Chic Boots To Warm Up Your Style This Winter

‘Winter is coming,’ and this time it is not the white walkers you have to fear, it is the pursuit of finding the right pair of boots that can stand up to your boho fashion sense.

‘Snow boots’ or any boots, in particular, are often deemed as shudder-inducing amongst the fashion community. Great news though, there’s not just one but aplenty of boots that aren’t just ugly, but fashionable enough for you to even flaunt ‘em at a party!

So whether it’s hiking, or partying, or even stomping your way through slush snow to work, boots are just imperative to the winter season. With that said, in this article, we’ve rounded up the best statement-making options that’ll pave your way through this winter in style.
But first, let’s talk about the type of boots available for Women.

Boot Types for Women

With countless available options, there isn't a decent way to choose the right boot for your fit. Hard to believe? Actually, not.
Let's have a look at the prevalent boot styles for a second: Lace-up boots, slip-on boots, buckled boots, drawstring, and more!

Imagine if there are that many ways of just carrying a boot, what would be the case with the boot types?  

Don’t be scared already! We got your back. We have curated a long list of boots, categorizing them based on their aesthetics, such as lengths, materials, heels, and more.  


But if you’re running out of time, here’s a YouTube video from All New Fashion Trends, briefly touching down on different boot types and even how to wear them, saving you of any unnecessary trouble!

So without any further ado, let us get straight into it.

Boots based on the length 

The fundamentals of choosing the right boots for your fit begins with deciding the length you’re most comfortable to carry. For instance, if you are short, prefer boots with shaft length not more than your calves, for that might make you look like a dwarf, no offense.

Below Ankle

As the name would suggest, below-ankle boots end just below the ankle and are usually worn under the pants. They share a standard design, with closed toe and heel, so that they can stand out from sneakers, or any other regular heels.

We recommend you to take a look at this black beauty that’s manufactured by professionals based in Italy:

Ankle length 

Ending right next to the ankles, the Ankle length boot style owes its popularity to the shaft height. Shared commonly by both men and women, this particular boot style had been in-trend ever since the beginning of the 19th century.


These are the boots that end right at your knee-joint. Knee-height boots might be the most popular of the segment, but courtesy to their height, they are a little challenging to manage.

The reason behind their popularity, apart from chic-appearances, is you can club them with almost anything: skirts, pants,  leggings, just about anything.

Calf length

If you have average-sized legs, calf-length boots might be your best friend! Sharing shaft length as high as your calves, they offer maximum comfort without compromising on the style.


But be aware, some people might share a different opinion and complain about the shaft height, regarding this particular style as a bit uncomfortable to wear.  


That brings up an interesting question, though. How could you get the right boots until and unless you are sure about the length you are looking for?

This quick video from SmartPak’s Retail Store briefly touch down on how to measure leg, so that you can find the best boot for your fit.

Boots based on the material 

The material plays a significant role, and the same can’t be ignored either, as some women are inclined to the plush side while others might like their boots to feel a bit more masculine, rough and raw.

Velvet Boots 

Velvet is one material carrying mixed-opinions from fashion enthusiasts. A part of the crowd loves it, while others share a complete disdain whenever the name is brought up. But whatever your thoughts on the particular matter, you should have a pair of at least one velvet boot in your closet, for on some days, it will be the only one to complement your outfit. 

Talking about velvet, check this lush piece by Ana Lublin: 

Suede Boots 

The most sought after boots on the market are made of Suede. It is a type of leather, but malleable, carrying a soft sandpaper feeling to it. 

Leather Boots 

Leather is associated with a lot of things, some good and some bad. We don’t promote cruelty but are merely stating the fact that boots made of genuine leather, or rather a good imitation leather, are quite popular with the fashion enthusiasts.

Here’s a fantastic offering from Guess. This pair is made of 100% genuine leather with an ultra-durable, rubber sole. 

Fleece-Lined Boots 

Walking on clouds might not be practical, but you sure can try to have a similar sort of experience. That’s what fleece-lined boots have to offer.

Fleece is a soft fabric that feels exactly like a sheep’s wool. Consider fleece-lined boots just like cushions to comfort your delicate feet. What more? They are super cute!

Slouchy Boots 

Slouchy boots are that popular baggy-type, knee-length boots you often see girls clubbing with short skirts and mini dresses. Thanks to their particular style, they, more often than not, accentuate a woman’s beauty.


Short boots, aka booties, should be the go-to for any woman. Uber stylish, easy to pull-off, and versatile, they are perfect to call the shorts for any occasion: professional work meeting, a party-night, and even a romantic date night. 

Check out these Ankle boots by Timberland; crafted of pure leather with a lined interior, they’re designed with anything but perfection in mind.

Oxford Boots 

Originally, Oxford shoes were bland, formal shoes made of leather. The idea behind Oxford boots is typically the same, with a few twists, though. The boots feature the same perforations, shoelace eyelets tabs, and everything, but they’re just a little less formal, making them apt for workplaces.

Rain Boots

As you could probably guess, rain boots are not a piece of fashion for they’re made to be worn during the monsoons. Right? No!




No matter how counter-intuitive it may sound, they make up as an excellent piece of footwear to make a statement in the winters. The glossy, rubbery appeal adds more drama to your outfit, allowing you to radiate with a strong sense of fashion, no matter wherever you go! 

Well, that’s pretty much all about the types of boots. However, things don’t just end there. 

Let’s get to something crucial now: What to look for in a boot while choosing it for the winter season? 

You didn’t see that coming at you. Did you?

Things to look for in winter boots

Let’s get straight into it.


Tim Little, the CEO of Grenson, says, ‘The quickest way to spot quality in a boot is by the quality of the upper material.’


In the simplest sense, if the outer material of the shoe doesn’t feel premium, it probably is not. A decent boot for the winter season shouldn’t be dirt cheap! Well, they can’t be, concerning the quality and tech involved in their manufacturing. 

So, if you’re surfing through the market shelves for the right winter boot and your attention is hogged by a decent-looking yet super inexpensive boot, that’s not it. Don’t be inclined towards the low price since that pair won’t last you long.


That’s a big one. It’s not viable to wear a 10-pound boot to a workplace or in that case, anywhere, right? Moreover, you can’t go for a boot that’s aesthetically appealing but won’t help you have a firm ground on roads covered in slush snow.

That said, you need to be practical while choosing a boot for the winters. It should be chic, yes. But at the same time, it should be lightweight, comfortable, and feasible.

Process Knowledge 

Humor us here for a second; wouldn’t you be more than happy to share the process of something you’ve made and are proud of? You absolutely would! 

What we are implying at is that a well-made boot brand/establishment will probably have detailed information on how a particular boot was manufactured, where did the process took place and what materials were used in the process. Try to find if there’s any intel on the process knowledge available since it would only add more credibility to the name of the brand. 

Now that we’ve talked about the available types and things to consider while choosing the boots for winter, let’s focus on the styling aspect. 

How to Style Winter Boots 

Don’t get us wrong, but there aren’t any rigid guidelines to follow here, for different people have a different sense of fashion. You’re free to create your style, but we’ve curated a few tips, including the do's and don’t from some established creators of the fashion industry.

To make things easier, here’s a video by Ashley Brooke, founder of the magazine Fifth Floor, explaining the do’s and don’t when it comes to styling boots:


Here’s another one by PopSugar Fashion, talking on the ways to style the Winter Boots:


Well, that brings us to the end of this article. Not only you know all the major boot types, you are well aware of other crucial factors, including but certainly not limited to quality, practicality, and styling.

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