Fashion Brands You Need to Follow On Instagram

Instagram has over the years evolved into the biggest online platform where fashion brands can display their offerings to the world and gain huge followings. It’s now a safe haven where consumers connect with their favorite fashion brands and stay on top of the fashion industry. More than 90% of the leading fashion brands in the world today have a heavy presence on Instagram. In this article, we’ll be revealing to you some of these brands that are foremost on Instagram and as you learn of them, we encourage you to start following them pronto if you take fashion seriously or if you want to take it seriously henceforth. 

In no particular order, here are the top 10 Fashion Brands to follow on Instagram


Nike @nike


Famed for being in-charge of athletic clothing, Nike is a foremost fashion brand on Instagram. More awesome in their style is the fact that they’ve adopted video content and they reel them out incessantly to their millions of viewers across the globe. They feature top athletes, sportsmen/women and fitness junkies who are proud to be connected with the Nike brand on their feeds. Nike is just fantastic and we can’t take that away from them. 


Zara @zara


Laced with professionalism, the Instagram page of Zara clothing line speaks of nothing but class. They’ve carved a niche for themselves in the flaunting of luxury, premium quality fashion items and their Instagram feed is nothing short of exotic pictorials of men and women clothing styles as well as fashion items. For the most part, the Zara fashion brand is seen as a brand that champions the fashion affairs of the female folks. 

Everlane @everlane 

Some of the image delights that will meet your eyes as you go to everlane’s Instagram account includes; inspiring travel photography, elated and proud customers flaunting their everlane wears, food tips and art destinations across different climes and cities of the world. This fashion brand is stunning and never cease to flood their feed with some of the finest pieces of arts and fashion you can ever behold. 

Madewell @madewell

Renowned as a denim brand, the madewell fashion brand anchors its offerings on jeans for the stylish female who wants to look smart, elegant and beautiful. They’ve however, gone beyond denims and into other necessary fashion details like elegant tops. Their Instagram feed is enlivened by classy imagery of jeans and tops that sends their over 1.2million followers into fits of fashion hunger. 

Gucci @gucci 


Legendary fashion brand Gucci has over 35 million followers. Having 35 million people following you and patiently waiting to welcome your next offering is something really huge. They never disappoint this massive following. The Gucci brand keep up with the trends, they are loyalists to the books of fashion and never relent in dishing out the crème de la crème of the fashion world. From bags, shoes, sneakers and other collections, expect nothing short of class from Gucci. 

How Luxury Brands are Using Instagram to Impact the Fashion Industry 

With less rigid terms of condition and numerous steps to ascend to the zenith of fashion popularity, Instagram is the ultimate platform for the fashion industry. Ever since luxury brands got wind of this shift in advertising, they have grabbed it and rode to success right on its back.  

Instagram is specifically designed for images and video feeds in a world where images dominate and speak more than words. It is a competitive social media platform. Luxury brands have seized it to outrun each other in the bid to win the hearts of young shoppers with women in the locus of it all.

Competition in the fashion industry leads to creativity and prime quality offerings. This competitive approach that the platform Instagram provides, is now the new fuel driving the fashion industry into greater heights. 

Smaller brands are now giving their senior colleagues a run for their money because there’s a platform for brands to boundlessly express what they have in store in line with modern advertising. The big boys are now leap frogging to stay ahead in the game. This has since, impacted postively on the fashion industry  

Designers Shoe Brands to Follow on Instagram 

Footwear is an important subject when it comes to fashion. Since the biggest online tool that drives market sales via publicity right now is Instagram, we thought it ideal to share some of the leading shoe brands that are plying the gram route to show the world the greatest wears any food can ever get covered with. 

ReebokClassics @reebokclassics


Over 1.4m followers enjoy the array of shoe collectables being displayed by reebok classics on their Instagram page. Here it’s all about the classics and derailing from the expected. Some celebrities like Cardi B have identified themselves with the reebok classics brand and are doing commercials for the brand via short video feeds. Want to go vintage? This is your brand. 

Puma @puma 


They’ve been changing the game since 1948 and Drake is proud to be a customer which makes him some sort of an unofficial brand ambassador for the Puma brand. 9.9 million followers are been fed daily with assorted variety of shoes. For sportsmen, a Puma boot is the perfect foot gear to wear and go faster forever. 

Adidas @adidas 


Join the 24 million followers of one of the world’s most revered sportswear brand to enjoy Instagram feeds on all their offerings when it comes to footwear. Famous footballers complete their sportwears with adidas boots like Mo Salah and Mesuit Ozil. Lots of footwear collectables are waiting for you @addidas. 


Designers Bags brand to follow on Instagram 

You can tell from the quality and the way it feels lovely to touch that the bag you are holding is of a top notch designer’s bag brand. Here are some of them you should check out on Instagram today. 


Mansur Gavriel @mansurgavriel 

What started in 2012 as a fashion brand anchored on designer bags and based in New York, is now the best sensation on Instagram. Ever since Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel decided to do business together, they also decided to reel out the best when it comes to luxury quality bags, you would know with just one glance at the bags they display on their Instagram feeds. They are known for their iconic bucket bag. 

Manu Atelier @manu_atelier

In 2014, Beste and Merve Manastlr started the Manu Atelier designer bag brand. 5 years down the line, they lead the pack of designer’s bags and are heavily represented on Instagram. Join the over 128k people who are pleased to associate with the brand and enjoy the finest bags of leather handcrafted in atelier. Leather is the chief raw material here and you can be rest assured of optimal quality and durability.

Cult Gaia 

The rise to global consciousness of the Cult Gaia fashion brand began in 2010 by Jasmine Larian. Their bags are built to last through the rough times while retaining their lustre and mild feel. Their flagship heirloom bag is an excellent pick any day and you can have an idea of the durability of a typical designer bag with it. Join their over 485k followers to enjoy all of the offerings that Cult Gaia has in store for your moving eye on Instagram.

Designers Watch Brands to Follow on Instagram  

Watches play a complementary role in terms of fashion. That’s different from their primal role of timing you. They accentuate your style and add a touch of class to your tuxedo. If you love watches, check out these Instagram accounts and be awed with a lot goodies for your wrist. 

Atom Moore @atommoore 

From Moore the fabulous photographer comes this line of wrist watches. He shot the vintage watch listings on Analog webstore. Take a deep breath for what abounds on his Instagram handle dedicated for all the fine time checkers that can ever grace your wrist. Classic and rare pieces of watches with their details are steaming for your delight. Go check them out now alongside 35.4k followers on Instagram. 


PB and Watches @pbandwatches 

Derailing from the conventional vintage pieces rampant on the gram, PB and Watches are embracing the more contemporary watches that you will most definitely fancy. Find the well shot photos of watches at their Instagram page and have tons of options before you. From afar, the watches look like a collage and there’s hardly anywhere you can find such breathtaking array of rolex time checkers glaring at you. Join this Toronto based photographer who loves watches and his 80.5k followers to quench your thirst for beautiful watches. 

Besxonn @bexsonn 

Way different from the others, bexsonn is an online journey reserved for watches and spirits. The spirits come in after a handful of luxury watches have graced the feeds and you might find that blend really interesting. It’s Instagram! Expect nothing less of crisp clear images of exotic watches flanked by the finest brewed spirits that you’ve probably never seen prior to your visit. You won’t be alone, 32.8k followers are already delighted to have a companion. 


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