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Everyone loves to have the best watch on their wrist that goes well with the wardrobe. Does that mean you need to spend some serious cash as per the famous saying, “you get what you pay for?”
Well, No! Gone is the time when you need to drop a handsome amount to get a reputable branded watch on your wrist. Moreover, everyone can’t splurge $80,000 or more to get a Rado, Rolex, or any other luxury watch brand.
Does that mean you can not have an incredible wristwatch to pamper yourself or to gift it to your loved one? If you are thinking so, read this article to take a look at the best watches to let you shine and that too at a reasonable price.
When one looks for the best watch, every individual has their likings and selection criteria.  Where some consider it a part of their personality, others think it as an accessory matching their dressing. Taking into account the different deciding factors while buying a watch, we are compiling here the list for the most affordable designer watch brands.

Before looking at the best affordable watches, let us first see the various reasons for which you would want to buy a designer watch.

The reason to buy a watch can be one of many, some of them may be:
  • Searching for a watch to add it to your collection of watches or to start your watch collection.
  • Want to gift it to your special someone or a watch lover.
  • Looking for a comfortable watch that you can wear all day long.
  • Want a watch that suits your style.
  • Looking for a watch that matches your wardrobe.
For whatever reason you want to buy a watch, these watches will not dig a hole in your pocket and also match your style.


While talking about affordable watch brands, Tissot cannot be out of the discussion. As most of the people love to have a Swiss watch on their wrist, Tissot serves that purpose. The rich history and it’s classic Swiss brand makes it unique.
Way back in 1853, this innovative brand introduced the first pocket watch to the world. This watch features a dual time zone. Tissot was also first for mass-produced pocket and anti-magnetic watch. These watches were made from stone, plastic, wood, and mother of pearl.
The premium quality and elegant watches of Tissot set a benchmark by giving its users the best watches to choose and that too at a budget-friendly price. As the brand is coming up with its unique watches from years, while buying it, you stay confident about the genuine horological heritage. So, select your preferred one from Tissot’s sub-£300 collections and decorate your wardrobe without any worry.
If you want a dress watch, you can go for its tradition range. For oversized chronograph, the Chrono XL line meets your requirements. Swissmatic, the machine-made movement by Swatch Group, also presents you with the automatic watch movement with an automated assembly process. 
The superior quality of Tissot will not make you feel that you are compromising on price.


If you are a fan of Rolex watches, but the high cost of the luxurious watch won’t fall in your budget, then Seiko can offer you Rolex vibes at an affordable cost. The top-selling brand has an extensive variety of styles with similar hands and dials that gives a more casual look.
This Japanese brand prides itself as they make everything in-house and grow its own quartz for designing battery-powered watches. The stylish steel automatics under £200 eliminate the need for battery change with Seiko’s groundbreaking kinetic technology.
Seiko’s robust watches with aesthetic sense excel at the price. Purchasing almost any watch under £300 makes you feel like getting a bonus. This Japanese brand is devoted to delivering its customers the incredible amount in their every manufactured watch.  Therefore, whether you plan to spend an easy price on some basic watch or a little higher but with an affordable luxury piece, you get the best deal. The brand also has a significant part in the evolution of horology.
Anyone looking for a real diver watch can also see Seiko, as the brand also operates in the diver watches sector. It’s sturdy, reliable, and big diver watch features 300 meters of water resistance. The watch has double-domed Hardlex glass, LumiBrite-covered markers for easy readability, and a five-year battery life. Brushed steel case, ceramic covered bezel, and the highly comfortable wristband, every part of the watch speaks its high quality.


Fossil is an American brand founded by Tom Kartsotis in 1984. The company initiated with a vision of making cheap designer watches with a retro look. Later the brand expanded its horizons to jewelry and leather goods too. With an impressive design, Fossil watch has a steel dial and leather band that gives it a sophisticated yet attractive look.
The eye-catching designs of the watch are ideal for all age groups. Moreover, the brand has also received many awards for their awesome designed watches and jewelry. This allowed Fossil to have a secure place in the top 100 brands.
Its relatively low price in comparison to other luxury products in the market makes it easily affordable for you. By offering pocket friendly-prices, the brand does not compromise on quality. Its low pricing is also because of its bulk manufacturing of watches for malls.
With time, the brand has built a sound reputation for its reliable products and costs in the market. Be it the material or the color of the watch, by keeping the rate in check, the company does not take manufacturing for granted. The brand has now come up with many classic - traditional and vintage designs that give you a wide variety and range to select the best as per your style and budget.


If you are one who is looking for a durable watch, then G-Shock by Casio is in line with your requirements.  The Japanese brand designs the world’s strongest watches for you that could resist any kind of shock. From here, the brand came up with the name G-Shock that means gravitational shock resistance. The robust watch will not break if it accidentally falls from a certain height in the gravitational force, and being water-resistant, it also works fine if it comes in contact with water.
This idea of making a shockproof watch came into the mind of a Casio engineer Kikuo Ibe in 1981, when once he accidentally broke his watch that was gifted by his father. Besides shockproof quality, the G-Shock offers a long battery life of approximately 10 years and resists water pressure up to 10 bar (100m). With this concept, the first G-Shock watch – DW5000C was launched in the market in 1983.
G-Shock watches primarily suited best for sports lovers, military persons, and others on heavy outdoor duties. These watches come with a combination of digital and analog, and with a stopwatch and countdown timer features. The robust G-Shock watches gained popularity in the 1990s; the company then manufactured mini watches for women having small wrists.
The toughness of the watch earned many records for the company, including Guinness record, for driving the heaviest vehicle over the watch in Dec. 2017.


If you are confused with the choices in the market, then Timex is the one you can easily rely upon. Timex, the American manufacturing company’s earlier name, was Waterbury Clock Company that was formed in 1854. The brand provides you an extraordinary range of watches at an equally impressive rate. Being budget-friendly, Timex watches fits everyone’s pocket. Thus it can be seen on the wrist of every second person.
As the watch is cheap yet classy in look, it is the only reason that George Bush Jr. supported it with his attire. Starting from under $50 to $300, Timex offers a huge variety to cater to its customers’ needs. Timex has great variety in women’s collection too. From the traditional retro look to designer watches, it is available in adjustable funky straps. Along with that, they are also chronographs that offer you first-class functionality and aesthetics at a relatively much lower cost.
In 2017, the brand collaborated with Mr. Porter on three special editions that are inspired by the Vietnam-era military style. It’s model’s Weekender, and Easy Reader are often seen on wrists of men from London to Tokyo.
The attractive, versatile, and sensible priced watches, first-class functionality and aesthetic make people continue to wear a Timex watch.


If you are an Apple watch lover and want a multifunctional watch with a fitness tracker but cannot afford the cost of Apple, then Withings is the best option to go with.
The Move – new model introduced by Withings has all the features like Apple and that too at a much lower price.
Withings is a French electronics company that started in 2008. Earlier, the company made a connected body scale – which was its first product, blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter, etc. Later in 2014, the company introduced its first multifunctional watch that can track your sleep, walk, exercise, etc. It runs on a button cell that gives you 8 months of hassle-free enjoyment without worrying about charging.
Withings have always highlighted its technology with innovation, and for this, the company has won many awards, including the latest CES award in 2019.
Besides other functions, Withings new technology can record ECG too. It is the latest in the market, among other luxury watches, and at a much affordable price. The watch has an analog display that, when connected to an Android Smartphone, tell you about the day’s activity with the help of an app.
The stainless steel dial, scratchproof glass, and changeable silicone wristband give it a simply unique yet classy look.


The brand, founded by four friends, transformed the watch industry. Triwa launched its own affordable yet modern Scandinavian watches and offered interchangeable straps and fashionable coulis. Set up in 2007, the brand has been on a mission to refine up things and launch in a Scandinavian way.
The watches are designed especially for millennials; because at the time of the launch of Triwa, young people do not wear a watch to see the time, as they prefer technical gadgets. Therefore, the brand decided to launch it more like a fashion accessory.  This is how the brand gives a new definition of rebellious and young.
Starting from only four friends, they have become more than thirty now. The brand has now also extended its fashion line to sunglasses and bracelets. They also distribute these products globally.
Every watch designed by Triwa has an impressive blend of classic elements with fashion colors. The organically tanned leather straps used in Triwa watches are from the original source. This also adds as a bonus as it allows you to buy separate straps to switch any watch in your collection.
All the designs and the creation of products take place in a Stockholm studio with a simple motto- to produce only the products that they like to wear or buy for themselves.


It is a Japanese electronics brand. The name of the brand was registered firstly in Switzerland in 1918. Earlier it was named as Shokosha watch, the company renames it as Citizen, as a message to the world that its everyman’s and every citizen’s watch.
The brand first produces pocket watches. After the Second World War, with the passing time, the company started focusing on its technological development and became popular in the watch world. It became the first brand for launching eco-drive technology that uses light as a power source for running watches in the year 1976. Not only sunlight but also any light or even artificial light is used to drive these watches.  Once fully charged, the watch can run for approx, 6 months that eliminates the need for replacing battery or cell even in darkness.
Known for its reputation and creativity, the brand is inexpensive in comparison to other luxury brands in the market. The prices of these watches may vary from $100 to $1500.
Every person has a different taste, so these watches will surely meet your requirements and enhance your personality. Hope you get the watch that suits you best!

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