Fashion Personalities Driving the Industry on Instagram

For them, fashion is more of a lifestyle than an occupation. The passion for fashion drives them and they, in turn, drive the fashion industry to unreachable heights . These personalities are bigwigs on Instagram who are trendsetters and so they strive daily to come up with interesting twists and curves in the way we appear. They derail conventional styles with crackerjack innovations. Millions of followers of these personalities are testaments to their sheer creativity and grand styles. Permit us to introduce these eminent fashion moguls that make fashion less boring every day.

Bloody Dior @bloodydior


Known as the worldwide legend, Bloody Dior is a brother to Bloody Osiris and the duo are famed as the Bloody Brothers. Tales of their exploit in the fashion capital of the new world is heard across the Americas. They exude out of the box confidence in their fashion style and their hoodrat brand is one that would blow your socks off. Dior is a New York-Based stylists just like his brother and they reflect the same brand and concept. If you heard that Kanye featured Osiris in his Yeezy season three, then you rest assured Dior was involved; both legs in. Dior and Osiris have since been associated with kingly fashion labels like VLONE and Off-White, along with fashion connoisseurs including  A$AP, Bari amongst other big names in the fashion industry. From the crude blocks of New York’s Harlem, the bloody bros have made a name for themselves in the fashion industry.

Ava Nirui @avanope


Ava Nurui is a designer of cum artists. The combination of those acts alone is super. A fusion of designing and fine artistry is certainly going to breed grandeur fashion results. Ava has a knack for mixing logos, she could seamlessly cut a style Fendi and infuse into Louis Vuitton to create another jaw-dropping logo. Let’s just say, she plays with brands and logos like putting a Ghostbusters badge into the “O” of the Louis Vuitton emblazoned hood jacket or she could just mend the rear of Dickies denim pants with “Dior” and still complement with an image of a blazing dice. So she continues to awe her followers and champion creativity in the fashion sphere of New York - the fashion capital of the free world. The luxury labels in her creations include Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Dior, Prada amongst a host of others. Find of some her creations at her Instagram page where over 82, 000 followers are getting the time of their fashion lives.

Bloody Osiris @bloodyosiris


Bloody Osiris is one of the Bloody Brothers along with Bloody Dior another fashionista. Bloody Osiris is a 25-year-old Instagram star. He was born in Harlem, New York. Perhaps the fashion spirit that has plastered the walls of America’s largest city had rubbed off on him, but one thing is certain – Bloody Osiris is one name that rings a bell in the United States and on Instagram. Bloody Osiris shot to fame after Kanye West featured him on his mood board and Instagram feed way back in 2016. He is a stylist, model, and art director. Fame, however, found him via his activities on Instagram where he had proclaimed himself as a fashion hoodrat and coupled with his sheer creativity. He starred in Yeezy, a movie series by star singer Kanye West. Bloody is a fashion influencer and a lot of budding artists are looking. He is indeed an icon when it comes to streetwear fashion.

Danielle Anabi @anabiwasabi


Danielle Anabi is an Instagram star. She rose to that position while stepping on the blocks of her fashion styles and sneaker blogging. She’s also a model and uses the same platform to flaunt her photos much to the admiration of her fans who are of course followers. She’s a fashion model to many who can’t wait for her next feed. Before her status, she was a student of communications and Arabic studies at the San Diego University but her prodigy in fashion decided otherwise for her career. The 23-year-old millennial has over 20, 000 followers on Instagram and acknowledges the inspiration she got from her parents and siblings as the fuel that drove her to where she is at the moment. The Claremont born star has a massive influence on Instagram and you can’t take that from her.

Matthew M Williams @matthewmwilliams


Born on October 17, 1985, in Chicago Illinois, Williams began his act pronto after high school by learning pattern-making for denim and jersey and before you could say “jack” he was already designing costumes for musical artists. Call it prodigy. That beginning transformed into a fashion brand known today as Alyx – a clothing label named after his daughter, Alyx. The brand Alyx is focused on women’s ready-to-wear collections. Williams is so prodigious in the fashion industry in the United States to have worked for some music superstars like Lady Gaga and Kanye West as their creative directors. He has also worked as the art director for Donda and with brands like the famous Nike, Stussy, Luka Sabbat and Sarah Synder all of which are leading figures in the fashion industry.

Sarah Snyder @sarahfuckingsnyder


Born in 1995, Sarah Snyder is an American model and actress. She is renowned for her far-out fashion sense, talk about going way out of the norms when it comes to fashion and Sarah is game. She is an ex-girlfriend to star American rapper Jaden Smith, but that didn’t supplement her fashion fame, she is for real a fashion aficionado and her Instagram page will be more than glad to enlighten you more on that. Her breakthrough in modeling began in 2014 with a photoshoot with Urban Abstract Photography. That had marked her entrance into modeling relevance. She has since been associated with fashion brands like Calvin Klein, Forever 21, Vogue Japan, Hugo Boss, and UNIQLO. The California based actress and model exist in a class all by herself. Off dazzling colors, patches and patterns are features of her unique style and she has over a million audience on Instagram as followers. Sarah is in the front line of the league championing the rise of the fashion industry on Instagram.

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