7 Italian Designer Handbag Brands Everyone Should Know.

Italy, the country known for its food, attractions and most importantly their large variety of high-end designer brands. Whenever you come across clothing that has been crafted in Italy you know it's of prestige quality. From shoes, apparel, and handbags Italy has proven themselves as one of the leading forces in the fashion industry.

Here at Tydløs, we have made it our mission to portray only the top-notch, the innovators of the Italian fashion industry. If you have any interest in fashion then it is crucial that you know about the most elite Italian handbag brands. The list of 7 is only scratching the surface of the endless variety of sensational fashion designers in Italy.

We are certain you will have heard of some of these brands, but I can promise that you and your closet will fall in love with the unknown Italian handbag pioneers. So keep reading to not only see the brands worn by some of the most influential people in the world but also find out about some of the highest quality Italian leather handbags, and finally the Italian crafted handbags that come at an affordable price.


Italian Leather Handbags 

Leather handbags are known to last a lifetime. These Italian brands, ensure that their handbags will be special to your closet for years to come.


The name speaks for itself. Gucci has stunned the world with there ability to continually innovate the fashion market. Alessandro Michele leads Gucci with unique designs and almost ridiculous prints. If you are looking for the jaw-dropping luxury, Gucci is the handbag designer for you.



A classic, made 100% with leather and has the renowned Gucci pattern wrapped all the way around the handbag.

Gucci Handbag€1,030

Gucci red hand bag jpeg


Stylish all-red handbag with Gucci logo plated on the front.

Gucci Cross Body Handbag€1,130



Tapping into the label's more exuberant side, Fendi leather handbags bring the logo-mania trend to the forefront. Whether you want a simple handbag or an attention catcher, Fendi's logo will certainly turn heads.

Fendi handbag


Carnival-themed colours, flashy design with the infamous Fendi eyes that are sure to stand out. 

Fendi Handbag€3,600


The perfect upgrade for your summer closet.

Fendi Handbag: €2,240 


Also known as The Devil Wears Prada. Miuccia Prada transformed the simple leather brand into a commander of exquisite designs. Prada makes our list, because of its heritage and the power behind the brand. The bag is perfect for representing leadership and strength, plus you can never go wrong with Prada.



A classic bag that stands out. 

Prada Cross Body Handbag€840



One of the original Prada handbags. 

Prada Handbag€544


Dolce & Gabbana

Founded in the 1980s, and known for their flashy Mediterranean leather handbags, Dolce & Gabbana continues to invite bold and elegant designs. They are ideal for the Summer, as you flaunt the unique colorways on the sunny streets of the coast.



L'amore é bellezza bag is an icon of romance. 

Dolce & Gabbana Handbag€1,120




Family and nature brought to one place.  

Dolce & Gabbana Handbag: €1.320


Italian Handbags Under 500

Yes, it is known that quality is associated with high prices, although a part of our mission to characterize the quality that of the 'made in Italy' tag, we've put together a collection of Italian fashion dictators that provide the imaginative composition for the everyday worker. So stun your colleagues, friends, and family by representing the culture of fashion, and some of the impressive brand names.



With a focus on contemporary designs, Armani emphasis on trendy and enticing designs. Along with Giorgio Armani, these are the only two-ready-wear brands there are designed by Giorgio Armani himself. Catch their admirable designs at Milan fashion weeks all for an affordable price.



Casual, ideal for carrying around your accessories. 

Armani Handbag€112


Roberto Cavalli

The Italian fashion designer is known for his exotic prints. He states that his designs come from nature, combining aspects of leather, nature, and innovation. The natural essence of the Italian made handbags is optimal for showing off your appreciation for the beauty of the earth.


One word. Classy.

Cavalli Handbag:  €70



Yes, Versace has made our affordable Italian handbags list. With Donatella Versace at the leading edge of the brand's designs, illustrates metropolitan and athletic style within his designs. Including premium fabrics, the handbags are a steal for the quality reciprocated. Our collection highlights the brand's ideologies, quintessential for confident women.


Sometimes simple is the best.

Versace Handbag€150


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