of the World Today

1. Paris 

You can’t talk about the city of Paris without including love or sprinkling love all around that speech or writing. Now you can’t certainly talk about fashion today without including this enchanting French capital or immersing fashion into it figuratively. Paris toppled New York which is the darling city of fashion to become first. No doubt, the fashion activity in the city of love has risen to a crescendo over the years. Grand fashion styles are shooting out of those love corners every month and affecting the world.

The Paris Fashion Week which holds twice each year is about the most prodigious fashion show in the world only rivalled by the New York fashion week. La Ville already plays host to the top 50 fashion schools of the world. The famous Paris College of Art and Studio is resident here. Most top designers in the world are of French origin from Christian Louboutin, Hubert de Givenchy, Christian Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent, Parisians are the most fashionable in the world today. The world’s largest fashion magazine Elle was launched in Paris in 1945 and has 44 editions around the world.


2. New York



Fashion today has come a long way, thanks to the tremendous contribution from the world’s second most revered fashion capital – New York. Prior to being deposed by Paris, New York was the Jerusalem or Mecca of fashion in the world. Top designers in other climes of the world come to New York each year to pay homage to the fashion endowments it bears. The New York Fashion Week provides that platform for this fashion pilgrimage.

This fashion event held in New York twice (February and September) annually is about the most glamorous and fabulous fashion event the world has ever seen since inception in 1943. It holds the unrivalled title as first of its kind in the world.

The Big Apple is also home to some of the best fashion schools in the world and these schools can never miss out on the top 50 fashion schools on earth not even by omission or maliciousness. Famous names in the fashion industry that are New Yorkers include Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford and Donna Karan. Even though it lost the title to Paris, New York is still adored as the fashion sweetheart of the world and any text about fashion today is never complete without New York in the mix. 

3. London

The ancient city of London is not left out of the world’s fashion fiesta. Fashion today has received some of its cake icings from the Queen’s domain. London is also a pioneering city in fashion trends (The Mod movement emerged from its staples) and it’s about the oldest when it comes to who saw the light of civilization first.
The city of London beyond its iconic sights plays host to some of the best fashion schools in the world. Central Saint Martins in London is most times revered as the best fashion school in the world and that’s hardly a mere hype.

The London College of Fashion deserves some accolades too. As akin with fashion capitals and bustling cities across the world, London Fashion Week is the climax of all fashion events in the UK. It’s the beehive of fashion displays, shopping spree and runways. Birthed since 1984, the show attracts millions every February and September each year. The UK has also produced top-notch fashion designers in the likes of McQueen, John Galliano, Christopher Kane and Stella McCartney. 

4. Milan


Fashion today has gone beyond just clothing and into watches, accessories, shoes, bags, sunglasses and every other complimentary stuff that accentuates the outfit of a fashionista. The city of Milan has been responsible for complementing fashion styles all around the world with prime accessories. Probably without Milan, fashion today would have been pretty boring but well, there’s Milan in the picture.

Beyond complementing styles, Milan is a robust city when it comes to fashion. This city host one of the largest fashion weeks in the world – the Milan Fashion Week attracting elites in the industry to its warm embrace. The Fashion week here is the same style with its counterparts; the spring/summer in February and March and the fall/winter in September.

Milan is also home to some of the world’s finest designers and leading brands in the fashion world like Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Gianni Versace, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana (Dolce & Gabbana), Miuccia Prada and a host of other fashion moguls with their luxury brands. The city of Milan is also home to some of the best fashion schools in the world.

The top 50 list is never enough without Italian fashion schools. Milan has been stable in this top-four spot over the years alongside London.


5. Tokyo

Asians have got to love Japan for representing them in the fashion hall of fame. Coming at top 5 in the fashion capitals of the world is the tech inclined city of Tokyo in Japan. The city got this far by breaking the trends and essentially building its own when it comes. They are trendsetters, having derailed from most conventions in fashion to edge them up into a relevant fashion city in their prime.

The Tokyo Fashion Week is one of the best on the Asian continent and attracts fashion enthusiasts from across the vast territories on the Asian world and beyond. The Bunka Fashion College and the Tokyo Mode Gakuen College of Fashion & Design are one of the most distinguished fashion schools in the world. From its staples, designers like Yohji Yamamoto, Kenzo Takada and Tsumori Chisato have emerged.

The Tokyo fashion week have seen the launch of some of the world’s most bizarre fashion lines and has served as a base for the launch of fashion oddities. Fashion today in Asia is wearing a new look, compliments of Tokyo.

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