Are Country Boots Back in Trend?

The past is a virtuous abode to look for aesthetic inspirations. Designers and fashion icons have always taken cues from the 80s and 90s to charm the runway appearances. This year they went deep into the 80s, bringing back the most complicated emblem of fashion, we are talking about the Cowboy Boots.
Stuck between the wardrobe alternatives of summer and winter, this go-to footwear was once a practical solution for farm workers and horse riders. It was only in the 1940s that it lost its functional purpose and became a runway staple. Since then, it has been in and out of the fashion trend.
Celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Raquel Welch can be credited with the revival of these iconic shoes. Marilyn looked fiery on Valentine’s Day photo-shoot (1951) wearing white hot pants with country boots. The boots got an aristocratical seal of approval, when Princess Diana sported an informal brown boot with blazer and jeans at the Windsor Polo Match, in 1988. Breaking all the stereotype, the footwear became a cultural symbol of the fierce and bold.
Marilyn Monroe in Country Boots
And, ever since it made a reappearance at the fall 2014 Runway, it became a must-have of the fall wardrobes. The designer’s glamorous take on the country boots was applauded, and since then, the trend is evolving, making it a season-less compulsion for the fashion futurists.
Right now, what we are noticing on the runway and fashion street is a sleeker version of Cowboy boots. There are classic cuts, a variety of prints, higher heels, and so much more to make fall wear stylish and tenacious. If you are planning to get yourself these season’s best boots, take a look at what’s trending now:

Block Patterns

How about a classic country boot in block print? One of the most sought-after patterns of this season’s boot is the block patterns. This versatile footwear is perfect to pair with dresses, skirts, and jeans. The contrasting hues can elevate your everyday look without doing much. From desk to dinner, these classic boots are an elegant option for every fashion enthusiast. Look for narrow cuts and wing stitching as they are the ultimate game-changers.

The Basic Black Boot

The way Alexa Chung’s flaunts boots, she can be the brand ambassador for Black Country boots. Ankle length or knee-length; these boots are just the right choice for every season. For the cold season, pair it with jeans or black tights, and for summers, any mini dress or short skirt will be perfect. You can choose between a variety of option like the square toe and narrow toe. Even if it’s a capsule wardrobe, a classic black boot is a must for everyone. A fashion reference: Off-white, "For Walking" Cowboy boots (feature image).


The Basic Black Boot

A Pair of White Boots

Invest in a pair of white country boots and wear it bare-legged for a perfectly brightening look. What we like the most about these white boots is their versatility. For summers you can pick contrasting heels and pair them with an easy-breezy maxi dress. They are ideal for workwear wardrobe, can be juxtaposed under a feminine skirt, or worn as a minimalist with a heavy white fur or leopard print coat. Perfect inspiration for you can be Gigi Hadid in Fendi knee-high cowboy boots.


White Boots

Snake and Crocodile Prints

When Kendal Jenner appeared wearing the yellow snake print boots, she left us in wows. Thankfully, these trends are already in and going to stay for a while. Though it works best with neutral clothing, it adds uniqueness to the entire ensemble. Wear this updated version of wild-west with any of your LBDs, and you are good to go. These pairs can glam up any understated outfit. Just the thing for any lazy day, the snake printed bold boots is all the hype this season.


Croc style Printed Boots

Top Cowboy option

One of our favourites influencers Sofia Coelho (@sofiamcoelho) rocks around the magnificent city of London the Extra Large over the knee Cowboy boots from Public Desire, giving the perfect touch to any fashion outfit for this trendy season. 
Extra Tip: Don’t be afraid to flaunt your ultra-feminine dresses with country boots. Designers have given a beautiful update to this wild-west fashion staple. They can be worn with blazers, puff-sleeves, t-shirt, LBD, trench, and everything else. And, if you are in doubt stick to the neutrals and pair them with the forever classic t-shirts and jeans.
Seeing how this 80s trend is taking over the runway and street style, you should put it on your shopping list. Avoid any western cliché when wearing the country boots as you are already making a statement with them. Heavy accessories, ornate belts, glittery dresses, and too many frills are a big no-no with these western pairs.

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