Custom Shoes the Dominic Ciambrone Style

Shoes play both a complementary fashion shoe and a defining role in our clothing. What this means is that your style of shoe can either punctuate your fashion style by adding color to it and enhancing its sophistication or on the flip side, it can be the entire game-changer for your dressing. Shoes tell a lot since they are tagged with clothing and over the course of their sheer relevance, they've grown so paramount in fashion latter days that people now pay more attention to them than in the former. It’s still one of the first things ladies with a keen eye for details notice about you dudes when they first extend a handshake for acquaintance. This piece will dwell on custom shoes however and will be using one role model in the shoe district of the fashion empire that knows his salt. He is Dominic - the shoe surgeon, there's a lot to glean from him if you want to elevate your style in great shoes, mostly sneakers and classy trainers.

What are Custom Shoes?


You’ve heard that some folks come with foots that are way beyond the size of any shoe ever made or perhaps they come laden with some foot problems and they need custom shoes lest they amble around barefoot on the ground, that’s just a skewed definition of custom shoes but also not the wrong definition, I mean, it’s just one-sided. Think of custom shoes as creating your own style or reflecting your personal style in your shoe. This style can include color, choice of material used, sole, laces or no laces and even more. Custom shoes are super and are occupying the trends at the moment. Celebrities are taking the lead because they want to stay hip and quite frankly these shoes could cost you an arm to make one, but this is with no intention of scaring you off, you can always come to reasonable compromises with your manufacturer without clearing the last digits of your account. So custom shoes are here to stay, they will be staying for a very long time and won’t dissipate into irrelevance unless we all stop having individual tastes when it comes to footwear.

There are tons of footwear stores all over the place and you might want to ask

Why Do I Need Custom Footwear?


Well for starters, you need custom footwear if you are pretty much engulfed in the euphoria of personality and that had traced you down to fashion. You need custom shoes if you are having difficulties in finding the right size of shoes for your awesome feet. This problem is common all the time, although it might be solved someday and you get to be happy to have found your shoe, it should have immersed you deep into some shoe misery prior to you meeting the “my shoe” forever. And then you need the custom shoe to accentuate your style and stay hip. Your name could be branded on the shoe and painted with your favorite color, you certainly get that nowhere else safe from the manufacturer’s place. Custom shoes are unique since the style is almost looking like an invention, compliments to your wonderful self and your unique taste. It’s going to be your size, your feet are going to be the measurement used and I doubt if you can ever feel so comfy in any other shoes in the world asides your custom shoes. When fashion is not comfortable for the bearer, its torture and perhaps a beautiful misery. I’m sure you don’t want that for yourself.

Where to Get Custom Shoe Ideas from?


Okay, it would be needless recommending a handful of dealers in the custom shoe trade for you to go patronize since you can just get one from your usual footwear dealer, but there’s someone who’s mastered the act of doing custom shoes and is even verified on Instagram for flaunting the finest of custom made shoes. He is the shoe surgeon and his name is Dominic Ciambrone that’s also his Instagram handle @Dominic Ciambrone, you can check him out and find out more on the awesomeness of his shoe world, a custom shoe world. He has a private shoe studio in Los Angeles where all his custom shoes are handcrafted and that of his clients. For Dominic, custom shoes are the ultimate when it comes to footwear and so he never relents in aweing his over 700, 000 thousand followers with newer styles dipped in creativity, beauty, and class. You can’t find any sneaker below the exotic bar on his feet, from the high end of quality materials, his shoes are crafted to reflect his style and that is the promise you are given if you are associating with the custom made guys. Durability, luxury design and prime comfort with the right size of footwear covering for your feet is all you get and you could get even more than you bargained for. So if you are ready to delve into the custom made section of the shoe industry, you can make a great start by visiting the shoe surgeon himself, online of course at his Instagram page which was revealed up there, or better yet and save you the scrolling time, just find it here @Domnic Ciambrone.



If you need more convincing on why you should go the custom root consider the following


 You have a unique design that you can’t find on the streets, so the streets will be yours to claim for keeps. Everyone likes a unique design, yours sincerely do too.

Be yourself

 It’s you we are talking about here. Your personality, you are the best thing to have ever happened to you and you should find something to coat your feet that reflects your unique taste in footwear, you only get a chance to live and live it up to your own way.

Your Size

 Certainly the locus of the entire concept of customs, find a shoe that’s your size with custom made. Struggle no more taking strides around the footwear store looking for your feet, find it with the customs.

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